The architectural styles of the palaces varied according to the historical eras they went through, albeit.

The most famous palaces in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The architectural styles of the palaces varied according to the historical eras they went through, albeit.


The Ottoman civilization left a history full of urban renaissance and heritage buildings, topped by the mosques, followed by the palaces of Istanbul, which became attractions for tourists from all parts of the land, and as far as the ages passed, the great diversity was evident in the mixing of the eastern character with the western in wonderful construction formations .

The architectural styles of the palaces varied according to the historical eras they passed through, and if they were dominated by wealth and good taste, these palaces became one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey and one of the most important places of tourism in Istanbul in particular .


Among the most famous palaces in Istanbul:

Yildiz Palace:

The most famous of the palaces of Istanbul , meaning the Star Palace, was built in the late 19th century on a hill in Yildiz Park, and therefore it is considered one of the largest and most beautiful historical palaces in the city, and it was taken by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid as the seat of government.

You can wander around or enjoy sitting for a while in the garden that surrounds the palace, the private gardens that are distinguished by their nature, in addition to a number of stables for breeding horses and lakes surrounded by greenery on every side .

The entire palace constitutes a wonderful masterpiece from the outside to the inside, all of which makes it a place to attract many tourists and a wonderful background to take the most beautiful photographs .


Dolmabahce Palace: 

Dolmabahçe Palace was used during the Ottoman Empire as a berth for captains' ships. It was later turned into a private garden . During the era of the Republic, it was in the residence of Atatürk the palace, but when he visited Istanbul , the same time was the place in which he died, and it bears special importance for that . Therefore , because this palace is considered a scene of historical events, it is imperative for those who visit Istanbul, whether Turkish or foreign, to visit it .


Topkapi Palace: 

A visitor to Istanbul cannot leave the city without visiting the Topkapi Palace, which is one of its most important Medinese places. Where the palace was established by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in 1478, and the palace was the main center from which the country was ruled over a period of 400 years, and it was inhabited by the Ottoman sultans.

The palace was opened to visitors for the first time during the reign of Sultan Abd al-Majid, and to this day it receives its guests from among the visitors. And its charm and the style of its Ottoman construction made it the center of interest for tourists .


Pillar Bey Palace: 

The Pillar Bey Palace is located on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus, and the word means in Arabic the master of the masters. Sultan Abdul Aziz I ordered it to be built as a residence for his summer residence, and also to receive the guests of the Sultanate of kings and sultans when they visited the Ottoman Sultanate, and the palace bears wonderful designs that made it one of the most important palaces in Istanbul And the most visited.

First, you can enjoy a tour of the Bosphorus Strait Bridge to see the palace, and to take some photographs of the two wings of the Haramlek and the Sarmalik that overlook it .

The palace gardens are also filled with various trees, and enjoy wonderful views of the Bosphorus Strait, shaded balconies, fountains and water basins worth seeing .


Ciragan Palace: 

 It is considered one of the pillars of light in Istanbul, as the word Çırağan means light in Persian, and the palace is characterized by its white walls, surrounded by a towering garden of beauty, and the palace’s courtyard overlooks the Bosphorus, and its construction began in 1834, when Sultan Abdul Aziz requested the construction of a large building that would later be a monument to his reign And its construction ended in 1871, and after that it was subjected to great neglect, as it became a dump for waste over a period of forty years. In 1986, the Kempinski Hotel group bought the palace and made it affiliated with the suites of its luxurious hotel adjacent to the palace .


Ahlamur Palace (Linden Palace): 

 These palaces were built during the reign of Sultan Abd al-Majid in the year (1839-1861), within Ahlamour Park , and were built in the form of two buildings on a land of 24,724 square meters, and beautiful linden trees surround it .

The first basic building is the ceremonies section, in the front of which there is a staircase. The section enjoys luxurious architecture. The palace consists of an entry hall, and one room on either side of the hall. The palace was furnished with European-style furnishings.

As for the second section, the Sultan's procession of the Sultan's family, it consists of rooms built on the corners, and open to a hall in the middle .

At the present time, the Sultan's section has become in the form of a winter cafeteria, while the ceremony section is currently open as a palace and museum for visitors, where national and international concerts are held .








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