If you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will get many advantages with it

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship and required papers

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

If you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will get many advantages with it

When a person decides that he wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, he will have several options for obtaining it. In it, your transaction will be considered suspended until you complete the deficiency in it.

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship :

It is possible to invest your money in Turkish projects if you own them. In this case, you will be granted Turkish citizenship as a citizen and a foreign investor without many difficulties. Of course, some procedures must be taken, but they are not complicated. You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by employing fifty employees. They work for your own account and on your own property, so citizenship is granted within this plan.

 You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkish territory that is registered in your name as assets, but the purchase value of the property must amount to an amount of money not less than two hundred and fifty US dollars, or if we want according to the Turkish currency, it amounts to one million seven hundred Turkish liras, and this solution also includes it A somewhat logical condition is that you do not sell this property immediately after you buy it. You must wait a few years and you will sign a pledge to this condition. If you violate it, you will be subject to legal accountability, or perhaps you will withdraw Turkish citizenship from him.

 Or you can obtain it in a very common and common way among people, which is marrying a Turkish citizen or a Turk. In this case, you will obtain Turkish citizenship absolutely easily, and if you resided in Turkey for five years continuously without leaving it during this period at all, you will also be granted Turkish citizenship smoothly, or There is another possible case, such as if the applicant for Turkish citizenship has a person who touches him with a very strong degree of kinship, and this person has previously obtained citizenship, through which citizenship is granted.

- What papers are required to obtain Turkish citizenship ?

In the beginning, you must bring an identification document for the real estate in Turkey that you own, if you are going to obtain citizenship by virtue of real estate ownership, " buying real estate and apartments in Turkey ", and you must also bring a title deed or a tapu for the property or apartment that you own, you should bring receipts And the payment must be signed and stamped by the bank. Your passport must also be translated into the original language in the country, which is the Turkish language, and stamped by the notary.

How did the Turkish government contribute to obtaining Turkish citizenship ?

For nearly four years, the Turkish government waived many measures that impede the acquisition of Turkish citizenship , and these facilities were represented by reducing the value of the purchased property , for example, so with this step taken by the state, it would have saved the buyer about three-quarters of the previous amount.

 It also reduced the amount that will be deposited in the bank to five hundred thousand US dollars from three million US dollars, and you will benefit from this decision if you will obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing money in the bank.

 In addition, it allowed those who have capital that qualifies them to establish a business and this business is able to employ fifty employees to obtain Turkish citizenship , so we see that Turkish citizenship has become easy to obtain in light of the facilities issued by the Turkish government.

What are the gifts that Turkish citizenship grants to its bearer?

If you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will get many advantages with it. By virtue of this Turkish citizenship, you will be on the land of the most powerful country in economic and political terms.

 If you have Turkish citizenship and then you want to buy a property, this will be very easy without the slightest complications in the matter. Also, by obtaining it, you will get health insurance that gives you free treatment for you and your family members. Treatment at a reduced price.

Also, if you hold Turkish citizenship, you will be able to cross the borders of nearly eighty countries around the world without needing a visa to do this. Your Turkish nationality that you hold is considered an entry visa, and there are nearly forty countries that will grant entry visas to them as soon as you set foot on the airport. This is Turkish citizenship granted you this qualification and privilege, and there are approximately seven countries that grant you a visa to enter their lands through their official website on the Internet if you are a holder of Turkish citizenship, and these are wonderful advantages that many people know because of the ease of procedures as well as the shortening of time.

In conclusion, we can say that just as you wish to obtain Turkish citizenship and consider that this matter is your right to obtain Turkish citizenship, so is the case with them. They have the right to know whether you are eligible to possess the nationality of their country, and that you will not do actions that could shake the security of the homeland, so they need For peaceful people, and the required papers are not difficult to bring, as most people always have them in their pocket because they need them in other matters and transactions in their lives, and not only in this regard, and you must not forget the virtue of the Turkish state in simplifying the matter as well.


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