One of the most famous tourist destinations in European Istanbul, the city that never sleeps Taksi Square.

Taksim Square, the beating heart of Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

One of the most famous tourist destinations in European Istanbul, the city that never sleeps Taksi Square.

One of the most famous tourist destinations in European Istanbul, the city that never sleeps.. Taksim Square.. Almost every tourist trip is devoid of the fact that Taksim Square is one of its stations.., so what do you know about Taksim? its location? Its tourist and historical stations? its importance? Why is it called Taksim? ..
In Taksim you will not feel bored, Taksim Square is an address for entertainment, entertainment and active tourism ... Just unleash yourself in it, and enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere .. Now you have to sail with us in this article, to introduce you to the general atmosphere in the Taksim area of During this blog... 

• The location of Taksim Square and its name.
Taksim Square is located in Boyolo in the European part of Istanbul, and the reason for its name (Taksim Square) since ancient times is that it was a center for dividing water sources and supplies during the Ottoman era..
• Easy access to Taksim Square.
There are public transportation routes and official buses in the heart of Taksim Square, and there is also a train station.
• Statue of Ataturk in Taksim Square.
Taksim Square is famous for the presence of a monument in it, which is called the Monument of Independence, and this monument was established in it, a long time ago .. in memory of the heroes who contributed to the liberation of the country, and among these heroes (Ataturk), and this monument is considered The memorial is an important historical and tourist attractionin Taksim Square.
• The tourist importance of Taksim Square.
Taksim Square is full of various resorts, restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, etc.., which remain active day and it is the favorite place for residents and tourists to spend the most beautiful do not select an activity to do in the square. Taksim, it is enough to walk in the streets of the area.. to find entertainment and entertainment. 
• What are the activities that you can do in Taksim Square?
The answer to this question is long, due to the many activities that you can do... and we mention, among them, strolling in the streets, where there are musicians playing the most wonderful melodies on the side of the road.., and you can eat the most delicious authentic Turkish food, if you are a food lover. And if you love the beaches and the sea, Taksim provides you with the most beautiful beaches for recreation, swimming, and spending the most beautiful times.
In general, Taksim is not devoid of various events and festivals, social activities, and celebrations.

• What about investment opportunities in the field of division?
Due to the active tourist and residential movement, in Taksim Square, tourism investment movements abound , such as hotels such as the Intercontinental and Ritz-Carlton, cafes, restaurants, hotel apartments, bars, and resorts..and these 
are successful and guaranteed investment activities. .. This guarantees the active real estate and tourism movement around the clock in Taksim.
And the real estate companies , in turn, provide investors with daily renewed real estate offers in Taksim Square, and they stay with the investors, from the moment the property is selected, to the end of marketing it and investing it properly. 

Taksim Square is one of the super tourist destinations, which is crowded with activities and tourists, and crumbling investments... Truly, it is said, Taksim Square, the vibrant heart of Istanbul! .



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