Many and varied options when buying apartments in Turkey with many real estate features and services

Apartments for sale in Turkey 2022

Date:Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Many and varied options when buying apartments in Turkey with many real estate features and services

Is searching for apartments for sale in Turkey a good idea? Many foreigners and those interested choose real estate ownership in this country and not others, as a natural result of the amount of privileges that can be obtained through this step.
The editorial team at FCC Real Estate Company will provide you with a lot of important information about buying apartments in Turkey. If you have any questions about this topic, you can follow these lines with us until the end, and we hope that you will have an enjoyable read.


The importance of searching for apartments for sale in Turkey:

There are many reasons that drive you to search for apartments for sale in Turkey, and through the following paragraphs you can view them in detail:
First: Buying apartments in Turkey means fulfilling the first condition in order to obtain real estate residence, which is one of the most important types of residence in Turkey, due to the ease of obtaining it and the possibility of renewing it. As long as the foreigner is the owner of the property, and as for the second condition that must be met in order for the property to be suitable for applying for it, it is that its price is at least 75 thousand US dollars, and there are no other conditions other than what was mentioned in terms of its specifications, area, or others.
Second: One of the most important reasons that encourage buying an apartment in Turkey is the desire to obtain Turkish citizenshipTo take advantage of its countless advantages that give its holder full rights of Turkish citizenship, and in order for the apartment to be eligible to apply for citizenship, its price must not be less than 400 thousand US dollars, as well as keeping the property and not selling it before the passage of at least three years.
Third: It is not possible to overlook the role played by the low prices of real estate in Turkey in attracting and attracting thousands of foreigners, investors and businessmen from different countries of the world to own property in it and to develop capital, as it is less than real estate that is similar in terms of importance and luxury in other countries, especially the countries of the Union European.
Fourth: The future of real estate investment in Turkey is very encouraging, as prices are recording significant and noticeable increases during short periods, which indicates the volume of profits that will be your share as an investor, especially during the tourism season, that is, in the spring and summer seasons.
Fifth: Turkey is an ideal environment for housing and permanent stability, and its importance has emerged in this regard in light of the many crises experienced by the Arab world, which made it the first choice for citizens of Arab countries.
Sixth: The real estate market in Turkey puts in the hands of the buyer a wide range of real estate options, meaning that the matter is not limited to specific types, and therefore it is easy to find what suits you in terms of price and specifications.
Seventh: Whoever does not own the full value of the property should not back down from his desire to buy real estate in Turkey. There are many solutions that help you to buy without having to pay the full value of the property at once, such as owning in installments or choosing properties under construction, and we will discuss them later.
Eighth: Real estate in Turkey in general, and especially those that have been developed recently, are of high quality, no less important than the mega projects that you find in the great countries, where reliance is made on the finest building materials and on the most important international standards, as well as being built under the supervision of the most important specialists and engineers.
Ninth: The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities needed by the buyer, such as
tax cuts.
Exemption from value added tax for a foreigner who buys a property in Turkey for the first time.
The ease of ownership procedures in Turkey and the matter is free from the complications imposed by European countries.
It imposed a lot of security documents that stimulate purchase, such as the real estate appraisal document that controls real estate prices and prevents the occurrence of manipulations, fraudulent tricks and fraud.
Tenth: In 2012 AD, the Turkish government issued a decision to abolish the reciprocity law, and thus all foreigners around the world could own real estate in it except for 5 nationalities, namely:
North Korea.
Greek Cyprus.


Apartments for sale in Turkey in installments:

In your opinion, why do many people resort to buying apartments in Turkey by installments? In fact, there are many reasons that encourage this choice, and through the following points, you can view them in full:

  • It is an alternative option to residing in Turkey by renting.
  • The property can be used immediately after purchase.
  • By purchasing an apartment in installments, it is possible to obtain real estate residence or Turkish citizenship if its specifications conform to the conditions for obtaining one of them.
  • Whoever buys this type of real estate will not have to face financial pressures, as the full price will be paid at intervals to be agreed upon between the buyer and the construction company.
  • It is easy to find apartments for sale in Turkey in installments, and the reason for this is that construction companies are constructing many important projects and presenting great offers in order to achieve a high percentage of sales in a short period and in order to meet the great demand for ownership in Turkey.


How to buy an apartment in installments in Turkey?

