Real estate in Turkey of all kinds witnessed a technical development with the construction methods used, and from the.

Smart home technologies in Turkey apartments

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate in Turkey of all kinds witnessed a technical development with the construction methods used, and from the.

Turkey is one of the developed countries, keeping pace with the latest technologies, in all fields.. The real estate sector in Turkey was not isolated from these developmental waves, which struck with its force all life activities...

Real estate in Turkey of all kinds has witnessed a technical development in the construction methods used, and a development in the techniques used to live and deal with the property. Among the modern phenomena that have spread recently, and have been accepted and demanded by customers... investors or residents .., is the idea of ​​​​applying (smart homes in apartments and houses in Turkey ) .. What do we mean by that?

What do we mean by smart home reformer in Turkey apartments?

By smart homes, we mean that modern system followed in the automation of all household activities, i.e. you can control every movement in your house or apartment, through a remote control, you can teach it commands by pressing a button or more... We mention an example of that.. (Fath Water taps and closing them, controlling TV screens and other devices, opening and closing windows and doors, answering the phone .. controlling curtains, kitchen appliances, and electrical appliances in all their forms..

There are also programs dedicated to dealing properly with natural disasters, such as disasters and floods, or dealing with outbreaks of fire...


How does smart home control work ?

Through accurate and sophisticated electronic circuits, implanted in every part of the tools in the house... where there are surveillance cameras, loudspeakers, a communication network, heat, cold and touch sensors, audio receivers, wireless networks, etc...

And the programs and technologies used in smart homes are constantly on the path of development, as current technologies are modified and improved every day, and modern and new technologies are constantly innovated.


There are many apartments in Turkey that adopt the smart home system, including the Istanbul Palace project and the Romanian smart apartments project, where the two projects are located in Beylikduzu.


What are the benefits of smart home systems in Turkey apartments?

One of the most important benefits of smart homes in apartments in Turkey is the ease of control, facilitating and speeding up the completion of various tasks with the utmost precision and smoothness.. With one click of a button, you can close the door of your room, for example, or turn off the lights of the entire house before going to sleep, or make sure that electrical appliances are turned off, and Gas sources before leaving the house ... and many other services ..

Smart homes in Turkey's apartments also raise the level of security, safety, and protection from circumstances and emergencies that may suddenly arise from a source inside or outside the house.


The government is working to support various developments to upgrade smart home systems, and to stay at the forefront of global developments.

These technologies receive great acceptance and demand from customers and real estate investors , and are considered among the services that raise the price of real estate in Turkey , regardless of its type, apartment, house, or shop..

The Turkish government allocates scientific centers to continuously conduct various scientific research, and the continued development of smart home technologies in Turkish apartments  .

It is expected that, in the future, smart home systems will be relied upon in Turkish apartments and the various types of real estate in them.. given their importance, and their countless benefits, as they facilitate the carrying out of various daily activities, for all people... and seek prosperity and advancement Real estate in Turkey , and the standard of living as well..

Today , smart homes in Turkish apartments are among the recreational and advanced services , and they will be among the basic and necessary services in the near future .



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