History and authenticity When you look at the customs and traditions of Turkey, learn more through our article

Let's get to know the customs and traditions of Turkey

Date:Wednesday, August 24, 2022

History and authenticity When you look at the customs and traditions of Turkey, learn more through our article

There are many customs and traditions in Turkey , and you must familiarize yourself with each of them before you move to live and settle in it, or to establish your investment project, or even your tourist tours or any other activity.
In this article, the editorial team at FCC Real Estate Company will inform you of the most important customs and traditions that prevail in Turkish society, and many important aspects will be highlighted. We wish you an enjoyable reading.


Learn about the most important customs and traditions of Turkey:

It cannot be disagreed that every society has many customs and traditions that prevail in it, and through the following paragraphs you can view them in full:

First: the salutation:

It is a means of communication between members of Turkish society and it has several forms that may be only by placing the hand on the chest with a slight forward bow, or it may be by hand, or it may be without any physical contact only with words and welcoming expressions, but in general it is evidence of mutual respect and love between people .

Second: the kiss of the hand:

One of the prevailing customs in Turkish society is kissing the hands of the elderly, and it is a custom that emanates from the Ottoman period, and it is a sign and evidence of respect and appreciation, especially on occasions and holidays where it is considered a slogan.

Third: Lemon fragrance:

In all Turkish homes, lemon perfume is placed on the hands of guests when they receive them, after food, before it, and when leaving the bathroom. It is also placed on the hands of doors and others, with the aim of sterilizing them.

Fourth: Taking off the shoes:

One of the most common Turkish customs is that members of Turkish society do not enter homes with shoes, but rather take them off directly from the door, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the house.

Fifth: a cup of tea:

Members of the Turkish community are famous for their great love for tea, as it is the most widespread drink ever, even surpassing coffee. It is served on various occasions and at all times. Tea is also served without sugar, and sugar cubes are placed next to the guest to put what they want.

Sixth: A cup of water with a cup of coffee:

One of the common returns in most countries of the world, and one of them is Turkey, is to provide a glass of water with a cup of coffee, and as for coffee, it is without sugar and concentrated.

Seventh: Spraying water and salt:

As for this custom, it is considered somewhat strange, as the person traveling is sprinkled with water and salt, in the belief that this makes his path easy, helps him, and returns him safely without being exposed to problems, and it is tantamount to extending an invitation to the traveler.

Eighth: Blue Eye:

The people of Turkish society believe that the blue eye repels the evil eye and envy from its bearer, so you can always find it in their homes or hanging in their clothes, and it is given as a gift on occasions and celebrations, and it is abundantly available in markets and shops in different shapes and sizes.

Ninth: Turkish bath:

The Turkish state has many ancient baths that belong to the Ottoman era, as they are very famous in various countries of the world and are visited annually by millions of tourists from different countries of the world in order to discover these architectural arts that belong to Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine and other eras and to get acquainted with various cultures and arts. Lots of care and attention.

Tenth: Marriage Customs:

There are many well-known customs and traditions on the subject of marriage, such as putting salt in the cup of a young man who proposes to a girl. If he drinks the cup without complaining, he is loving her, and if any dissatisfaction appears on his face, he is not satisfied with the marriage.
On the wedding night, a warmer ribbon is placed on the bride's white dress, and honey is also placed on the door of the house where the newlyweds will live.

Eleventh: Ramadan Habits:

One of the customs and customs spread in the Turkish street in Ramadan is the opening of huge tables in the streets, on which there is delicious and delicious food, so that people gather in a beautiful and distinctive atmosphere. Also, one of the customs spread in this holy month is the presence of the magician that makes people wake up to the pre-dawn meal.

Twelfth: Childbirth Habits:

When children are born, blue beads are hung on their clothes in order to protect them from the eye, and gold liras may be hung as a kind of gift.


Some strange customs in Turkey:

There is a group of strange customs and traditions that spread in Turkey, which you can see briefly in that paragraph:
1 – Among the group of Turkish customs is that they preserve the blessings of God, and an example of this is not to throw bread, but rather it is put outside until the poor come and take it or put it for the birds until you eat it.
2 - One of the customs of the Turkish people is lack of discipline with traffic rules, so you find that many violations are issued daily, and it is surprising that the policemen themselves violate the rules.
3 - Standing at the fountains distributed in the roads and streets to drink and have mercy on the people for whom it was built.
4- There are many common denominators between customs and traditions in Turkey and other Arab countries, and this is what made Turkey the first destination for Arabs for residence, housing and real estate investment.
5 - Breakfast is a sacred matter for Turkish families, where all individuals gather together and it is not allowed for any of them to be left behind.
6 - Guests are honored and all kinds of luxurious hospitality, consisting of many types and varieties, are provided.

These were the most important customs and traditions in Turkey . If you want to know more details about the Turkish reality, you can contact us to give you the information you need, and do not forget to follow our website constantly to find answers to your various questions.
Many real estate offers and profitable investment opportunities, obtained by communicating with our real estate consultant.



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