Turkey is famous for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as tourists flock to the…0

Safir Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is famous for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as tourists flock to the…0

Turkey is famous for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, where tourists flock to see the landscapes, monuments and history that the country enjoys, as it contains ancient giant buildings that are very deep and ancient.
It is the only country that combines a number of remaining ancient civilizations, which it preserves from the first primitive man to the present era, and next to the ancient, we find the modern that forms the features of modern Turkey .
Many tourists and residents of Turkey are looking for new areas to discover its landmarks. While some of them prefer to visit the historical areas of the city, others prefer to enjoy the beauty of its nature, and the rest have a hobby of watching it from a height.
Where Istanbul is at the forefront of global cities in terms of the number of completed towers, as the number of skyscrapers in the city of Istanbul alone is 119 towers, and most of these towers provide visitors with a full panoramic view of the city (360 degrees) either through its open balconies or through cafes and restaurants that It provides the visitor with a view unmatched anywhere else in the world.
The most famous towers in Istanbul and one of the most successful environmental projects in it is the Safir Tower, which is the tallest building in Istanbul and Turkey, located in the business district in central Istanbul .. The building consists of 64 floors, 10 of which are underground and 54 above, and it contains a large shopping center, a garage, and 47 residential floors, in addition to gardens between every 3 floors. The building is characterized by a special system that absorbs sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and is automatically controlled by a computer according to the season. Today and hour. And Anatolia News Agency reported that the "Istanbul Safir" building is 361 meters above sea level and 236 meters above ground level, noting that it is the first environmentally friendly building in Turkey.
The new architectural edifice includes an observation deck, which is currently the highest point in Istanbul, in addition to an upscale shopping center that represents another tributary of vitality and activity in the city that never sleeps. In terms of height in the world, and the total area of ​​its 66 floors reaches 165,000 square meters. 3 floors. Starting from the fourth floor, the design of the building expands downwards in a surprising and mysterious manner, while the glass façade flows according to a descending curve that extends horizontally at its end to form a ceiling for the restaurants and stores in the 46,000 square meter upscale shopping center, which was specially designed to provide an incomparable high-end shopping experience.
Above the area designated for retail trade, 4 selected residential areas rise. The façade consists of two separate layers, the exterior of which protects the interior of the building from weather conditions and noise, while environmentally friendly energy systems ensure a significant rationalization of electricity consumption.
In a smart gesture that reflects the distinguished architectural design of the "Safir" tower, the space between the two layers of glass that make up the facade is used as a garden for each apartment, in addition to a naturally ventilated layered garden that is repeated every 3 floors and its courtyard is surrounded by 9 apartments. All apartments have been provided with either balconies or spacious platforms and gardens. With the aim of providing a warm and natural atmosphere for the residents on the upper floors, who can also enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city from the highest point in Istanbul. Moreover, the observation deck located at an altitude of 236 meters is one of the most important points of attraction in the city and is open to the public.

As for the activities that can be carried out in the tower, there are many of them:
enjoying watching the beauty of Istanbul from above, where the Ambassador contains an observation deck at the highest point in all parts of Istanbul, which gives you a panoramic view of stunning beauty.
The Ambassador Tower contains a lot of various stores, in which you will find everything that comes to mind, including international brands and souvenirs, as well as the latest fashions of clothes and others. The beauty of restaurants and cafes in the Safir 
Tower in Istanbul, where these restaurants and cafes excel in presenting various forms of delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine and other world-famous kitchens Brilliant from above.

A tour of the usual entertainment facilities, as the tower contains cinemas, which offer the best films from local and international cinema.
Practicing group sports with family and friends, the Ambassador Tower was keen to provide many gaming halls, including a bowling alley.
Children's entertainment, as Al-Safir Mall also provides an amusement park that includes all the fun children's games.

From the above, we find that there are tourist places in Istanbul that are truly unparalleled places, as they are exceptionally unique.



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