The Turkish government offers a lot of scholarships annually, which attract students from all .

Turkish scholarships

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish government offers a lot of scholarships annually, which attract students from all .

The Turkish government offers many scholarships annually, which attract students from all over the world.
The government focuses on the education sector because of the importance of scientific research and development in all fields, as we see in Turkish universities the availability of all branches of study, and many advanced specializations.

What are the Turkish scholarships?
By the above expression, we mean the scholarships offered by the Turkish government to foreign students who wish to study in Turkey , from all countries of the world... Turkish scholarships are among the most famous international scholarship programs... The reason for this is that Turkish universities achieve a high-level global ranking (Turkish universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world), and the scholarships offered include almost all educational specializations, and degrees (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

What are the conditions for applying for Turkish scholarships?
To apply and register for the scholarships, the applicant must meet certain conditions according to the degree of the scholarship, such as a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, and he must also specify the required documents. 

Conditions for applying for a bachelor's scholarship:
The age of the applicant for the scholarship should not exceed twenty-one years.
It is required that the applicant not be registered in any of the Turkish universities with the same academic degree (Bachelor's, Master's...).
The high school average should be no less than 70 percent for all specialties 
, and the high school average should be no less than 90 percent for medical specialties (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy).
The applicant must be a high school graduate, or in the process of graduating.

Conditions for applying for a master's or doctoral scholarship:
This scholarship requires that the age of the applicant not exceed thirty years, and that the bachelor's rate be at least 75 percent.

Are salaries given to students accepted in scholarships?
There is a monthly stipend for scholarship students, where the bachelor's student receives eight hundred Turkish liras, the master's student receives one thousand and one hundred Turkish liras, and the doctoral student receives one thousand six hundred Turkish liras.

What advantages do Turkish scholarship programs provide for accepted students?
Scholarship students get an airline ticket to enter Turkey , and another ticket to get out of it.
A student accepted in a Turkish scholarship has the right to study the Turkish language for a full year.
Students are also entitled to live in the accommodation allocated to them for free, while providing all the services that the student needs, including daily meals. 
A student who does not wish to live in the facilities designated for university students can choose his place of residence at his personal expense.
Students also enjoy government health insurance that enables the student to receive medical treatment in government hospitals completely free of charge, or in private hospitals with a small fee.
And there are many other advantages, such as visiting museums and archaeological sites for free, and reducing transportation fees... 

How do students apply for scholarships in Turkish universities?
The scholarship is applied for, through the websites of Turkish universities , in whatever country you are in, where you correspond with the university and provide it with all the required documents electronically, and if you accept and meet the specific conditions, you complete the papers and the following stages ..
Turkish universities may differ in terms of There are a few minor differences between them..
and there are many offices or groups specialized in helping students to obtain Turkish scholarships in the majors they wish to study.

Turkish universities are always competing with each other, to raise the level of education and students, and to keep pace with developments and the ongoing global competition. Today, the issue of obtaining a scholarship in a Turkish university has become a great dream for many students and graduate students, from all countries of the world.


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