In 2011, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the plan to build a project around Canal Istanbul.

The new city around the Istanbul Canal

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

In 2011, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the plan to build a project around Canal Istanbul.

In 2011, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the plan to establish a project around the Istanbul Canal, and since then people have been waiting for the details of this new project, which became clearer after the Turkish government announced the implementation steps for the project, which sparked local and regional controversy. And it ended with approving the implementation of the project on the ground .. To know more details about the new city project around the Istanbul Canal, read with us in these following lines ..

The most important information related to the new city's tribute around the Istanbul Canal.
A project of great magnitude and importance, as it is expected that it will be the focus of questions and inquiries from various parties. Many details became clear once the project was approved and ratified by the competent authorities and the steps of the new city project in Istanbul were announced. Get to know them...
- Converting a large part of the agricultural land into commercial and tourist real estate.
As an approximate number, about (39) million square meters of agricultural land will be organized and placed at the disposal of investment schemes in Istanbul in the field of trade and tourism, where restaurants, shops, apartments, resorts and hotels will be built to meet the great needs that will be associated with the new city project around Istanbul channel.
Medical tourism .
Turkey, as a general view, is one of the most important countries that tourists and foreigners visit for recovery and treatment, whether naturally through hot springs, or in various health centers.. With regard to the new city around the Istanbul Canal, the Bakalali area will be allocated to deal with the activities of medical tourism from Through health centers and units that include various specialties and medical services, in addition to the availability of the latest updated technologies.
•     Eco-tourism .
In the new city project around the huge human Istanbul Canal, a healthy and diverse environment must be preserved in the midst of the sweeping urban revolution. Many water, botanical and animal parks will be established, and certain areas will be allocated for walking, jogging and cycling, as well as Several parks and playgrounds will be constructed near Lake Techros.
• Arena for exhibitions and technology.
There is no doubt that technology has become an indispensable need in all life facilities, and due to its importance, a huge center will be established in the Taya Kaden area to provide various technological services, and an arena will be allocated for exhibitions and conferences.. and centers for continuous technological development.
• Establishment of a logistics center.
As an organizational idea for the new city project around the Istanbul Canal, a logistics center will be allocated near the entrance of the Istanbul Water Canal with an area of ​​two million square meters, on the Black Sea coast. ..
• Establishment of two smart cities for housing in the new city project around the Istanbul Canal.
In accordance with foundations and laws, such as low population density, low horizontal architecture, preservation of green spaces, and respect for organizational plans for various facilities, tourism, commercial, residential, gardens, etc..., and all basic living and entertainment services will be provided.. Within these specifications and
standards, the new city project will be built around the Istanbul Canal, taking into account the latest investment and housing plans for various aspects of life, enjoying a strategic and ideal location, with an emphasis on the importance and necessity of preserving a healthy environment in a huge project such as a new city building About the Istanbul Canal, which is considered one of the pioneering projects that have positive effects on the renaissance and investment movements in Istanbul and Turkey.



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