Get the best investment opportunities in the most prestigious areas of European Istanbul, with many properties.

Apartments for sale in European Istanbul at reasonable prices

Date:Saturday, August 20, 2022

Get the best investment opportunities in the most prestigious areas of European Istanbul, with many properties.

Many people are looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, so is this decision right? 
Through the following article, the editorial team at FCC Real Estate will inform you about the most important areas suitable for buying apartments on the European side in Istanbul, and will focus on many important aspects on this subject.
We wish you a lot of interest.


Am I looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul?

There are many reasons that drive any foreigner or investor to search for apartments for sale in European Istanbul through the following points, which we will talk about in detail:
First: European Istanbul has many important strategic projects that compete with many developed European countries. It is located in:
Istanbul New Airport, which is the largest air transport station in the world.
The new Istanbul Canal, which was classified as the project of the century.
Çanakkale Bridge, which was opened a short time ago.
Basaksehir Medical City, which is ranked third in the European continent.
Eurasia Tunnel.
The modern transportation network that connects the different areas of the city with each other.
Second: Most of the luxury real estate and investment projects in Istanbul are characterized by luxury and elegant and distinctive engineering designs that are comparable to the most important European countries.
Third: Did you know that the European side of the city is known as the most vibrant and active, as the population in it is much larger than that in the Asian part?
Fourth: Do you wonder about the ease of finding apartments for sale in European Istanbul? The answer is yes, because many construction companies are working on building and constructing the most important luxury projects in them that are in line with the prevailing European style.
Fifth: Real estate prices in the European side of Istanbul are cheap compared to real estate prices that you will find in other European cities that suffer from a significant increase in their prices.
Sixth: This side of the city is suitable for real estate investmentAnd get a lot of abundant profits, especially in the tourist seasons.
Seventh: It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, as it contains many Ottoman palaces, museums, gardens, and other attractions.
Eighth: The Turkish government is keen to constantly improve and develop its infrastructure in order to attract many businessmen, investors and owners of capital, and it proposes many important projects.
Ninth: It is an elegant and integrated environment in order to live in an atmosphere of luxury, pleasure and development.
Tenth: In this section of the city, it is easy to find the right apartment for you, with one view of the sea or another on the green spaces.


The most important areas of the European side of Istanbul:

You may be confused in choosing with this great diversity in the real estate market in the European part of the city, but through the following paragraphs we will remove your confusion as we will talk about the most important areas in which it is located and its most prominent aspects will be highlighted:

1 – Apartments for sale in Esenyurt:

Esenyurt is considered one of the most important areas of the European section, and it is close to Basaksehir and Beylikduzu, which gave it a lot of importance, and add to your information that it is only 35 km away from the center of Istanbul.
Real estate in Esenyurt is divided into two parts, the first is old popular real estate, and the second is modern, in a luxurious and elegant style, as many people prefer, but is it suitable for real estate investment? Certainly, especially since according to many real estate experts and specialists in the Turkish real estate sector, it is expected that a significant rise in prices will be recorded in the coming days, as it is witnessing in the current period many urban transformation projects that aim to remove old projects and real estate and replace them with distinguished ones.
Did you know that real estate prices in Esenyurt are cheap compared to real estate prices in the nearby areas, and this made it a destination for many people with low budgets.
In that region, it is possible to obtain an integrated life model, as there are schools – restaurants – hospitals – health centers – recreational places – markets – malls, etc., and do not forget that it is the first destination for many Arabs, which prompted the presence of many Arab restaurants that serve oriental meals, and you will also find schools in it Arabic speaking.


2 – Apartments for sale in Avcilar:

This area is 27 km away from the city center as well as 54 km from Istanbul's third airport. The most distinguishing feature of this area is that it occupies a strategic geographical location and has a wonderful view of the Sea of ​​Marmara, which made it of high investment importance and thus attracting many investors wishing to build a successful investment future. .
This area has a lot of shops and international brands, and it also contains many schools, universities, entertainment centers, and tourist places. In addition to all of the above, you will find a wide extension of green spaces that have added a lot of vitality and sophistication to it.


3- Beylikduzu area:

Have you heard about the modern urban face in Istanbul? It is Beylikduzu, which is characterized by its unprecedented urban splendor. Recently, many modern projects that are resistant to earthquakes have been developed, and therefore we can consider that Beylikduzu is one of the most important housing and stability areas in Istanbul, as well as there are those who considered it a good start towards the world of profitable real estate investment .
What distinguishes Beylikduzu? That its location on the European side of the city made it close to the most important strategic projects such as the new airport, the water canal, and others, and whoever chooses to search for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, Beylikduzu, will be more fortunate to have a sea view or green spaces because it overlooks the sea. Marmara on one side and Buyukcekmece Bay on the other.
The common real estate style in the region is the modern and modern residential complexes that suit the different classes of society. As for real estate prices in that region, they are considered low compared to real estate prices in the neighboring areas, but prices are expected to rise significantly for several reasons, including the large demand for real estate purchase. It is also due to the metrobus line passing through it, which helped raise the investment value of real estate in it and linked it with various other areas and made access to it easy.


