The nature of the land in Bahçeşehir is characterized by the spread of small plateaus, hills and valleys, which gives.

Bahcesehir is the most important investment area

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The nature of the land in Bahçeşehir is characterized by the spread of small plateaus, hills and valleys, which gives.


Bahçeşehir, or as it is known as (the city of gardens), this region is located on the European side of Istanbul, and the location occupied by the region gives it a purely investment character, making it at the forefront of the areas in Istanbul that are witnessing remarkable architectural development.

The nature of the land in Bahcesehir is also characterized by the spread of small plateaus, hills and valleys, which gives it a striking natural beauty .

Bahcesehir has been planned on an area of ​​3,703,000 square meters, with a building capacity of 15,400 apartments, in addition to containing a diverse vegetation cover of various trees, while Bahcesehir has a modern facility for refining and purifying water to be used in irrigating the green spaces of the region.

One of the landmarks of Bahcesehir is the largest artificial lake in Turkey, which is Lake (Bahcesehir Guletli) and extends over an area of ​​300,000 square meters. The lake is surrounded by a wide range of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other social facilities .

On the educational level, there are many schools in the region of different stages, in addition to Arab schools such as Al-Fayez International School, as well as containing Bahcesehir University, which is considered one of the most important universities in Turkey and in the health sector. .

Bahcesehir Istanbul real estate – its advantages:

The area includes many luxurious residential complexes , equipped with the highest comfort and safety equipment, in addition to social and health facilities, and many stores such as shops , offices , and commercial complexes .

The Bahcesehir region, which is linked to the Basaksehir suburb, is receiving great attention from investors in the real estate sector , as it has turned in recent years into an important center for attracting investors . The region is also witnessing a rise in real estate prices, especially in areas near the lake.

The real estate value of the region has increased in recent years, thanks to the pioneering real estate projects that have been established in it, in addition to the presence of large green spaces, which made it one of the most preferred areas for investors , and it has become one of the most important residential cities of Istanbul , and investors have begun to flock to it with a noticeable increase.

Transportation in Bahcesehir, Istanbul:

Bahcesehir is easily accessible from all parts of the city through the modern road network that surrounds it, in addition to the railway linking the European side of Istanbul with Edirne .

The government is working to solve the transportation problem, especially the insufficient means of public transportation that connect the area with other vital centers in the city.

With the Ministry of Environment's approval of the construction of the new metro line , investors flocked to the Bahcesehir district of Istanbul, which contributed to revitalizing the real estate market .

Educational and cultural institutions in Bahcesehir:

There is a wide network of social and cultural facilities in the Bahcesehir district of Istanbul , as it contains a large number of secondary, preparatory and primary schools, health centers, cultural centers, security centers, theaters, post offices, and shopping centers .

Quality of services in Bahcesehir, Istanbul:

Bahcesehir was an independent municipality for a period, then the decision was taken later to unite it with the famous municipality of Basaksehir, where the municipality was established in 1999 and won many awards from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and the European Union within a short period .

The region contains many health facilities and modern commercial markets, which have been awarded a quality control certificate based on the level of advanced services and professionalism in their implementation and delivery .

Nature in Bahcesehir:

The nature of the land in Bahcesehir is characterized by the spread of small plateaus, hills and valleys, which gives it a breathtaking beauty, adjacent to the beauty of luxury shopping centers that include the most luxurious international and local brands, popular markets, in addition to cafes, restaurants and cinemas .



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