Turkey is an Islamic country and it is distinguished by the Arab Islamic character, which attracts many Arabs to it.

The easiest way to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is an Islamic country and it is distinguished by the Arab Islamic character, which attracts many Arabs to it.

Turkey is an Islamic country and is characterized by the Arab Islamic character, which attracts many Arabs for the purposes of study, investment, stability and living in Turkey . Friendly, hospitable, and welcoming to foreigners. Turkey is characterized by its historical and cultural wealth, geographical location and mild climate, as an attraction for tourism lovers. In addition to the recent economic growth, which is due to investments and infrastructure development, as Turkey has attracted nearly $15 billion in investment, its low cost of living, and the availability of job opportunities attracts those aspiring to build a bright future. Thus, permanent residence in Turkey has become one of the aspirations that many young people around the world are seeking to achieve, and obtaining a permit has becomeResidency in Turkey is a goal and a privilege worth striving for and putting in some effort.

There are many types of residence in Turkey , namely:
Tourist residence in Turkey (short-term residence permit in Turkey).
Residence in Turkey by buying a property (real estate residence in Turkey).
Work residence in Turkey.
Student residence in Turkey .
Humanitarian residence in Turkey.
Family residence in Turkey (family residence in Turkey).

If the resident in Turkey has completed a period of 8 consecutive years in a regular manner, he has the right to apply for permanent residence in Turkey.

Where a document organizing immigration laws was issued in Turkey, which required certain conditions to obtain residence permits in Turkey:
Those who are married to Turkish citizens

Real estate owners, or companies in Turkey

Those who have actual work permits in Turkey.

Upon obtaining Turkish residency for eight consecutive years, and after the eighth year, he will be granted residency for life, and he must submit the following documents to the Directorate of Migration Management:

Residence permit application form.
The original and a copy of the passport or travel document.
Submission of the previous residence permit document.
Two passport size photographs.
A document showing that the applicant has not received any social assistance from institutions and NGOs in the past three years.
A statement showing that financial resources are sufficient and permanent during the stay.
A document that is not subject to
medical insurance / or what is known as a cicurta
, an application for permanent residence

Permanent residence in Turkey can be refused or canceled in the following cases:
The foreigner poses a serious threat to public order and security.
To reside outside Turkey for more than one year without interruption except for health conditions, education and mandatory public service in his country.
In these mentioned cases, according to the residence system in Turkey, the long-term residence permit may be canceled by the Immigration Department in the Turkish provinces.

Attention must be paid to some details related to permanent residence in Turkey, namely:
Permanent residence is not granted to refugees, holders of secondary protection, or holders of humanitarian residence, nor is it granted to those granted temporary protection.
Foreigners who reside with a long-term residence permit are entitled to enjoy most of the rights granted to a Turkish citizen, except for some basic rights such as: (candidacy, election, public office, importing cars).
The permanent residency holder is exempted from the obligation to perform military service.
The permanent resident retains his acquired rights related to insurance.
Permanent residence permits in Turkey are issued indefinitely (without limits).

Finally, the benefits enjoyed by foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey:
foreign residents with a short residence permit are entitled to get a job, rent or own real estate, marry Turkish citizens, or open a bank account in Turkey.
Residency holders may establish personal or joint stock companies, while providing them with comprehensive health insurance, and applying for citizenship for those who have completed 8 years in Turkey.
Children under the age of 18 have the right to comprehensive health insurance and to attend schools in Turkey



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