From a legal point of view, it is necessary for everyone coming to Turkish lands to obtain residency in Turkey

Tourist residence in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

From a legal point of view, it is necessary for everyone coming to Turkish lands to obtain residency in Turkey

There are many destinations for those coming to Turkey, as Turkey is a leading country in all aspects of life, as it is a tourist and real estate destination, for work .., for knowledge and study .., health treatment, recreation, entertainment and entertainment, and many other diverse fields .. From
legal point of view, it is necessary for every newcomer to Turkish lands to obtain residence in Turkey , in order to fully enjoy his rights and duties, and accordingly, the types of residence permits in Turkey differ according to the destination of the comer, and we will discuss, in the following, all types of Residencies in Turkey, which are tourist, educational, and real estate, work residency, humanitarian cases residency, and family residency.
Residency is a prerequisite, and it is indispensable when entering Turkey..., and in this blog we will learn about tourist residency in particular.
• About the tourist residency in Turkey ...
This type of residency is the most demanded in Turkey .. due to it being a tourist country in the first place ... where the tourism movement is characterized by activity and high and continuous virulence.... and the tourist residency is granted , based on On a request submitted by the tourist coming to Turkey, when booking the plane ticket electronically, and the duration of this stay is usually one year ... As for the required papers, you must bring four personal photos, pay the value of the taxes incurred, and translate the passport into the language Turkish, health insurance, and bringing the place of residence through the house lease contract.

What are the papers required for a tourist residence permit in Turkey
? - A tourist residence application registered in your name and signed. Passport
( original copy), translated into Turkish, and certified. Four personal photos, no more than six months old. A valid health insurance. - Paying taxes. Bringing the place of residence through the house lease contract (residence deed from the Civil Status Department). - A bank account statement of the applicant, provided that it is not less than 6 thousand US dollars.

How to obtain a tourist residence permit in Turkey.
As for obtaining a tourist residence permit, you have to collect all the required documents in all their details... Then submit an application for obtaining a tourist residence permit, through the website of the Immigration and Passports Department. After that, a date will be set for the interview. After that, you will bring the documents you need. I prepared it.. and you can have an interpreter in the interview for free.. and after your acceptance.. you have to pay the fees and taxes.. then wait until the tourist residence is issued.

The active tourism movement, and its impact on the real estate investment movement in Turkey.
The tourism movement is one of the motivating factors for the advancement of various real estate properties in Turkey , especially in terms of real estate that is directly linked to tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hotel apartments, resorts, complexes, huge malls, villas, etc.. It
helps in the rise of real estate investment in Turkey too, and the increasing influx of investors and tourists as well.. The government support provided.. One of the most prominent things mentioned in this regard is.. The law of granting Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey .. which urges tourists and investors to buy various properties in Turkey. In addition to all the leading and attractive  properties that real estate in Turkey enjoys..
There are countless tourist trips coming to Turkey from all countries of the world , as a consequence of which is the advancement of the real estate sector , and the praise of more real estate investments in a renewed manner to meet the requirements of the tourism sector .


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