Real estate and apartments in Basaksehir are considered the first pioneers in luxury and civilization that surround.

Basaksehir is a prime location for buying apartments in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate and apartments in Basaksehir are considered the first pioneers in luxury and civilization that surround.

Always and forever when we mention the city of Istanbul we mention with it distinction, sophistication and luxury, and it is necessary in the areas stationed in the European part of it, so you find the western aura surrounding the details of the city from everywhere, that the city of Istanbul is famous for its neighborhoods and regions that bear the character of endless civilization in all its details, and there must be some Areas that are distinguished from other regions, such as the Basaksehir area, that area that investors from everywhere around the world go to, and tourists and visitors also go to it, as is the case with all the advantages it has among its sides that it offers to the people who live in it, and in this article we will present a simplified presentation about the Basaksehir area and what hide it inside her.

What is the general structure of real estate in Basaksehir :

When we talk about the Basaksehir area in Istanbul directly, we will mention Europe with it as it is located in the European part of that city . The external structure of real estate in that region has a unique urban architecture, and we must mention that it is located close to the new Istanbul Airport, and this gives it an increase in its prices, in addition to the presence of residential complexes.It has high luxury with all its specifications, and of course this type of real estate has the largest presence in Basaksehir, moreover, it contains very luxurious and developed shopping centers such as Mall of this in addition to hospitals, health centers and recreational places such as restaurants, cafes and children's play cities.

What is the investor nationality with the largest presence in the Basaksehir region:

Since the Basaksehir area is a region that enjoys the element of stability that it gives to its residents because of all the advantages that exist in it, the Arabs in general were among those rushing to get a share of what it offers. If you were in Basaksehir one day, you will certainly find a large percentage of the presence Arabs are in it, whether they are investors or residents, but we must point out the matter and explain the large presence of Arab investors in it in particular, and the answer will be because real estate in Başakşehir is constantly increasing in price and always as well, and this is what loved them in that particular area.

- What service facilities can you find in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul?

At the beginning of the topic, you can find many social facilities in this region, as we mentioned earlier, and among the most important of these institutions are the cultural and educational ones, with the presence of a large number of schools in them of various primary, middle and secondary types as well, and they also contain theaters and cultural centers, in addition to health units such as clinics and others. Lots of services in it.

What is the level of services enjoyed in the Basaksehir area:

The services in it are very sophisticated and have been designed by professionals, and the services in it have obtained an international quality certificate in the way they are implemented and presented to the population.

What are the average real estate prices in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul?

It is certain that real estate prices in that region are like other regions in Turkey. This issue varies according to the type of property and the specifications that it contains within it. For example, the minimum you can find a property at the price of eight hundred Turkish liras per square meter, up to the possibility of finding an apartment, the price of which is per square meter. The square has a maximum of about one thousand and three hundred Turkish liras, and we must also note that the prices of apartments and real estateIn the Basaksehir area, it will not only stop at this point, but it will continue to increase with the coming days. If you want to rent an apartment in this area, the prices will also be suitable for you. It is possible to find an apartment at a price of one thousand two hundred Turkish liras per month, and this is the minimum. As for the maximum, the monthly rent of the apartment may reach two thousand and five hundred Turkish liras, and of course this depends on the specifications and quality of the apartment, or perhaps according to the location it enjoys and the view it enjoys.

Is transportation in Basaksehir available or difficult to obtain?

It is impossible for the Kabaşakşehir region, with all its good positive characteristics and advantages, to have transportation in it that is difficult or impossible. There are a lot of transportation available in Başakşehir, such as the subway, buses, and private taxis, and if you want to take one of the means of transportation, that will be very possible. And you won't have any trouble finding it.

At the end of that short tour that we made wandering between the corridors and streets of the Basaksehir area, it became clear to us that it deserves to enter the real estate world encyclopedia to compete in this field, where the wonderful nature and its beauty that appeals to every creature in this universe, all this is in addition to the attractive prices that suit Most of the people, so we conclude in the end that the Basaksehir area is a suitable area for stability and living within its borders, as everything that exists in it is suitable for a stable life that is subject to the laws of peace. You choose, you only have to go to Başakşehir.



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