There are several ways to buy installment apartments in Turkey, see them through the following paragraph:
First: When you go to a construction company in Turkey, you will find that it has many distinctive options and long-term installment offers that may extend for two or three years, which is the most popular and safest method. .
Second: By purchasing from a Turkish bank, which had earlier bought the apartments from the construction company. The difference between the first and second method is that the latter allows him to pay over a longer time in return for higher interest.
Third: Buying ready-to-move-in apartments in installments. Despite the scarcity of such offers, this does not negate their existence.


Caveats when buying apartments for sale in installments:

There is no doubt that searching for apartments for sale in Turkey in installments is a wonderful and safe idea, but there are many points that must be taken into account and paid attention to, which we will talk about through the following points:

  • You have to make sure of your financial situation, so are you allowed to make payments at the specified times, because any delay imposes fines and violations on you.
  • Buy from trusted builders that have a lot of reputation and wide reach.
  • Deal with a trusted real estate company because they can provide you with the most important opportunities and special offers.


Apartments for sale in Turkey under construction:

Among the distinctive options that you will find in the real estate market in Turkey are the properties that are still under construction and the demand for them is very large, and the reason for this is their low or moderate prices compared to other types of real estate, and their prices rise after the completion of the construction stage in large rates ranging between 35% and 70% Thus, this is a great investment opportunity, as you have achieved the equation that says the need to buy when prices are low and resell when they are high to benefit from the price difference between the buying and selling phases.

Do you find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey?

One of what is being searched for the most in the current period is cheap apartments in Turkey. Is this really possible in light of the great urban development that the Turkish state is experiencing, the recovery in its real estate sector, the thriving buying and selling movement, and other details:
Through the following paragraph, you can see the following most important points Which helps you to buy a cheap property:
1 - You can search in remote or rural areas far from the city center, as the farther the apartment is from the city center, the lower the price.
2 - You must give up some luxurious details that contribute to the rise in real estate prices, such as sea or forest views, or modern modern specifications.
3 - Old-built or consumable real estate is less expensive than modern real estate, which is located within the luxury complexes, because the latter is in great demand compared to the former, which needs a lot of repair and restoration work.
4- Real estate that is located near public transportation, such as the Metrobus, metro stations, and others, contributes to the increase in prices.
5- Real estate projects close to tourist areas and archaeological and historical monuments are the most expensive of all, and the reason for that is the great demand for them, especially during the tourist periods.


Advantages of luxury apartments in Turkey:

A wide range of people, investors and businessmen are looking for luxury apartments for sale in Turkey, so what are the reasons that drive them to this choice? Here are the full details:
1 - Although their prices are somewhat high compared to others, they are cheap compared to what you will find in other countries.
2 - Life in those areas is very luxurious, with an abundance of schools, universities, hospitals, malls, shops and other facilities.
3 - Life in these areas is characterized by calmness and tranquility, and this is what many people, especially the elderly, are looking for.
4 - Choosing to buy an apartment in Turkey within its luxurious areas means that you will live among the elite of celebrities, artists and intellectuals.
5 - It is considered a wonderful opportunity for real estate investment , as real estate prices are constantly increasing, and therefore a rewarding return can be obtained in a short time.
6- This real estate is a way to obtain Turkish citizenship. Due to the high real estate prices, it is easy to find matching offers to apply for.


How to buy apartments in Turkey?

Through the following paragraph, we present to you the correct mechanism in order to buy apartments in Turkey:
First: Seeking the help of a reliable agent:
One of the first steps that must be taken when buying an apartment in Turkey is to communicate with one of the reliable real estate consultants in Turkey, as thanks to his close relations with the most important companies The establishment can provide the customer with the most important investment opportunities available, as well as high discounts.
While if you choose to buy on your own and without the help of an expert, you can be exposed to many problems and obstacles, such as real estate fraud that makes you put money in the right place.
Second: Away from real estate companies, there are websites that offer many unique and luxurious real estate offers, and it is a safe way to buy real estate, but you must pay attention to every step you take.


Important information about real estate ownership in Turkey:

Here are some important details to take into consideration when searching for apartments for sale in Turkey:

  • If your goal is real estate investment, choose a luxurious strategic location.
  • The look must be distinctive to ensure a high profit.
  • You should see the legal status of the apartment, as there may be some restrictions on it.
  • Lots of real estate tours are required to see what options are available.
  • All routine steps and procedures should be observed and implemented properly.

Are you looking for apartments for sale in Turkey? Do not think too much, just contact us in order to provide you with the assistance you need and to put in your hands a list of the most important real estate offers available and suitable for you.
Do not forget to visit our website frequently to see all topics related to the real estate market in Turkey.



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