Turkey has become an essential destination for various segments of individuals from around the world, and due to the accelerating progress of

A comprehensive guide to residencies in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey has become an essential destination for various segments of individuals from around the world, and due to the accelerating progress of

Turkey is one of the ancient and deep-rooted countries, which has persevered and consistently kept pace with the latest developments in the world on all fronts, so today Turkey is witnessing a renaissance and a real revolution in the field of education, health, studies, transportation, industry, technology and technology. Real estate .. Accordingly, the standard of living in it has risen to the highest limits, and accordingly, Turkey has become a primary destination for various segments of individuals from around the world, and due to the acceleration of the wave of arrival and influx of individuals to Turkey, the issue of obtaining a comprehensive guide on residency In Turkey , the most common question on global search engines.
Learn about the types of real estate residence in Turkey , and their details:

Tourist accommodation.
Tourist residency is granted, based on a request submitted by a tourist coming to Turkey, when booking a plane ticket online, and the duration of this residency is usually one year... As for the required papers, you must bring four personal photos, and pay the value of the incurred taxes, and Translating the passport into Turkish, health insurance, and bringing the place of residence through the house lease contract.

• Real estate residence.
Real estate residency is granted to foreign real estate owners in Turkey , but obtaining Turkish citizenship requires that the value of the property be 250 thousand US dollars , and Turkish citizenship should not be confused with real estate residency

• Study residence.
Academic residency is granted to students coming to Turkey for the purpose of studying and seeking knowledge in various Turkish universities, schools, or institutes. To obtain this residency, the registration paper at the specified Turkish university is required, provided that it is certified by the competent official authorities, in addition to personal photos. , translation of the passport into Turkish and ... 

•    Establishing humanitarian cases .
This type of residency is given to refugees from other countries due to wars, famines, or various emergencies... A large percentage of Syrians have acquired such residency recently.

Family residence.
According to Turkish laws, family residency is granted in the event that you are married or married to a person who holds Turkish citizenship .. 
and the duration of this nationality may be one, two, or three years, and Turkish citizenship is granted to the owners of family residency, after Three years have elapsed.

•     Establishment of work .
A work permit is granted to foreign employees in a Turkish company, where the concerned company applies for a work permit for the employee, after obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Labor for the foreigner, and a residence permit is granted to the employee's family members, for the same duration as his basic work permit. 
And Turkish companies are required to employ five Turks for each foreign employee. As for papers, personal photos are required, as previously mentioned, and a translation of the passport and its certification by a notary.. Also, the employee must obtain a tourist residence permit before applying for a residence permit. Work in the Ministry of Labor. 

The issue of obtaining residency in Turkey is one of the basic steps that cannot be bypassed in order to be able to live on Turkish lands and in accordance with its Sharia laws. Other terms such as Turkish citizenship , passport and visa , each of these terms has its own meaning , and residency in Turkey is defined as the proof by which you are allowed to reside in Turkey and enjoy your rights and duties as any Turkish citizen .





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