The Turkish state extends over two continents, Asia and Europe, and this extension gives a lot of.

The most famous islands in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish state extends over two continents, Asia and Europe, and this extension gives a lot of.

The Turkish state extends over two continents, Asia and Europe, and this extension adds a lot of richness and diversity to the picturesque Turkish nature....
as the Turkish nature includes many natural features, which are a destination for many tourists, such as tall mountains and sandy beaches , stunning sea views, and offshore islands.
And the latter constitutes a special desire among many tourists to carry out various and distinctive activities on these islands.

What are offshore islands?
The marine islands are specific areas of land, surrounded by water on all sides, and the islands are characterized by pure marine life, dependence on fishing, and various marine activities such as tourism, recreation, swimming and diving...

What are the most important offshore islands in Turkey?
The marine environment in Turkey   is crowded with many islands of great tourist importance, including:
the Turkish Princesses Islands. 
This island is located in the southwest of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is considered one of the relatively small islands. It is famous for its grape fruit. There are several quiet tourist villages in it, which are visited by many. Tourists from all over the world, to enjoy its fine beaches, golden sands, blue skies and waters... It is
packed with a lot of water activities, such as fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and swimming, and there are many resorts, restaurants, and cafes on the beaches, and Roads designated for hiking and cycling, and its markets and shops remain active and open all days around the clock.
Marmara Island 
One of the islands worth visiting, it is considered the second largest and most wonderful island of the Turkish islands, it is characterized by olive trees and extended vineyards, and it is considered a luxurious tourist home because of its distinctive services and resorts and restaurants that offer delicious seafood, in which water sports such as swimming and diving are spread. , sailing and windsurfing .. 
and the villages on this island are still keen to adhere to the ancient customs and traditions, so tourists can get to know the Turkish originality by visiting the villages of this island, such as the village of Sinarli.

Island The unique location of Kunda Island between Greece and Turkey has earned it wide global popularity. This island contains many monuments, heritage houses, and paved stone roads. Its coasts are very calm and beautiful. It is connected to the town of Ayvalik through a number of islands. The rest of the islands abound in marine activities such as fishing, diving, and cruises, and this island is surrounded by dense olive trees. It also includes many gardens, the most important of which is the Moscow Paradise Garden, which gives the island a kind of privacy and distinction. Visiting this island is a wonderful trip that is not to be missed.

Istanbul Tourist 
Islands These islands are located on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Marmara. These islands are a group belonging to the city of Istanbul. They vary in size and views. They are among the quiet and pleasant islands. Cruises run to them from Istanbul daily.

Buyuk Island 
is one of the largest islands of Istanbul , located in Adana. This island is considered a real heritage treasure, as it is full of old houses and monasteries... Its beaches are attractive and soft, overshadowed by the touch of antiquity and antiquity, and there is almost no modern means of transportation.
Visiting the Turkish islands is one of the distinctive tourist activities that tourists want to do, and it is a popular destination for married couples to spend their honeymoon, because of its calm and very pleasant atmosphere.


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