In Turkey, the fragrant history blends with the charm of the picturesque nature, which forms a very aesthetic image in the.

Cheap country houses in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

In Turkey, the fragrant history blends with the charm of the picturesque nature, which forms a very aesthetic image in the.

In Turkey , the fragrant history blends with the charm of the picturesque nature, which is an aesthetic image of great magnificence and creativity. Turkey is famous for the splendor of picturesque rural villages, and there are many small villages in it that are no less important than its famous tourist cities. The Turkish countryside is considered one of the charming natural resources that attract many Tourists to it. Turkey has a huge number of mountain villagesAnd the coastal area with a picturesque nature that made it the focus of attention for all those looking for comfort and stillness, as it embraces the heights and hills, the most beautiful and sweetest countryside, a life despite its simplicity that is not devoid of strangeness and pleasure. The paths, or distributed as the spontaneity of nature in a beautiful attractive way, its bounties are abundant, its climate is diverse, the breeze and the directions, its mornings are dewy, and its evenings are sweet and moist, the food in it is fresh from the bounties of nature, and calmness prevails in various parts, the paths that do not tire of receiving their tourists and lovers, and the birds You wake up and sleep, butterflies bask in the warmth of the place, live in pleasant huts and wander through the mountains and rivers, it is the beautiful Turkish countryside.
The most important reasons why people search for rural homes in Turkey :
the search for a place for sick convalescence
Searching for quiet and healthy places to live and settle
down Searching for a suitable home for retirees and the elderly away from the noise of the city
Searching for investment opportunities in promising and vital rural areas
Searching for a suitable place to spend the holidays and rest after the days of hard work 

Among the most famous rural villages in Turkey, which is characterized by its picturesque nature and its comfortable and cheap homes:
Sheila region
, which is distinguished as a rural tourist area located on the Black Sea coast, one of the most famous countrysides near Istanbul , and tourists come to it to spend a pleasant time next to its waterfalls. Silla is one of the good areas to live in a quiet villa in the middle of nature. The price per square meter ranges from 4,700 to 8,200 Turkish liras.
Safir Ihisar 
This small city is located in the state of Izmir . It is distinguished by its beautiful beaches that paint an amazing painting, and many tourists come to it during the summer period. There is no crowding, and this is one of its most beautiful advantages.
Recently, it has witnessed a large number of buyers of its properties , which has also had a positive impact on the city's economy.
It is located in the state of Sakarya. Where its residents enjoy the historical monuments in addition to the clean environment and unpolluted air.
Its properties are characterized by striking architecture, as many of its homes look like palaces.
Because of the urban difference from one neighborhood to another in this city, you can find a difference in real estate prices.
is located in the state of Mugla, and it is considered the best tourist area in Turkey, as it took its importance from the fact that its beaches and the picturesque nature that surrounds it is very attractive to attention. It is also distinguished by its beautiful buildings, and the villas in it are among the most valuable villas in Turkey.
is a historical city and many historical civilizations have passed through it, and it has landmarks dating back 5,000 years. It is a very important tourist destination, especially for lovers of nature sports such as jogging or cycling.
Located on the coast of Snoop State, the ancient town is attractive in nature.
Where the air is pure, very quiet.
is administratively linked to the state of Kirklareli and is located on the road between Edirne and Istanbul . It is about an hour and a half away from the vital state of Istanbul. It is also close to both Bulgaria and Greece.
It is distinguished for containing heritage areas, including what entered the UNESCO heritage list.
is located in the state of Çanakkale, a heritage city that has gained tourism importance due to its proximity to Istanbul and the easy access of tourists from Istanbul to it. Recently, it has witnessed an increasing demand for buying residential and agricultural real estate. It is an investment opportunity that will not be repeated before the rise in real estate prices due to the construction of the bridge that will connect Istanbul to Izmir.

Some believe that investing in rural areas does not have a positive or profitable return, but on the contrary, investment in these areas is very promising.


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