4- Basaksehir Istanbul:

Did you know that Basaksehir is one of the most important European regions of Istanbul and is considered a safe haven for many Arabs and foreigners seeking sophistication, luxury and urban modernity? Do not forget that Basaksehir is a quiet place that suits lovers of high life.
What distinguishes the Basaksehir region is that it is occupied by a lot of green spaces and wonderful gardens, and large areas of Belgrade forests are found in it, and it has gained its fame from the service centers in which it is located, such as the Mall of Istanbul and the medical city of Basaksehir.
One of the important information that you should know about this region is that real estate prices in it are rising significantly due to several factors, the most important of which are:
It is considered one of the closest areas to the new Istanbul Airport.
Prices are expected to rise significantly after the completion of the construction work of the new Istanbul Canal.
Urban luxury, distinctive designs, and residential complexes that dominate it.
Great demand to buy real estate in it.
Being a tourist destination for tourists from all over the world.
Over the past three years, real estate prices in that area have increased by more than 45%.
The profits that you can get by investing in real estate are high and special.


5 – Apartments for sale in Sariyer:

Do you prefer to buy apartments in a luxurious and upscale place? We offer you the most distinguished area in Turkey and Istanbul (Sariyer), which has won the title of the area of ​​the rich, famous and politicians, and the reason for this is that real estate prices in it are considered high compared to other areas.
Real estate investment in that area is a great idea, because you can get a lot of profits, whether you want to sell or rent, as the increase you achieve is very large.


How do you find apartments for sale in European Istanbul?

Prices are many times higher than those found in the Asian part of the city, and this prompted many people to ask how it is possible to buy apartments in European Istanbul at reasonable prices? Is real estate in that city the preserve of those with high budgets?
In fact, we have many methods of methods that help us to buy apartments in this side of the city, namely:
First: buying apartments in installments, and it is one of the popular ideas that many people follow, especially those who do not have the full amount required for it to be paid once or for someone who insures The principle of distributing capital to reap profits and obtain wealth.
In this regard, it should be noted that you will quite easily find a lot of installment offers, as construction companies compete with each other to present a lot of important offers in order to achieve a high percentage of sales in a short period.
Did you know that the period allowed by the establishment companies to pay the installments differs from one company to another, as there are those who specify a period of 6 months, another 12 months, a third 24 months, a fourth 36 months, and others.
Second: One of the ideal ideas for finding apartments for sale in European Istanbul at reasonable prices is to buy an apartment under construction, as its prices are much lower than the prices of ready-to-move-in apartments. At the same time, this type of apartments is a profitable opportunity for real estate investment, as its prices increase by between 35% and 70%. %.
Third: If you want to buy cheap apartments in Istanbul, you must move away from the city center, because the rule says that the closer we are to the center, the higher the prices, and the farther we go, the lower, and here we mean Silivri, Beylikduzu, Chatalca, and others.
Fourth: Do not take the step of searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul on your own, because you need a real estate consultant or a specialized real estate company that has extensive knowledge of everything related to the Turkish real estate market in order to provide you with the ideal opportunities suitable for you, as it can benefit from its relations with the most important construction companies. to get high discounts.


The future of real estate prices in European Istanbul:

Based on the current data and according to many analysts, it is expected that real estate prices in Istanbul in general will record a price revolution for a number of reasons, including:
The high population density in which the city is distinguished.
Infrastructure development and ownership of many important strategic projects.
Since it is an important tourist destination that contains many monuments, palaces and historical attractions.
The economic capital of the Turkish state.
The largest city in terms of area.
It ranked ninth in the world as the most suitable city for real estate investment.
There are many important investment projects with international standards.
The change in the value of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies, and this is one of the general reasons.

At the present time, real estate investment in Turkey is considered the best in order to apply the important rule that says that it is necessary to buy when prices are low and return when they rise, or to rent to get a stable and rewarding return.


The importance of buying an apartment in European Istanbul:

There are a group of reasons that drive the investor to buy apartments in Istanbul, which are often the general privileges that he will get, such as real estate residence and Turkish citizenship when the apartment meets the conditions for obtaining it, as well as it is suitable for those looking for a life of luxury and sophistication.
What you do not know is that there is a promising investment future awaiting real estate investors in this side of the city, and the reason for that is the presence of many strategic projects in it, such as the new airport – Istanbul Canal and others that have an impact on the real estate side.

Do you intend to search for apartments for sale in European Istanbul? You can now contact our real estate consultant to provide you with many special offers that suit your aspirations.



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