Amusement parks and gardens are the best choice for thrill lovers, as well as.

Vialand Istanbul - the most beautiful amusement park in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Amusement parks and gardens are the best choice for thrill lovers, as well as.

Parks and gardens in Turkey are the best choice for thrill lovers, in addition to travelers with young children. Istanbul is one of the most important cities that is characterized by a large number of recreational places suitable for adults and children alike. It is considered one of the first tourist destinations in Turkey . These places vary to satisfy all tastes and desires. Where tourism in Istanbul is not limited to historical and natural places and monuments only, but also includes all the interests of tourists from entertainment, cultural and artistic places, where every visitor can choose the appropriate method to spend an enjoyable trip for him,
the Vialand Istanbul amusement park is one of the largest amusement parks in Istanbul and Turkey in general It is one of the most beautiful places of entertainment, entertainment and shopping in the European section of Istanbul, and it is a major attraction in the field of tourism in TurkeyIt is the first entertainment choice for many Turkish families and tourists coming to Istanbul. It was chosen as the best gaming city in the Middle East.
Vialand Istanbul was opened in the Yesilpinar area, adjacent to the Eyup region, in 2013. The area of ​​​​the amusement park reached approximately 200 thousand square meters, and the area of ​​​​a shopping center and the adjacent area in which various exhibitions are held amounted to about 100 thousand square meters. As for the cost of its construction, it amounted to More than one billion one hundred and fifty million Turkish liras, and the city of Vialand was designed in a very similar way to Disneyland as it is an amusement park in the first place in addition to the various secondary services it provides to its visitors.
Vialand Istanbul was established by the most important international experts, taking into account international safety standards, to be safe and charming at the same time, and thus compete with international amusement parks in terms of the quality of the games present in them and the atmosphere that transports visitors to a world of magic, fun and excitement    
. The amusement park was divided into several sections, namely:
_ The first section: It was called The World of Legends / The World of Games / The World of Adventures, and this section contains approximately 50 games.
Where there are electric cars that enjoy complete safety, a fast and fun train of death, and an adventure game, the Roller Coaster, which descends from a high altitude towards the water to increase the enthusiasm and enjoyment of its passengers, as well as the famous and favorite King Kong game for fans of suspense, in addition to the feeling of fun and adventure, you can achieve your crazy desires through Waterslide ride. Where in Vialand Istanbul there are many slides of different shapes and designs to suit all tastes, some of which are intended for children, and some of them are crazy, which are in a vertical shape, in which the slide is fast and exciting
. through it in a brisk fashion of 62 mph.
_ The second section: It was designed to be a shopping center.
It consists of 250 shops close to each other in the open air, which provides parents and children with the joy of shopping with the joy of playing and having fun at the same time. The shopping center also contains automated teller machines and a sewing center to enable customers to repair their clothes if they are damaged during play.
Clothing stores are the most important characteristic of Vialand Istanbul, where the clothes offered have high-quality cotton materials, and these clothes are designed by the most famous fashion designers. And when tourists and visitors feel tired and exhausted, they can sit in the most famous restaurants located in the theme parks in Istanbul, where delicious food and various drinks according to different tastes, and at affordable prices.
_ The third section: It includes the center for entertainment shows, theatrical performances and entertainment such as juggling, where the exhibitors present their theatrical and entertainment shows for children and adults.
Section Four: A four-dimensional cinema was established in it to display international films, and the movement of the seats coincides with the show, in addition to wearing glasses that add the fourth dimension to the scenes shown
    . Vialand itself has specific dates and specific places for launching within Istanbul, such as: Taksim, Sultan Ahmed, Aksaray, and Sirkeci. The amusement park also includes ample parking spaces with a capacity of 8,000 cars, all of which are free. Thus, Via Land amusement park in Turkey is a great choice for the family to spend a beautiful and enjoyable day. As those in charge of it obtained a certificate of appreciation for the efforts made in Vialand Istanbul entertainment, and their full care for it, which makes it one of the most important, best, and most beautiful gaming cities.


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