Turkish industries are numerous and endless, and the Turkish government is aware of the importance of this sector.

The most important industrial areas in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkish industries are numerous and endless, and the Turkish government is aware of the importance of this sector.

Industrial investment in Turkey is one of the most important pillars of the solid Turkish economy along with tourism, real estate investment , trade and navigation.
Turkish industries are numerous and countless, and the Turkish government is aware of the importance of this sector and is working to allocate centers for permanent scientific research, with the aim of developing industries, keeping abreast of developments and securing the changing requirements of life, as the industrial sector is considered a renewable and constantly evolving sector, as a result of development The rapid and massive development of modern techniques and technology, and its direct impact on the development of the mechanism and dynamics of industry.

What distinguishes industrial investment in Turkey?
Industrial investors in Turkey enjoy a lot of incentives offered by the government to them, including 
: the general incentive system, regional investment incentives, large-scale investment incentives, employment incentives, incentives associated with the industrial zone... Industrial  investment
is characterized by the accumulation of experience and the availability of hand Skilled labor, raw or semi-raw raw materials, advanced infrastructure such as equipment, machinery, water and electricity, the existence of a wide consumer market, and the possibility of exporting to various countries in an easy and smooth manner ... etc.

What are the most important industrial areas in Turkey?
The industrial zones in Turkey are diverse and wide geographical areas , which have been allocated by the Turkish government , in which there is a strong infrastructure , and it includes organizational and administrative centers to facilitate the management of work in factories and secure job opportunities and high productivity in a systematic manner and the right methods . In addition to the presence of entertainment, research and scientific centers within the area of ​​the industrial area.

We mention a sample of the most important industrial areas in Turkey.

short for (Middle East Center for Industry and Trade), (Ostim), this industrial zone is located in Ankara , and it is one of the largest and most developed industrial zones in Turkey.

What are the industrial fields in Ostim?
The technical industry section, which includes the metal, electrical, electronic, textile, medical, and plastic industries, as well as the manufacture of auto parts, household supplies, furniture, furnishings, and various sports equipment...
And there is the food industry section, which includes the food industry, canned food, and Sweets, juices, dairy, cheese and everything related to it...

Sakarya (Susp)
This industrial area is located in northwestern Turkey, it has a very strong infrastructure and perfect organization, and it occupies a large area... 

What are the industrial fields in Sakarya?
Plastic, paper, technical, metal, electrical, electronic, health, medical, sports industries, household appliances, various auto parts... 

is one of the largest industrial areas in Istanbul , about twenty kilometers away from the center of Istanbul, and it is located within the borders of the municipality of Tuzla.
Among the industries included in this industrial zone are the manufacture of furniture of all kinds, textiles and leather, medical industries, paper and printing purposes, auto parts of all kinds, technological industries, sports industries, electrical and electronics ... and many other industries. 

These industrial zones enjoy strong government sponsorship and support, and a set of laws, facilities and incentives that are always renewed.

Within the borders of Turkey, there are many other organized industrial zones, as they number three hundred and twenty-five regions, distributed over all Turkish regions and are not limited to certain regions, and include more than fifty thousand factories, and provide various job opportunities for many workers. Researchers, engineers and administrators...

The Turkish state is also constantly striving to open more industrial zones , due to its awareness of the importance of industry and industrial development , and the leading role of the industry sector in upgrading local products and improving the general standard of living .


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