Why was this airport called the new title? Is it newly created? Isn't it the same as all m.

What does Istanbul's new airport include?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Why was this airport called the new title? Is it newly created? Isn't it the same as all m.

Why was this airport called the new title? Is it newly created? Isn't it the same as all airports around the world? The answers to all questions about it will come sequentially in a few short words that apply to the saying that says that the best of words is what is said and said. Recently, there have been many surprises emanating from the Turkish state, and it has astonished the people of the earth with what it offers, and the last thing that was issued by it is the new Istanbul airport that was launched From the depths of the Turkish land and carrying all the development, sophistication and progress that it hides among its sides, we will enter into a detailed tour to see all parts of the airport and its features and mysteries.

- What are the contents of the new Istanbul airport in Turkey?

Travelers salon:

At the beginning of the topic, the new Istanbul airport contains a special salon for passengers to sit in while their flight time comes. A lot of recreational services such as a library for reading and a museum that includes a copy of the antiquities of Turkey, and you will also find a children’s playground and a golf course, in addition to the presence of a cafeteria in the modern style overlooking a charming garden, and in addition to that, you will find twenty-four bathrooms in it, and this is all for the convenience of the traveler. You will also find six halls for holding meetings, and these are reserved for important persons or those with high positions.

- What are the services provided by the new Istanbul airport to passengers through it?

First, you will find honor for travelers, whatever nationality he holds, and whatever his religion and race he belongs to, this airport is one of the airports around the world to be the first of its kind among air airports, so it is based on the comfort of travelers and honoring them to the fullest, as it will serve you the most delicious and delicious Turkish food All of them bear the imprint of olive oil, in addition to dry beans, and grape leaves as well. This is all in addition to the sweets that are famous in Turkey, such as katayef, baklava, and many others.

Now, in addition to the food provided, you will find another service provided at this airport, aimed at your comfort as a traveler. You will find that all your papers have been completed without moving from your position. If we look closely, we will find that the new Istanbul airport is an indispensable need in our time and its five-star services, especially After Ataturk Airport was dispensed after its long service, which exceeded 100 years, by several years.

- How many passengers have passed through the new Istanbul airport?

In the year in which the airport opened, the number of passengers through it reached about forty million people, surpassing many major airports such as the Japanese Tokyo Airport, New Delhi, India, Shanghai, China, Cairo, Egypt, and many others as well. The ten million, and foreign trips recorded thirty million passengers to various parts of the earth, so the total number became forty million between outside and inside.

What is the impact of the new Istanbul airport on the Turkish economy?

It has been confirmed by international experts that the opening of the new Istanbul airport will have a great impact on the economic revolution that is taking place on Turkish soil, as it is the turning point in what is happening in it, which brought it to the top ten among the countries of the world, and it is also the one that controls the air traffic that takes place. In each of the Asian, European and African continents, in addition to that it secured abundant job opportunities for many unemployed people, as the number of secured opportunities reached about two hundred thousand jobs, and this percentage is likely to increase further by the coming years.

- What is the impact of Istanbul's new airport on the real estate investment step in Turkey and Turkey's real estate ?

A project such as the new Istanbul Airport, with its size, abundant advantages, and the luxurious services it provides, will not only affect the field of real estate investment and real estate purchase , but will also have an impact on all fields in the country, but real estate investment has had the greatest favor from it, as since its inception, the demand for Turkish real estate has increased. In a large way, especially in the Turkish city of Istanbul, especially in the areas adjacent to the airport in particular, and of course, since the demand for real estate has increased, it is natural that its price will increase as well, and the most affected areas are Basaksehir, in which real estate prices increased by about eight percent. Buyukcekmece, which witnessed an increase in real estate prices by nearly nine percent of the property priceThe original, of course, this increase and the impact of the airport will not stop at these areas only, but will include all areas that lead to it, especially foreigners from the country.

In that quick tour in which we roamed the corridors of that airport, sat in its halls and learned about its most important features, you will feel that you are satisfied to the end of the huge number of services provided to you, which all work in order to provide your comfort and put you in a mold of absolute luxury, and if you wish to Real estate investment in Turkey , your real estate will be of great luck because of the huge amount of positives that the airport includes, including an economic rise and a renaissance in prices. It is certain that the positives it contains are much more than its negatives.



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