Smart apartments are apartments that rely entirely on technology in all facilities, including the following: 0

What distinguishes smart apartments in Turkey?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Smart apartments are apartments that rely entirely on technology in all facilities, including the following: 0

The superior scientific progress that the world is witnessing is reflected in all aspects of life in Turkey, and certainly imposed its presence on human dwellings until we find new types of modern homes called smart homes, which are available for purchase and rent in Turkey after many construction and real estate companies turned to them.


What is meant by SMART HOMES ? And when did it appear?

Smart apartments are apartments that rely entirely on technology in all facilities, allowing the various devices and systems in the house to be linked together so that they can all be controlled from anywhere through advanced control devices ( touch screens fixed on the wall or mobile such as the iPad or mobile phone in addition to programmable control buttons to control and monitor all devices ).

The first smart home was built in Germany in 1991, and by the end of 1995, smart homes accounted for 5% of the total German homes, and today smart apartments are available in most Turkish cities such as: Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Yalova, Antalya, Izmir, and Trabzon, Scaria and others.


The most important features of smart apartments in Turkey:

- The feature of automatically turning off the lights is available when leaving the smart apartment , in addition to the feature of lighting the place as soon as it enters . It is also possible to set up special lighting for events such as parties and cinema, save and activate it with the touch of a button .

Availability of the feature of locking and unlocking the apartment doors by means of a fingerprint or a card designated for that.

- Residents of smart apartments can control the temperature in the house at all times and from everywhere via their phones.

- Home security control feature by alerting the homeowner of attempts to penetrate the house or enter the areas he defines in the house.

- Sending alerts in the event of an emergency, such as detecting a dangerous gas leak, when fires occur, and automatically calling the police and children immediately.

- The presence of windows that are programmed to open and close at the onset of day and night on their own, as well as blinds.

- The presence of loudspeakers in all rooms of the apartment.

- The feature of controlling water temperatures in the kitchen and bathroom.

Providing the elderly with the possibility of monitoring inside the home in a comfortable and safe manner, which may spare them the need to move to a nursing home or nursing home and provide them with the necessary care within the apartment.

- Remote control of pumps such as fountains and waterfalls , in addition to checking dew levels in garden plants and sending alerts when watering is necessary.

- Allows you to control, from anywhere, the connection and disconnection of electricity from all electrical appliances and tools in the apartment.

- The feature of feeding and caring for pets, as it is possible to control the provision of food to pets through automated devices .

- Provides economical solutions for energy consumption, as the smart system works to save the consumed energy and reduce the cost for the user by adjusting everything in the house to work only when needed.

- The advantage of installing surveillance cameras in children's rooms to check on them from anywhere.

- Sending alerts to the residents of the smart apartment in the event that food that was placed in the refrigerator or refrigerator spoiled.

- The feature of smart doorbells, as these bells take a picture of everyone who knocks on the door or rings the bell, and it becomes possible to know the people who went to the house, whether the owners of the house were inside or outside it.

- Providing smart cleaning devices that have been linked to the control panels in smart homes to carry out cleaning operations alone, with frequency and appointments, according to the desire of those who live in the apartment.


All these features help residents of smart apartments in Turkey feel the utmost comfort and reassurance in homes that give them the freedom to control everything in them, at any time and from anywhere, to meet all their requirements and desires.


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