Many foreigners in Turkey are wondering about the mechanism of Turkish law dealing with the issue of lease contracts.

The subtleties of lease contracts in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Many foreigners in Turkey are wondering about the mechanism of Turkish law dealing with the issue of lease contracts.


Many foreigners in Turkey wonder about the mechanism of Turkish law dealing with the issue of house lease contracts , so it was necessary to clarify some important points that anyone wishing to rent a house in Turkey should see, to know what he has and what he owes.

Points to be included in the lease contract:

The lease contract in Turkey includes several important points that must be taken into account and made sure to write them down to guarantee the rights of the tenant and the landlord.

1- Personal data:

Personal card information. All information about the owner must be provided, such as: name, surname, and national number ( TC) , in addition to providing information on the address of the landlord's sponsor and the tenant, if any. The same applies to the tenant.

2- Rental value:

The agreed-upon rent value must be written clearly, and the date for paying the rent should be indicated, and it is preferable that the method of payment be mentioned.

3- The increase in the rental value:

Detailed information must be available in the contract about the increase request by the owner, such as the rate of rent increase and the period during which that increase will be applied, in detail that leaves no room for doubt.

4- Rental period:

The term of the lease, usually annual, is stated and recorded starting from the day the keys to the apartment are received.

5- Old receivables:

Accumulated dues, you should pay attention to the existence of provisions in the contract pledging that any debts and old dues accumulated by the previous tenant will not be transferred to the new tenant, such as water and electricity bills.

6- Additional expenses:

Any additional proceeds that the tenant will have to pay later, other than the amount of rent, should be indicated.

7- Insurance:

In the event that the landlord asks the tenant to pay an amount for home insurance, he must mention it in the contract and sign it by both parties (the landlord and the tenant). He must also mention the cases that cancel the right to claim the amount.

8- Signature:

Before signing the contract, the tenant must look and check the records and verify the identity of the property and its original owner, and then sign the contract from the property owner or his official agent under a legal power of attorney certified by the Notary Public.
In the event of a dispute, the contract must include detailed information about the court that will be resorted to in the event of a dispute between the two parties.

When does the landlord have the right to cancel the lease in Turkey?

The landlord has the right to cancel the lease and evict the tenant legally in several cases:

* If the owner or his first-degree relatives need the house for the purpose of housing, the contract can be completely terminated.

* If the term of the contract expires, the landlord can file a complaint against the tenant if he is not evicted after a month.

Carrying out a home renovation or modification, but under two conditions:

It is not possible to make these repairs while the tenant is in the house.

Giving the tenant a period of time before eviction.

* If the rent is repeatedly late, the landlord has the right to file a lawsuit against the tenant.


How is the rent value raised in Turkey?

It is not permissible to raise the rent value before a full year has passed from the date of writing the contract, as a minimum estimate, according to Turkish law.

It is recommended that the value of the increase be determined during the writing of the contract.

If the increase is not specified, the increase is calculated based on the annual inflation rate, provided that the matter is agreed upon between the two parties.

In the event that the increase in the contract is not specified and the tenant refuses to agree with the landlord after a year has passed to determine a certain value, then the landlord has the right to resort to the judiciary, where the judge determines a new value after studying the situation of the house, but the landlord has no right to evict the tenant.


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