Istanbul is a Turkish city that brings together diverse peoples from all corners of the earth, where it fuses.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul 2020_2021

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul is a Turkish city that brings together diverse peoples from all corners of the earth, where it fuses.

Istanbul apartments are a destination for all investors, real estate dealers and tourists.

Istanbul is a Turkish city that brings together diverse peoples from all corners of the earth, where cultures melt and levels of life develop.

And as a result of the urban and population revolutions in the city, Istanbul today constitutes a real real estate paradise for all its real estate clients.

Who among us does not dream of collecting an apartment in Istanbul ? This promising maritime and tourist city.

An overview of determining apartment prices in Istanbul 2020_2021

As has been the case since previous eras until the current year 2020_2021, there is no clear and fixed price per square meter in Istanbul or other Turkish cities, but there is a unified protocol followed in evaluating the price of a square meter or apartment in Istanbul , the terms of this protocol vary. Depending on several factors such as location, view, services, infrastructure, quality of the apartment and many other factors....

If we want to talk about Istanbul specifically, the price of an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus Strait is not the same as the price of an apartment in a suburb on the outskirts of the city.

Also, the price of the apartment that is located on the twentieth floor in a building or a specific residential complex, is not the same as the price of the first apartments in the same building, and the direct reason is that the higher the height, the wider the view and the more splendor, beauty and comprehensiveness.

Also, the quality of construction, its quality, and the quality of the materials used, is a decisive factor in raising the price as the quality increases.

And the apartment designed according to a stunning and luxurious design and furnished with the latest furnishings, will certainly be more expensive than its counterpart made according to a very simple design without cost or accessories.

Cheap apartments in Istanbul 2020 _2021

The cheap apartments in Istanbul do not mean that they are less valuable than the more expensive apartments, in the end they are all apartments located in Istanbul, the destination city.

Cheap apartments are often located in areas a little far from the centers of life that are bustling with practical activity and population, where you will find few difficulties in terms of transportation.

In terms of services, it is served with all the basics and all the requirements of a healthy life.

You can enjoy the tranquility and the authentic Turkish rural environment , and this will enable you to get acquainted with the Turkish culture on its origins .

And we note that the relatively cheap apartments in Istanbul are apartments that fully conform to the specifications and are legal, even if they are old, and if they are not like that, you do not have to get involved in buying them, and you can appoint an agent to the real estate company, which with the help of its experts will allow you to verify that all documents for the apartments are old. or modern.

Who prefers cheap apartments in Istanbul in 2020 ?

We find today that the whole world is heading towards urbanization and overcrowding, and everyone dreams of having his residence close to work and the main centers in his area.

During all this revolution, cheap and simple apartments remain pioneers, so who are they?

They are people who love stability, tranquility, and sophistication in a place somewhat secluded from the massive urban sprawl, where there is simplicity, crops, a domestic environment, and neighbors who share their tastes and enjoy the pleasure of simple life.

Where to find cheap apartments in Istanbul 2020_2021

As we mentioned earlier that the cheap apartments are some distance from the center of Istanbul , and real estate companies provide you with daily changing offers about the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul .

If you have a calm temperament and do not like the city, or if your budget is low and you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, then your dream is achievable in proportion to your capabilities, and this step will be crowned with many successful investments as well if you are an investor, but it is a very smart idea. Cheap apartments are the focus of attention of hundreds of Turkish and foreign residents.



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