A natural geographical landmark, located in a Turkish state called Istanbul. Its name is an indication of its geographical shape

The Golden Horn is one of the largest natural ports in the world, and Turkey in particular

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

A natural geographical landmark, located in a Turkish state called Istanbul. Its name is an indication of its geographical shape

A natural geographical landmark, located in a Turkish state called Istanbul... Its name indicates its geographical shape, and this shape gives it the European part of Istanbul. It was previously the center of the Roman and Ottoman naval forces.. Today, the Golden Horn is the best and most famous port in the world.
Get to know us about the Golden Horn port in Istanbul.....

Location of the Golden Horn and its description.
The Golden Horn is located in the European part of Istanbul, it is a peninsula, bordered by sea water on three sides..., in which many historical and tourist attractions are located, including  Hagia Sophia , Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the High Gate... 
and with its unique location, A historical station in which civilizations took place, and many legends were narrated about the name of the Golden Horn, and the ancient stories that took place on its lands... Therefore, the tourism movement is active, as well as trade, import and export.. 
and it is considered a description of The largest port in the world , as it extends for more than 7.5 square kilometers in length, and as a result, it is considered a node for trade, navigation and maritime defense ... 

About the bridges in the Golden Horn port ..
These bridges were designed, in intermittent periods, and their main goal was movement and communication, namely, Galata Bridge, Ataturk Bridge, Golden Horn Bridge, Halish Metro Bridge .. and connect each of these bridges Between different points of the Golden Horn.

About the names of the different stations in the Golden Horn port ..
Sirkeci and Eminonu , Fanar (Greek Orthodox Patriarchate), Balat (the former Jewish quarter), Ayoub Mosque and Pierre Loti Hill, Haskoy Museum , Karakoy, and many other areas, and each region has its own It differs from other...

What are the opportunities in the Golden Horn port?
The Golden Horn port is full of various job opportunities related to the field of navigation, import and export..., not to mention the various tourism activities , due to the creative background, from the beaches and the sea.. and the diversity of cultures, and the diversity of real estate and huge tourist facilities.. The 
Golden Horn is considered one of the landmarks at the head of any tourist trip or activity in Turkey ... and visiting it is an opportunity not to be repeated... it is a unique natural environment, and extraordinary beauty.. in addition to the historical and cultural richness.. In addition to being an important commercial and economic node in Turkey, and the world as a whole... It is home to ancient stories, heritage, and legends...

What about tourism and real estate investments in the Golden Horn - Istanbul?
According to what we mentioned of the elements... Investments of all kinds in the Golden Horn are among the most successful and best investments in Turkey , due to the activity of tourism, navigation and trade... Various investments and job opportunities in the Golden Horn have brought huge amounts of money to major investors. ...
And who among us does not dream of lying on the shores of the Golden Horn and watching the sun fall into the waters of the sea? To wake up at the dawn of the next day and receive the new day with energy and high energy! 
The Golden Horn port in Turkey... one of the integrated natural wonders in Turkey and the world! 




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