Everyone who comes to Turkey, or the researcher, or the reader, is eager to hear the following name (Tower A.

Part of Turkish heritage and culture... The girl's tower

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Everyone who comes to Turkey, or the researcher, or the reader, is eager to hear the following name (Tower A.

Everyone who comes to Turkey , or the cultural researcher, or the reader, is eager to hear the following name ( The Girl's Tower ), which became famous worldwide, and became famous all over the world, due to its magnificence and uniqueness, and the beautiful legend behind its construction
. You have not yet heard of the Girl's Tower .. Read with us this article rich in information that everyone is looking for, and they want to know it ..
• The location, and the legend of the name ..
The Girl's Tower is located on a small island, at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus, in the Asian part of The Turkish city of Istanbul between the regions of Ecuador and Harem..
As for the reason why it is called the Tower of the Girl .. Here is this nice story, which our ancestors enjoyed telling it ... Once upon a time, there was a ruling sultan who had a very good and beautiful girl, and he loved her very much... And on her eighteenth birthday, he fell in love with him. A terrible dream.. that a speckled snake would bite his beautiful daughter and take her life.. he could not help but drive his daughter away from the land.. so he filled in part of the Bosphorus Strait.. and built a tower on it for his daughter to stay in.. and following this incident, a building was built The girl's mountain has been called this name since that time.

• The tourist and historical importance of the Maiden's Tower..
Several other legends are narrated, which may be true about the reason for the praise and naming of the Maiden's Tower.. Hence the historical importance stems from, as many people want to see this historical edifice and see it closely..and this is what It leads us to the tourist importance..as the Girl's Tower is one of the important tourist attractions located in Istanbul, as an aesthetic sign to the end of the Bosphorus Strait...where many tourists coming to Turkey want to see the Girl's Tower closely, and take the most beautiful pictures. Almost every tourist trip in Istanbul is devoid of the presence of the Maiden's Tower at one of its stations.

• The fabulous view of the Maiden's Tower..
Due to the location of the Maiden's Tower, on the side of the Bosphorus Strait..it gives it a terrifying view of the intensity of beauty and splendor..and gives the whole area an indescribable beauty and uniqueness! .

• Real estate overlooking the Girl's Tower ..
The properties that have a view of the Girl's Tower have an exclusive and unique advantage ... whether they are restaurants, cafes, hotels, apartments .. Is there anything more beautiful than having lunch and enjoying a unique view? One of a kind, and historical beauty.. like a girl's tower! .
• Tourism diversity in Turkey, and the status of the girl's tower. Tourist attractions are
varied and rare in Turkey..and the Maiden's Tower is considered one of the very prominent signs, which is very attractive to many tourists...  and accordingly, this region is witnessing a tourism renaissance, and very profitable investments , in terms of tourist real estate in all its forms, from Hotels, restaurants and cafes...  If you are planning a tourist trip to Istanbul... make visiting the Maiden's Tower one of your main priorities on your trip...

And if you are in the process of coming to a tourism investment project in Turkey..the girl's tower, it is the best place for your next destination..and it will be a promising profitable investment  , if you follow the correct legal methodological steps...
the girl's tower! Part of the ancient heritage and timeless culture! Today, the girl's tower is our real window through which we look at ancient civilizations.



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