Great investment opportunities with the opportunity to live, calm and settle in the best areas of European Istanbul.

Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

Date:Monday, August 29, 2022

Great investment opportunities with the opportunity to live, calm and settle in the best areas of European Istanbul.

With the advent of the year 2022, real estate investment has become a gateway to success in Turkey, and this was as a result of the development taking place in the real estate sector in its cities and regions, and the investment process was the most common and the most guaranteeing profit and positive results. It has a huge and diversified real estate market and enjoys great and many advantages that contribute to attracting real estate investors to this region and wanting them to buy real estate in it.

Buying apartments in Zeytinburnu municipality:

The municipality of Zeytinburnu is located in the European section of Istanbul and overlooks the famous Sea of ​​Marmara, which is one of the most important tourist points in the city. This municipality is located near the famous Ataturk Airport, which is considered a renaissance in the world of tourism and travel. They are considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul and contain the most tourist attractions that attract real estate investors to it from every side. Therefore, the municipality of Zeytinburnu has an important strategic location that makes it a center of gravity for real estate investment in Istanbul. As for buying real estate in this municipality, there are several points that must be considered and detailed. So that the investor can know what is coming for him when buying a property in Zeytinburnu.

Features of apartments in Zeytinburnu Istanbul:

The municipality of Zeytinburnu is an important area for buying apartments in the city of Istanbul, as the apartments in it are of a luxurious and civilized nature and follow the developments taking place in real estate in the world. Buying, selling and offering apartments in the real estate market in this region, and the most important of these features:

Its beautiful urban designs:

The apartments in Zeytinburnu are distinguished by their beautiful designs and decorations inspired by the ancient civilizations that lived in the city of Istanbul and whose traces were embedded in the walls of the historical monuments in this region. Therefore, these decorations were quoted and placed in the urban designs of the apartments to indicate the historical importance of this region and even receive greater attraction from By real estate investors, which is one of the reasons why the real estate market in this region is rich and diverse at the level of the Turkish state.

Their average prices:

It is the most important feature that these apartments enjoy, as it is one of the cheapest apartments in Istanbul, due to the high demand for buying these apartments and the presence of real estate investors ready to buy these apartments at any time, as well as because there are many properties available for sale in the Zeytinburnu area, which contains A large number of them, which contributed to making the real estate market in it of great importance and making real estate investors come to it from everywhere, especially foreigners who are looking for cheap apartments in order to enjoy the advantages of these apartments. tourism in it.

Possibility to sell at any time:

One of the advantages of apartments in Zeytinburnu is that the investor can sell this apartment at any time due to the huge and strong real estate market in the region and the great demand for this discord by other real estate investors. Therefore, some investors may be forced to sell these apartments in need of that. To sell them quickly, this area allows them to sell these apartments quickly and easily and without a significant drop in prices. Therefore, apartments in this area are considered guaranteed results and you can sell them at any time and at any time you want.

Profit guarantee and capital preservation:

Buying an apartment in Zeytinburnu is considered a successful process with the guarantee of the real estate market in the region and the guarantee of experienced investors who always recommend apartments in this region, especially since one of its most important features is the guarantee of positive results and the guarantee of profit in it so that the investor who buys an apartment in this region can Investing them either by selling them or by renting them or mortgaging them, thus guaranteeing real estate success in the region and guaranteeing abundant profit in it, as well as one of the most important features of these apartments is the preservation of capital, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, in the worst case, and in the event that the investor is forced to sell it, he guarantees not Loss in it, and therefore he saves his capital from loss or loss, but in normal cases, the profit in it is guaranteed, and therefore these apartments witness a great demand by real estate investors who come from neighboring countries or other regions in Turkey.

Proximity to municipal centers:

The apartments in Zeytinburnu have many features, but the most important of them remains their proximity to the municipality centers, which are themselves close to the center of Istanbul. This feature makes the apartments one of the first properties to be searched for in the real estate market in this region, as well as making them a great place in the region. The proximity of these apartments to the municipality centers, which vary between service centers, educational centers, entertainment centers, health centers, and many other centers that make the surrounding apartments in a state of continuous development and prosperity and play a role in raising their prices and attracting real estate investors to them from all sides. 

Having a strong infrastructure:

One of the most important features of the apartments in Istanbul and in the Zeytinburnu region in particular is the strong infrastructure on which it is based. Which are located on the outskirts of these roads connecting Zeytinburnu and other areas in Istanbul, as well as through the highways that pass near this area.

Why Zeytinburnu:

Historically, the Zeytinburnu region was and still is one of the most important areas used by Turkish and foreign real estate investors. spread along its length, which plays a major role in the world of tourism in this region and attracts a number of investors to the apartments located next to it.
As well as the huge Marmara Mall, which is one of the most important commercial markets in the region and includes many sections for all types of goods and needs that investors need during the process of buying real estate in the region, and this had a great role in attracting tourists and real estate investors to the region to buy apartments in it, especially the apartments located next to this mall .
Also, in addition to the presence of archaeological museums in it that contain artifacts dating back to ancient times and many civilizations that lived on this land, and this in turn affected the real estate market in the region and attracted investors to Olive Borno in order to buy apartments there.



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