Get golden investment opportunities in one of the most important developed areas of European Istanbul Omar.

Apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul

Date:Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Get golden investment opportunities in one of the most important developed areas of European Istanbul Omar.

Why are you looking for apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul , and not other areas of Istanbul? 
In this article, the editorial team at FCC Real Estate Company will inform you of many details and aspects related to Sisli Istanbul, and we will answer many of your questions about it.


The importance of searching for apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul:

We have a group of important reasons that make the idea of ​​buying apartments in Sisli Istanbul unique and correct, and through the following paragraphs we will review them in full:
First: Let us first tell you that Sisli Istanbul is characterized by a unique and distinguished geographical location in the center of Istanbul, as it is close to Sarıyer - Levent - Sultan Ayoub, Taksim - Besiktas, and others, and this, if indicative, indicates that it is a central area of ​​the first class, and this is one of the reasons that made it important in terms of real estate investment .
Second: This area does not lack the required public services and utilities such as schools - hospitals - shopping centers - public transportation such as metrobus and metro stations, all of which raise the importance of real estate investment in it.
Third: Sisli Istanbul is close to the sea and overlooks it, and therefore it is easy to realize your dream of living facing the sea and enjoying its beauty, or building a distinctive real estate investment accompanied by a lot of profits.
Fourth: It is a center for the presence of many important archaeological and historical monuments that tourists come to from everywhere, and from here you can see how suitable it is for real estate investment.
Fifth: Did you know that this area contains a lot of hotels with a luxurious and modern architectural style that is appropriate with the urban development in the region?
Sixth: You will find in it an integrated group of distinguished and famous markets and shops that have given it a lively character, such as: Jawaher Mall - Canyon Mall and others.


Why invest in real estate in Sisli?

One of the most important reasons that made the search for apartments for sale in Sisli Istanbul a goal for many people is that recently dozens of real estate and investment projects have been constructed in them, and all of them are distinguished by their luxurious and elegant architectural style and modern modern specifications that have been provided with all service and entertainment facilities that provide the residents with a life Luxury and comfort and increase its price and importance.


Real estate prices in Sisli Istanbul:

Now this point is considered the most important for anyone looking for apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul. Are real estate prices high or appropriate?
Real estate prices in this area are somewhat high compared to the prices that you will find in the neighboring areas or close to it, and this is due to several reasons, the most important of which are:
There is a great demand for buying real estate in it, especially during the tourist seasons.
Urban splendor and the invasion of development and investment projects on its land.
The tourist character you know.
Various styles of apartments and different spaces.
Unique and distinctive views.
It is important to point out that it is expected that the coming days will witness a further rise in the prices of apartments and real estate in Sisli Istanbul, and therefore this is an indication of the importance of buying real estate in it at the present time, whether the goal is stability or investment. If you aim to live, this means that you have You took the opportunity to buy an apartment in an upscale place at a reasonable price, and if you wanted to invest, then you would have a unique profit opportunity, as you buy at a low price and sell when the prices rise to benefit from the price difference between the buying and selling phases.


Important neighborhoods in Sisli Istanbul:

You may not have heard that Sisli Istanbul consists of many neighborhoods, each of which is characterized by certain specifications and has a specific role for that through the following few lines:
1 - Mecidiyekoy neighborhood, which is a basic meeting point for public transportation lines such as the metrobus / metro and others. This gave it the characteristic of vitality and activity, as well as in this neighborhood you will find one of the most famous sports stadiums in Istanbul and one of the most important commercial shopping centers.
2 - Oak Meidani neighborhood, which won the title (shooting field), because this function was used for it during the Ottoman period.
3- The Bengalti neighborhood, which contains one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul in general, which is (The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit).
4- The Kushteb neighborhood, which is frequented by middle-class people, and one of its most important advantages is that it contains a branch of Bilgi University.


The most important tourist destinations in Sisli:

As we indicated, this region contains many important tourist destinations, such as:
1 - One of the most important tourist attractions in that region is (Sişli Mosque), which was built according to the Ottoman style, in which you will find Islamic motifs and Quranic designs, and therefore it is one of the most important religious destinations.
2 - The Military Museum in Istanbul, which contains thousands of artifacts belonging to the Ottoman army.
3 - The Museum of Turkish President Kemal Ataturk, which displays many details that took place in his life through it.

One of the most important reasons that drive a foreigner to search for apartments for sale in Sisli Istanbul is the desire to obtain Turkish citizenship, as most of the projects in which there are suitable conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship based on the great desire of all foreigners to achieve two goals at the same time Turkish citizenship and investment winning real estate.

Whether you want to search for apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul, or in other areas of Istanbul, you can contact us in order to help you find the right opportunity for you and even to pay you a group of consultations that will help you buy the right apartment for you.



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