Turkey is full of tourist and heritage attractions, antiquities, and museums, and museums are among the.

Turkey's best museums

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is full of tourist and heritage attractions, antiquities, and museums, and museums are among the.

Turkey abounds with tourist and heritage attractions, antiquities, and museums. Museums are among the finest forms of monuments. They are huge halls with a collection of documents, murals, and manuscripts that reflect the ancient Turkish history.
Museums are a destination for a large group of residents and tourists, to learn about history and preview the country's true heritage.
If you are a fan of tourism in Turkey  and enjoying seeing the antiquities, here is this list that includes a sample of the best museums in Turkey ..

Ephesus Archaeological 
Museum This museum is located in the city of Ephesus, which had been built in the traditional Greek way. The Temple of Artemis and many manuscripts and paintings...
Never miss a visit to this museum.

Sakip Sabanci 
Museum This museum is located within a very large palace "overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul , and there are many murals, decorations, paintings and works of art in the Sakip Sabanci Museum by many great artists such as Picasso, Monet, Rodin and ...

Hagia Sophia 
Museum This museum was a Christian church, then it turned into a mosque, and today Hagia Sophia is one of the most important museums in Istanbul. .

Pera Museum 
This museum is located inside a classic and very beautiful building, and many activities, performances, events and exhibitions take place in this museum.... It is considered one of the most famous museums in Turkey.

The Islamic Museum is 
one of the best museums in Istanbul. It was a palace for Minister Ibrahim Pasha, then it turned into a museum in the year one thousand nine hundred and fourteen AD. .

Mevlana Museum 
This museum is located in the Turkish city of Konya, and it is considered the shrine of the Persian poet and mystic Jalal al-Din Muhammad al-Roumi, distinguished by the splendor of its construction and its turquoise dome.

Palace This palace, which was built in the year one thousand four hundred and fifty-three AD, sits in the city of Istanbul. Topkapi Palace was an official residence for the great sultans of the Ottoman Empire. and safekeeping it, and there's a locker full of jewels and...

The Snow Museum is 
one of Istanbul's newest unique museums. It is recommended to visit it in the winter. As soon as you enter the museum, the temperature drops to minus five degrees Celsius, so thick clothes are provided to prevent the cold in the place.
This museum was established in 2010 AD, and it is considered one of the very attractive tourist stations in Istanbul , and it contains many exhibits, snow sculptures and activities ...

The Chora Museum 
is an ancient archaeological church, dating back to the Byzantine era, its exterior is multi-domed, and its interior is filled with murals, paintings, antiques and mosaics... that reflect the details of Byzantine culture..

The activity of visiting museums constitutes a special pleasure, and a great interest by many tourists and Turks who have a passion for penetrating into the past, touching the ancient heritage and exploring historical stories and antiquities...
and there are many other museums in Turkey ..., In this blog, we surveyed only a small sample, as visiting museums occupies a large and enjoyable part of tourism activities in the country.




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