Today, Beylikduzu is witnessing a great boom in the field of high-quality real estate investment.

Beylikduzu, the modern district of Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Today, Beylikduzu is witnessing a great boom in the field of high-quality real estate investment.


The misfortunes of a people are not only benefits for a people, but the misfortunes of neighborhoods have benefits for neighborhoods as well, and this is what applies to the Beylikduzu region

As the earthquake that hit Istanbul in 1999 forced many residents of Istanbul to move to Beylikduzu in Istanbul, which was a rural area that was not affected by the incident and was then equipped with earthquake-resistant housing, making it a unique destination for housing and stability .

Since that date, eyes have turned towards Beylikduzu in Istanbul and it has become a highly desirable target for housing, and with the arrival of the new metrobus line to Beylikduzu, which is the fastest means of transportation in the state of Istanbul, this area has become a close point to the city center, so it is easily accessible and linked to the rest of the city. .

Beylikduzu district in Istanbul gained from its distinguished geographical location a mild climate almost throughout the year, and its absence from industrial facilities helped make it a healthy environmental area with distinction with its pure air and pleasant atmosphere, and it is generally characterized by its moderate winters and summers, especially in the areas adjacent to Marmara Beach .


The advantage of investing in Beylikduzu Istanbul real estate:

Today, Beylikduzu is witnessing a great prosperity in the field  of high-quality real estate investment  , taking into account the advantages that the investor generally reaps from buying a property in Turkey . Compared to other suburbs in Istanbul, it is of higher quality and more organized in terms of urban development.

The proliferation of hospitals, shopping centers and laboratories, new real estate projects, transportation routes , higher schools and universities, and the presence of malls in Beylikduzu have contributed to the increase in the importance of the region, and the proliferation of international schools and universities in the region has increased the requests for renting housing units in it, and this has been reflected in the influx of investors. and residents to the area recently .

The Beylikduzu district of Istanbul was previously far from the interest of investors, and the infrastructure in the region was still in its infancy, in addition to its distance from the city center, but today it is witnessing a more organized and higher-quality urban development compared to other areas in Istanbul, and the presence of villas for sale in Beylikduzu made it the focus of attention of investors in the real estate sector , especially after eliminating the transportation problem in it, and linking it to the city center through the "Metrobus" rapid bus line .

In recent years, the region has also witnessed an organized expansion through the proliferation of high-quality and earthquake-resistant buildings, which increased its value and made it at the forefront of Istanbul’s attractive areas for real estate investments, and the spread of residential complexes in Beylikduzu , and the containment of these complexes on centers for social, entertainment and sports activities, and swimming pools. Closed and open, children's entertainment centers, gardens and other service and social facilities, making it more attractive to investors among other real estate in Turkey .

Features of Beylikduzu in terms of organization and nature:

Beylikduzu is both rural and urban area, which combines fish in its sea, fruits and fruits on the trees of its orchards, and natural honey in the beehives of its farms, next to the latest shopping centers, large parks completely covered with internet networks, and the latest technology in outdoor sports equipment .

The region also contains vast green spaces, multiple gardens and forests, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Valley of Life Park - Beylikduzu, or the Green Valley Park as some call it, which is several adjacent gardens that extend over large areas within the Beylikduzu region of Turkey, adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara .

The park is distinguished for hosting a unique group of free children's games, in addition to wonderful water waterfalls, streams and fountains .

The Valley of Life Beylikdüzü Garden also includes within it a private garden called the Japanese Garden, in which traditional Japanese huts are dotted, with visitors racing to take pictures next to them, in addition to many wide water pools in which large, very beautiful colorful fish swim .



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