Turkey is characterized by a high reputation in the world and there is a large percentage of investments in it

The journey of buying real estate in Turkey and its problems and advantages

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is characterized by a high reputation in the world and there is a large percentage of investments in it

Turkey is characterized by a high reputation in the world, and there is a large percentage of various real estate investments in it, from buying a property in Turkey  in general or buying a property in Istanbul in particular, as there is a large percentage of foreign investors who aspire to buy a property in Turkey, whether for residence or Even for investment, Turkey has witnessed in the recent period an increasing demand for buying real estate, whether it is apartments in Turkey or villas, and there are many foreigners who want to buy real estate in Turkey due to the many advantages that the Turkish real estate market enjoys that attract the buyer and the investor. Both in owning real estate in Turkey, because it has many advantages of buying a property in Turkey.
Where the Turkish government has taken a set of serious and bold decisions to advance the real estate sector and the real estate market in Turkey in recent years, by offering some incentives that would encourage the demand for investment and the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

Among the most important advantages of buying a house in Turkey:
obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey , which is a residence permit that is renewed annually.
Applying for Turkish citizenship , and obtaining a Turkish passport.
Gaining a profitable investment return based on the strength of tourism in Turkey, by renting homes during the multiple tourist seasons throughout the year, at good prices.
The low cost of living in Turkey, compared to Europe and the countries of the region, with the availability of the ideal ingredients for life.

Foreign investors who are about to buy a property must take these tips into consideration:
Ensure that there is a real estate appraisal report  that contains:
Basic information for the real estate report.
Land registry information.
Information about the location, transportation, and general surroundings of the property.
All legal notes related to the property.
Technical specifications of the property.
Factors affecting the evaluation during its preparation.
The result as determined by experts.
Real estate limits and restrictions.
Completion of the ownership procedures exclusively in the Tabu Department:
Where any unofficial contracts or contracts issued by the notary public, the mukhtar, or other entities are considered "insufficient", and do not prove that the ownership of the specified property has been transferred to the buyer, but rather those who wish to own a property in Turkey, registering the purchase transaction in his name in the Real Estate Department in the Turkish Land Registry.
Ensure that the real estate data registered in the deed matches the real property: it is
necessary to reach the actual address by specifying the exact location of the property.
Search for the real seller of the property:
You must make sure that the seller of the property is the real owner of thisThe property .
Verifying that there are no restrictions or signs of seizure on the property:
such as signs of mortgage or seizure that prevent the buying and selling process, which is likely to reflect a negative impact on the property, or directly affect its price, depending on the type of sign or violation.

Every real estate investor must have an expert who consults him, so he gives him investment advice, as the real estate expert in Turkey can give you advice and advice. 


Buying a house in Turkey or owning a property in Turkey does not require much time and effort, so that the purchase and transfer of ownership can be completed in just one day. The steps to buying a house in Turkey and the procedures for transferring ownership of a house are represented in only five points:
A copy of the passport, translated into Turkish, and certified by the notary.
The buyer must come to Turkey to sign the purchase contract, or the presence of someone on his behalf with an official power of attorney, certified by the notary public, or by one of the Turkish embassies abroad.
Issuing a tax number, which is a number given to every foreigner in Turkey, to facilitate official financial transactions, and it is extracted within minutes from the Tax Department.
Register the purchase contract with the Real Estate Registration Directorate "Tapu", and obtain the new title deed.
Both the seller and the buyer pay the property ownership tax equally upon registration, which amounts to 4 percent of the value of the registered property price.

Deliberation, consultation and research before buying real estate in Turkey remains the only way to overcome and avoid any problems that may arise during the purchase.



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