Istanbul has an integrated infrastructure, and provides various basic living services m.

The most important hospitals in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul has an integrated infrastructure, and provides various basic living services m.

Istanbul, and it is enough to utter the name of Istanbul without explanation in order to embody the meanings of civilization, heritage, development and sophistication, real estate renaissance, tourism importance, the most beautiful sea views and unique natural features around the world, and the list goes on... Istanbul is one of The Turkish states, whose fame hits a wide range.. How much poets sing of them! And how many generations passed on it! And it still attracts residents and tourists from all sides... The
importance of hospitals in Istanbul . There is an integrated infrastructure
in Istanbul , and it provides various living services, both basic and recreational, in order to advance it to more progress and sophistication, and among the available services .. we mention the hospitals in Istanbul, which are considered an independent destination in itself, as they are intended for a large group of Istanbul tourists, with the aim of medical tourismAnd receive modern and guaranteed medical and treatment services.
And hospitals in Istanbul constitute one of the basic and essential facilities, contributing to the stability and growth of the rest of the sectors, achieving a required healthy environment and addressing various diseases and epidemics.

In the context of the conversation, here is a list of the most important hospitals in Istanbul..
• Central Anatolia Hospital: 
one of the best hospitals in Istanbul , located in the European part of it, in the Kocaeli district in particular, it is a health complex, which includes all specialties and technologies, conforming to international specifications, It is distinguished by its location on the outskirts of the city, where it is calm, away from noise and congestion, and a pure environment ... 
• American Koch Hospital: 
This hospital provides medical and health care services for Turkish patients and foreign patients coming from abroad, while providing all related services On the medical trip in Istanbul.. such as passport and document translation services, guidance and support.. 
This hospital provides medical services in all its forms, and supports patients during all stages of treatment, from the moment they arrive at the airport.., through a group of specialists, who have extensive experience, advanced academic knowledge, and speak English.. 
• Acıbadem Hospital:
This hospital specializes in cardiovascular medicine and surgery, and is distinguished by its high capabilities and advanced technologies, especially in the field of preventing or reducing the occurrence of genetic diseases, through a series of successive examinations and treatments ... 
It is located in the European section of Istanbul, and It also provides all emergency services ..
• NP Istanbul Brain Hospital:
This hospital achieves international ranks, we must mention it, as it ranks first in Turkey! It is the first neurological and psychological hospital in Istanbul - Turkey, and it is ranked second in Europe! And there is a wide range of advanced medical services provided by .. 

And there are many hospitals in Istanbul , which provide various medical services day and night, with the availability of the latest technologies and therapeutic and medical tools, with the presence of a cadre of the best doctors in Turkey and the world.
In general, hospitals in Istanbul are considered a global destination for receiving diverse and guaranteed medical services, and there are many ways to register in hospitals in Istanbul, where you can book an appointment through the Internet or on the ground, and the registration process is an organized, completely smooth and hassle-free process. And you can refer to the emergency department for emergency cases at any time, and you can also call the number (182) in case of emergency, but you have to be a Turkish speaker! . Hospitals in Istanbul
have gone through a long journey of providing various medical services over time, and are still continuing to provide more.


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