Turkish real estate and its news are among the most popular topics in Turkey and the whole world, for.

Latest real estate news in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkish real estate and its news are among the most popular topics in Turkey and the whole world, for.

Turkish real estate and its news is one of the most popular topics in Turkey and the world as a whole, because of the fame and wide popularity that these properties possess....
The real estate sector in Turkey is one of the most important sectors in the country, and it receives very special government support and attention. .. And it has gained this importance because it is a cornerstone in the activity of many other sectors ... It is also one of the most important pillars of the strong and stable Turkish economy.

What is the latest news about government support for the real estate sector?
The Turkish government is aware of the importance of real estate and real estate investments , and attracting investors and large capitals to invest in the country..and it has provided many facilities and temptations, and we mention among the most important and latest decisions of the government related to the field of real estate investment , the law granting Turkish citizenship to investors in exchange for Real estate investment or buying a property in Turkey, within specific and clear conditions.

The following are accurate statistics about real estate sales for the year (2020):  Turkish real estate
sales to foreigners recorded a significant increase, by (14%), during the first quarter of the year 2020, compared to 2019. And Istanbul was among the states that acquired the highest percentage of real estate sales in its various regions (Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Arnavutkoy, Sariyer, Cevrelibagh, Soğatluşeme ..), followed by the state of Antalya, then Ankara, then Bursa and Yalova. And these real estates were the share of investors of different nationalities .. , and the Iranians had ranked first among foreigners in terms of buying Turkish real estate during the year 2020 , followed by the Iraqis , then the Russians , then the Afghans , then the Yemenis .

Was the real estate movement in Turkey affected by the Corona epidemic 2020?
Most of the countries of the world have recently prepared to deal with the Corona epidemic, by stopping official working hours and imposing a curfew and many other measures... Despite this, we find that the real estate movement, from sale and investment, has been able to maintain its relatively rising pace, and The outbreak of the new epidemic (Corona) did not affect the sale and purchase of real estate at all.

About real estate prices in Turkey in 2020 .. Turkish real estate has
reached a very high level of modernity, luxury, splendor of designs and ..., and Turkish real estate has become one of the best real estate in the world ... and there is no specific price for real estate prices , as the price varies according to the type of property, location, design, and ..., but in general, we can say that Turkish real estate has been able to make long strides in the path of prosperity and development, and this amount of development has been accompanied by an increase in prices commensurate with the quality and But despite this, Turkish real estate remained cheaper than its counterparts in European countries...

What is the importance of real estate companies in the real estate investment process 2020?
Real estate companies play a very important role, which is the role of mediation between two or more parties to conclude a satisfactory and profitable deal for all parties. These companies also facilitate any real estate operation in the region through an integrated work team, including engineers, specialists, lawyers, consultants and .. ... 
In addition to the company's strong network of relations locally and internationally, and this is what enables it to facilitate all the tasks entrusted to it as quickly as possible and with the highest quality.

The Turkish real estate market is always renewed, and it is considered an essential choice for most real estate investors, and Turkish real estate in general has enough natural and human features and ingredients and government support to top the list of the best and most wanted real estate in the world.


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