When thinking about the real estate investment decision in Turkey, the options will not be limited to Istanbul and.

Real estate investment opportunities in Antalya

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

When thinking about the real estate investment decision in Turkey, the options will not be limited to Istanbul and.

When thinking about the decision to invest in real estate in Turkey , the options will not be limited to Istanbul alone, especially since Turkey is a country rich in investment opportunities. With its attraction to millions of tourists throughout the year, there are many factors that make buying and investing real estate in the state of Antalya a wonderful opportunity.


Where is Antalya located?

Antalya is located in southwest Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, about 518 km from Ankara and 729 km from Istanbul . It is bordered to the east by Mersin and Kerman, to the northeast by Konya, to the north by Sparta and Boudro, to the west by Mola state, and to the south it is bordered by the sea. Mediterranean.


What are the factors that make real estate investment in Antalya a good opportunity?

Wonderful nature:

Antalya is known for the beauty of its beaches, as the number of beaches that have been awarded the international blue flag mark is 163, in addition to 3 marinas. It also includes a large number of charming natural places that vary and are distributed on the coasts, cliffs and surrounding mountains .


Strategic location:

The location of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast and being a tourist area par excellence made it a destination that attracts real estate and tourism investments, which made it more like a large tourist resort, and it is now called the capital of tourism in Turkey .


Nice climate:

Antalya is characterized by sunny weather most days of the year with a mild, unobtrusive climate, which makes it a tourist destination par excellence for spending holidays on beaches and resorts.


Good level of services and infrastructure:

Antalya has a high level of services in the fields of electricity, water and communications, in addition to health care in advanced hospitals and education in important schools and universities. Its beaches and gardens are clean and safe, with easy access to transportation without suffering from distances or overcrowding, with a large number of shops, restaurants and cafes . It also has Antalya International Airport, which provides excellent services and special and cheap offers to and from Middle Eastern countries and most European countries.


Space breadth:

Antalya is considered one of the largest cities in Turkey. It is the fourth largest city in it, and its population exceeds one million and three hundred thousand people .

Large numbers of tourists:

Millions of visitors and tourists from all over the world visit Antalya every year, and statistics have shown that the number of tourists who visit Antalya every year is not less than 10 million, which increases the chances of real estate investment profit in it.


Laws and facilities:

Antalya is attracting increasing numbers of investors, especially Arabs, after the facilities provided by the Turkish government in this regard, in addition to the laws that were issued and encouraged investors, including the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying real estate worth $250,000 or more, provided that it is not sold for 3 years. In addition to the facilities for obtaining real estate residency for the foreign buyer and his family when buying any real estate in Turkey.


Real estate prices are attractive:

In view of the beauty of its nature, its location, and the sophistication of its services and resorts, the real estate price in Antalya is considered low and encouraging compared to the same real estate specifications in a tourist coastal city in European countries, whose prices are double.


Expectations of real estate price growth:

As a result of the prosperity of the tourism sector in Antalya and the direction of large numbers of tourists and foreign investors (especially Germans, Russians and Arabs), real estate has witnessed an increase in prices, and expectations indicate that the value of real estate will continue to increase, which encourages many to buy a property in it.

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