It is known that Istanbul is a crowded city in which a large number of the population, whether Turkish or.

Mountain places for a weekend getaway near Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

It is known that Istanbul is a crowded city in which a large number of the population, whether Turkish or.

It is well known that Istanbul is a crowded city in which a large number of residents are concentrated, whether Turks residing in it or tourists who visit the city in the millions annually, so a number of Istanbul residents and visitors are looking for a natural place that is more quiet and serene than the crowded neighborhoods of Istanbul to escape from the pressures and hustle and bustle of the city, which is What we find in the villages surrounding Istanbul, where greenery is as far as the eye can see, water streams and the sound of its gurgling, wooden huts, with the availability of all means of luxury.
Here we review the best places that meet your desires to spend an enjoyable weekend full of relaxation and bliss.
The city of Sapanca 
The city of Sapanca is only about two hours away from the city of Istanbul , and it is a city belonging to the Turkish province of Sakarya.
It is famous for its natural beauty and stunning scenery, as Sabanga includes the famous Sabanga Beach and the charming “Sapanca” Lake, which is considered one of the largest lakes near the city of Istanbul,
and the lake attracts thousands of tourists with its beauty and wonderful birds every year. , and the vast extended forests, and it also includes many large and small waterfalls, the number of which is about 25, and the most famous of them is Mashouqia Falls , in addition to restaurants that serve local fresh fish meals.
Peak Dag mountain houses are
located in the state of Kocaeli, and their rooms overlook stunning landscapes and are a suitable option for children, with a play park and a small zoo, in addition to the area containing a place designated for camping. 
Seven Lakes Park
It is a national park located in the Turkish city of Polo, west of Anatolia, on the coast of the Black Sea.
The park derives its name from the lakes in which it is located, which are 7 lakes surrounded by oak, pine and hazelnut trees
. Rare trees and plants. It is possible to camp in the garden and enjoy the beauty of nature.
The garden also includes hot springs for swimming, and many long-distance walking paths.
The area is a good haven for fishing lovers.
Ozgan Mountain Homes
This wonderful place near Istanbul and located in the state of Bolu provides a pleasant stay in the bosom of nature at competitive prices .
Riva Village 
It is a small village located in the “Beykoz” neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul, and it is one of the best vacation spots in Istanbul. The village restaurants that serve excellent seafood,
the village includes the historic “Riva” castle, and it is also possible to take a cruise on a boat in the sea.
is one of the cities of Bolu state, where history is steeped in its ancient houses, in which the popular market is erected every Saturday of every week, and there is an ancient hotel dating back to 170 years, “Haji Shaklar.” The
village of Sheila 
A quiet village located 120 km from the center of Istanbul on the coast of the Black Sea. The village is distinguished by its wonderful beach with golden sands and clear blue waters that extends for 60 km on the Black Sea coast.
The village also includes the “Kom Baba” therapeutic plateau that many people visit for the purpose of Hospitalization in its sands for treatment of many incurable diseases.
The village is considered one of the best places to spend holidays near the city of Istanbul, as it includes many resorts with its own beaches. It is also possible to wander in the quiet streets of the village, and it is possible to go to the hidden lake that is almost hidden among the mountains. It is also possible to take boat tours in the lake and dine in an atmosphere Wonderful romantic.
or the paradise of mineral springs, which belongs to the city of Akyazi, located in the state of Sakarya.
The most famous feature of it is that it contains the “Longuz” forests located in northern Thrace on the Turkish-Bulgarian border, and it is a favorite destination for lovers of camping, walking and enjoying the charming landscapes beside the Black Sea.
It is also possible to try a unique boat tour in the Kano River at attractive prices.
is the closest to Istanbul, 100 km north of it, and is located between the Goksu and Yesilchay rivers. With its picturesque nature and waterfalls, it attracts thousands of foreign and local tourists. 
is one of the Turkish cities that is easy to visit from Istanbul by sailing by ferry or sea bus,
and it is one of the best places to spend holidays near Istanbul, away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of the city. Bursa
is a special place for history lovers, as it includes many ancient heritage and historical monuments.
It was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a long time. 

Here, we find that a quiet life, fresh air, and green scenery are the most important characteristics of the villages surrounding Istanbul, as they are not limited to stunning landscapes only. You will find historical villages, with historical monuments and shrines, to find yourself in the presence of the most beautiful regions of Turkey.


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