Real estate residency is the ideal solution for many people, as you can buy a real estate

Papers required for real estate residence in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate residency is the ideal solution for many people, as you can buy a real estate

The idea of ​​traveling and settling in Turkey has become a dream for many these days , and of course this is due to all the advantages that Turkey possesses from a strategic location , a charming climate , and laws and legislation that facilitate the ownership of real estate in Turkey for foreigners who do not hold Turkish citizenship .

Real estate residence in Turkey is the ideal solution for many people, as by buying a property in Turkey , you can obtain residence for a certain period in Turkey, but of course there are many conditions:

  1. That the property in Turkey is intended for housing only, that is, it is not allowed to be for the purpose of trade or tourism.
  2. In the event that the owner of the property in Turkey has a family, his family can obtain residency as well.
  3. The duration of this residence permit in Turkey is two years at most, but it can be renewed.

And now we will go through a short tour in which we will discuss the conditions of real estate residence in Turkey , its advantages, its cost, and the papers necessary to obtain it.

What are the papers and documents that need to be submitted to obtain real estate residence in Turkey?

1- Bring the title deed of the property in Turkey .

2- Passports of the investor and his family, provided that they are valid for a long period of time and attached to the residence period and expiry date.

3- Do not forget to take an insurance policy against earthquakes and natural disasters.

4- Health insurance for all family members.

5- A family statement, provided that it is translated and certified by the embassy of the country of origin or by a notary.

6- The tax number of the property in Turkey .

7- Four recent personal photos.

8- Fee payment receipt.

How much does it cost to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey?

With regard to the financial value of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey   , this follows a number of matters, the most important of which is the type and price of health insurance, in addition to the value of the tax incurred by it, which depends on the nationality of the applicant, and of course the price of papers and documents and their documentation as well as Fees of the office that will submit the application to the concerned authorities and follow up on the transaction.

In addition, there are health insurance fees, which are valid for a year or more, and the fees for obtaining it range from one hundred to five hundred Turkish liras if the insurance is valid for one year only, and double this amount if the insurance is valid for two years and is paid for each family member separately. .

After submitting the necessary papers, who are the individuals who will benefit from this residency, " real estate residency in Turkey "?

It is natural that there are specific people who can obtain this real estate residence permit in Turkey , especially after purchasing the property in Turkey , namely the person who bought the property in Turkey or the house and registered it in his name, i.e. the owner, in addition to his wife and children who have not yet exceeded the age of eighteen their age.

What about the one who is married to more than one wife? In the event that he is a polygamist, he will not be able to grant residency to only one of them.

What about children from more than one wife? With regard to children, they can obtain residency even if they are not from one wife as long as they are under the legal age, i.e. under eighteen.

And what happens in the event of a divorce, do you withdraw the real estate residence permit in Turkey ?

 In the event that the wife is divorced from her husband, the real estate residence permit in Turkey is immediately withdrawn from her, and she can then replace it with a tourist residence permit in Turkey that is valid for six months or a little more.

- What are the elements that must be present to obtain real estate residence in Turkey ?

Of course, if you want to benefit from real estate residence in Turkey , you must first buy a property in Turkey, right?

However, there are some conditions related to the type of real estate in Turkey, as commercial or tourist real estate cannot be counted and cannot be used to obtain residency in Turkey, but rather it must be exclusively residential. As for the financial value, it does not constitute an obstacle, as a specific amount or price is not required as well. There is no preference for a city or state over other states, as all are equal and all of them can win you the opportunity to obtain residency.

In addition, we can consider the conditions for obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey the same as the conditions for real estate ownership, " buying real estate in Turkey ," because by obtaining a property in Turkey , it is as   if you obtained a real estate residence permit.

However, you should pay attention to the existence of two reasons that prevent you from obtaining real estate residence. The first reason is if you have a nationality that is prohibited from owning property in Turkey , such as North Korea and Armenia, for example, and the second reason is that the property is not located within a security or military area.

Final notes regarding real estate residence in Turkey:

In the event that you buy a property in Turkey , it is not necessary for you to obtain a real estate residence only, on the contrary, as you can choose any other type of residence that suits your situation, of course, but despite its defects such as the short period, for example, it is one of the most common residences turnout for it.

Thus, we have listed for you all the papers that you need to obtain real estate residence in Turkey in addition to all the information that interests you as an external investor or as a desire to buy a property in Turkey , and you are now ready to start your journey on your own, and in the end we can only advise you to live in Turkey, you will not find A more beautiful and better place, and you will feel at home among your family and friends, so what are you waiting for?


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