An enjoyable tour of the most important real estate in Turkey with many successful investment opportunities and get

A tour of the most important real estate in Turkey 2022

Date:Wednesday, August 17, 2022

An enjoyable tour of the most important real estate in Turkey with many successful investment opportunities and get

One of the most important advantages that make the real estate market in Turkey so special is that it is very diverse and therefore suits different tastes, budgets, and opinions, and from here we can say that this is one of the main reasons that make Turkey a distinguished and upscale real estate destination.
Through the following article, the editorial team of FCC Real Estate Company will inform you about the various types of real estate that exist in Turkey, and each of them will be referred to, as well as many aspects related to the Turkish real estate field will be highlighted.
If this is one of the important topics for you, you can follow these lines with us until the end.


Types of real estate in Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the most important types and types of real estate that exist in Turkey:

1- Apartments in residential complexes:

In terms of residential real estate, apartments in residential complexes rank undisputedly in terms of the great demand for them, and this was stated by the Turkish Statistics Authority in a report, but in your opinion, what are the reasons that make buying an apartment within these complexes the first and most appropriate option for a wide range of real estate seekers For sale in Turkey ?
Here are the most important points that make this type of apartment a unique choice:
Construction companies choose strategic, distinctive and central locations for them in the city in which they are located.
They often have a wonderful view of the sea or the green spaces.
It can work according to the smart system, which means more comfort and luxury.
You will find many service and recreational facilities in it, such as sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, and others.
Swimming pools - places for children to play, walking paths, others for running, and a third for cycling.
Now you may wonder, are the benefits or service or entertainment facilities unified within the residential complexes in Turkey in general, or are there some differences? Certainly, there is a big difference between each complex and another, as the construction companies compete with each other in order to offer a lot of wonderful specifications and advantages in order to achieve a high percentage of sales in a short period and outperform others.
Among the advantages that you will get when choosing to buy an apartment in Turkey within a residential complex is a safe life, as these complexes are provided with a lot of security and protection means, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and security guards at the external gates, so only homeowners can enter.
There are committees based on the management of these complexes, and therefore they are developed regularly and maintenance work is carried out constantly when needed, not to mention cleaning and other works. Therefore, there are many responsibilities that have been removed from the owners of real estate and apartments in them.
Are the services provided within the residential complexes free? Certainly not, as there is a certain amount of money paid monthly to the management of the complex, which is for all these services and entertainment benefits, and it amounts to an average of about 50 US dollars.
In the context of talking about residential complexes in Turkey, you should know that as there are a lot of positives, there are also a set of disadvantages and negatives that must be taken into account, and they are far from city centers, so construction companies often choose to build them in remote areas or relatively far from the city center, and this is because they On the other hand, the prices of apartments in residential complexes in Turkey are somewhat high compared to the prices of other real estate, and this is what makes them suitable only for those who have a good financial balance.


2 - Penthouse apartments:

Among the important types of residential apartments in Turkey are (penthouse) apartments, which are characterized by their great luxury and high sophistication, as they are characterized by many important characteristics: they
are found on the high floors of residential complexes, tall buildings, and high towers.
It has a panoramic view of the city in which it is located.
Instead of walls surrounding it on all sides, there are panes of glass.
Its area is wide and therefore it is suitable for those looking for comfort, independence and privacy.
It is considered especially for those with high budgets, businessmen and rich investors, since its price is very high.
One of the important information that you should know about this apartment is that it is one of the new names in the real estate market in Turkey and the first to appear in the United States of America.


3 - Duplex apartments:

Duplex apartments are distinguished by the fact that they consist of two floors above each other, connected by an internal staircase. They are of a wide area and are suitable for families consisting of a large number of individuals, such as seven, eight or more. They are suitable so that they can obtain an ample amount of privacy, comfort and independence. Its price is somewhat reasonable compared to other types of real estate.
You should know that duplex apartments have a private garden, swimming pool, and other facilities, in addition to the distinctive view that they are known for.


4 - Triplex apartments:

As for this type of apartments, they are very similar to duplex apartments, but the difference between them is that triplex apartments consist of three floors instead of two, and therefore their area will be larger, and this is an indication that a part of them can be allocated to be for work or something like a club athlete or other.


5- Studio apartments:

Studio apartments are characterized by their very small area and are only suitable for a person who lives alone, such as a student, worker, or an elderly person looking for a place to rest, calm, and seclude, or a tourist who came to Turkey to spend special tours.
The prices of these apartments are suitable, and this made the demand for them great, especially in the tourist seasons, as they provide their residents with an integrated life, as they have all the appropriate ingredients.


6 - Villas:

Did you know that villas are in second place, directly after apartments, as the most purchased real estate in Turkey by foreigners, and the reason for this is that all the ingredients in them make them suitable in order to be a profitable investment project, and through the following points, here are some points and information related to them:
It is characterized by its large areas And its sea or forest views, as well as its strategic location.
Although villas in Turkey are among the most expensive types of real estate, they are considered cheap compared to villas in other countries such as European or American countries.
It could be an independent investment project such as an educational institution, a medical center, or other ideas.
When investing in real estate in villas in Turkey, you will reap a lot of profits because the demand for them is great, especially in the tourist seasons, and on the other hand, the prices of villas are constantly rising.
You can take advantage of many offers available and offered by construction companies.


7- Shops:

Away from residential real estate, we have real estate that is of a commercial nature, which is considered one of the most successful real estate investment opportunities in a country like Turkey that witnesses a lot of busy tourist seasons that help make this project a success.
In this context, you should know that commercial real estate prices are higher than residential real estate prices, and therefore most of its buyers are businessmen and rich investors, but do not forget that you can reap a lot of profits through them throughout the year.


8- Restaurants/cafes:

Among the profitable investment projects in Turkey is the purchase of a restaurant or cafe, as what helps the success of this project is the high population density in Turkey, the busy tourist seasons, and others.
(Note: There is a very important piece of information that you must keep in mind, which is that if you want your commercial investment project to be successful in Turkey, you must choose a distinct, vital location or close to the most important tourist attractions and public transportation.


Information about buying real estate in Turkey:

There is a set of information, advice and consultations that were provided in this field that everyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey should see it, especially if this was his first experience in buying a property in Turkey or if he was not sufficiently familiar with the Turkish regulations, rules and laws.
1- If your purpose of buying a property in Turkey is real estate investment, you should know that a large area of ​​​​the property is not a good option because the demand for it is low compared to the demand for small properties.
2 - In order to build a profitable and safe real estate investment, you have to seek the help of a specialized and famous real estate company in order to provide you with a lot of assistance, distinguished real estate offers, consultations, and others.
3 - Look for a property in Turkey that has a sea view or green spaces, as this is more suitable for real estate investment.
4 - An investor who is keen not to lose his money should be keen to see the legal status of the property. Is there a mortgage, seizure, or the like? The presence of any of them means a negative impact on the value of the property.
5 - Before you choose the right property for you, you have to do a lot of real estate tours within the real estate market in Turkey in order to see the available specifications and prices to make it easier for you to choose.
6 - You have to determine the goal that you want to reach by buying real estate in Turkey. Do you want real estate investment, housing and stability, or obtaining Turkish citizenship? With every desire, the method of searching and choosing changes.
7- All official papers must be signed within a legal circle, otherwise they will not be considered acceptable even if they are issued by a notary.
8- Among the many facilities provided by the Turkish government to those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey is the possibility of completing all procedures via the Internet, without much effort and fatigue.


Real estate prices in Turkey:

One of the main axes that is being searched for in the field of real estate purchase in Turkey is real estate prices. Are they high or low, and are they rising or stable, or are they threatened with decline?
What you should know in this context is that real estate prices in Turkey are constantly rising, and this is a result of many things, the most important of which are:
the great demand for real estate purchase in Turkey and the high population density.
Huge tourist seasons, Turkey annually hosts millions of tourists.
High costs of raw materials for construction.
Change the value of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.
The splendor of urbanization and real estate in Turkey is unmatched by anything.

(High real estate prices or predictions that indicate their rise are the green light for real estate investors, as through this they can gain a lot of interest and make high and abundant profits when buying at a low price and selling at a high price).


Is buying real estate in Turkey easy?

In 2012 AD, the Turkish government issued a decision to abolish the reciprocity law, through which all foreigners around the world can buy real estate in Turkey with the exception of five nationalities only who were not included in the decision, but this does not negate that there are some restrictions that must be taken into account, namely:
No Foreigners can buy more than thirty hectares in various parts of Turkey.
Foreigners cannot buy real estate in security or military areas.
A foreigner cannot buy real estate in an area where foreign ownership is more than ten percent.
The buyer must not be a holder of one of the nationalities that are prohibited from buying real estate in Turkey.

This is some important information about the real estate market in Turkey. You can follow our website constantly to see more details and information, and in order to get a list of the most important offers available to us, contact our real estate consultant now without hesitation to help you choose the right one for you.



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