Own the best apartments and real estate in the best European regions of Istanbul, and get advantages that have not been achieved

Real estate for sale in the Eyup Sultan district of Istanbul 2022

Date:Monday, August 29, 2022

Own the best apartments and real estate in the best European regions of Istanbul, and get advantages that have not been achieved

Istanbul is still the first destination for tourism in Turkey, as well as the huge gateway to success in real estate investment operations carried out by investors around the world, and they come to it in the form of large groups, especially in this year, as its real estate has become a major demand for people, especially in important areas of it, as in the Eyup Sultan region, which It is one of the most important areas in which real estate is permanently available for sale, which receives great interest from Turkish and foreign real estate investors.

Buying real estate in Eyup Sultan Istanbul:

Old Istanbul or Eyup Sultan district is one of the most important and famous areas of the city of Istanbul located in the middle of the European part of it and overlooking the shores of the Black Sea and contains archaeological features of the mosque and tomb of Sultan Ayoub Al-Ansari, which is the reason for naming it by this name, which gave it great fame in Istanbul and in Turkey in general and made it The real estate market in this region is very strong in terms of real estate available for sale in it and the investors who offer to buy it from it. Therefore, buying real estate in Ayoub Sultan has become the fashion of the era, the gateway to success, and the page that all search engines are looking for.

What is the reason for Eyup Sultan's great fame?

The Eyup Sultan region has a great reputation among the regions of Istanbul, and this was due to its great importance in several aspects, the most important of which is the tourism aspect, as this region is considered a tourist world on its own, because it contains several tourism ingredients that make it one of the first regions that control tourism centers in Turkey, including:

Eyup Sultan Mosque:

It is the most important of these tourist places and is characterized by the beautiful urban designs that were drawn on it and engraved in every corner of it, as well as because of the hugeness and the large area on which it is located. Muhammad Al-Fatih, after he conquered Constantinople and built this mosque and the shrine in honor of him, and after the succession of the Ottoman rulers over its mandate, their last will became that they be buried next to the Ayyub Al-Ansari Mosque. in the city .
This, in turn, affected the work of the real estate market in the region and made these large numbers of tourists buy real estate in the region and invest in it because tourism in the city of Istanbul has no limit, whether it is in Eyüp Sultan or in other regions, and thus attracts real estate investors to it from every side to buy Real estate and sell it to these tourists.

Isfanbul, the most luxurious city in the world's games:

Isfanbul is the most famous city of games and amusement parks in Turkey and the whole world, due to the enormity of the project on which it is based, as its area is estimated at 600 thousand square meters, and it is the largest area that you can find for a city of games, and these amusement parks enjoy many advantages that make thousands of tourists and visitors visit it daily, as it contains amusement parks For young children, it contains parks for adults and many games that vary between suspense, excitement, mystery and terror. It contains 50 different games that vary between water games, mysterious games, train and car games, in addition to video games as well, as well as the Roller Coaster game. Not only are the beautiful games what distinguishes this city, but it is It contains many service centers such as restaurants, cafes, and commercial markets for rare fabrics in Turkey. It also contains markets for selling the famous antiques in Istanbul, which are associated with its historical landmarks and ancient civilization.

Piara Loti Cable Car and surrounding parks:

This cable car is located above the Piara Loti hill and the parks that surround it and the green spaces in it and the wonderful atmosphere that adds to the view of the cable car elegance and beauty. It accommodates eight people, and they reach the other side of it quickly within a period of 3 minutes after enjoying the scenic views that the tourist can see from the cable car window. When he reaches the other side, he can visit the cafes and cafes scattered in the parks surrounding the hill and enjoy the beauty of nature, through which you can see the most important landmarks of the Eyup Sultan area Such as the mosque, the tower and other landmarks, and this cable car has become of great importance in its impact on the real estate market in the region, as it has made its real estate a destination for thousands of tourists who want to buy and invest in it and stay close to the famous tourist attractions in Eyup Sultan in Istanbul.

Buying real estate in Eyüp Sultan, guaranteed results:

After we got acquainted with the importance of the Eyup Sultan tourist area, we must know the investment importance of the real estate of this area for investors and tourists who wish to succeed in Turkey and in Istanbul in particular. of real estate in it, and this was a result of several factors and reasons that supported and developed the real estate sector:

Constantly rising real estate prices:

Real estate in Eyup Sultan is witnessing a great renaissance, especially with the advent of 2022, as the economic conditions in Istanbul have become much better than they were, so the region is witnessing a continuous rise in real estate prices, so that every year you find a difference in the price of the property, and this is what guarantees investors positive results and returns to them With abundant profit, as these properties become the first destination that guarantees success in Turkey and guarantees abundant profits through which the investor can complete his investment career.

The large number of people requesting to buy real estate in the area:

After we knew the most important tourist attractions in the Eyup Sultan district of Istanbul, it must be mentioned that it has a major role in attracting real estate investors to this region in order to practice real estate investment in it, buy and sell real estate and put it in the real estate market in the region, which has become huge and rich in all types of real estate, including apartments. And villas and palaces. This market also witnesses a great turnout from Turkish and foreign investors who aim to obtain real estate features in this region or real estate success in the best areas of Istanbul.
The interest of the Turkish government in these properties
The Turkish government attaches great importance to the real estate market in the Eyup Sultan district of Istanbul and has allocated some laws and conditions for it that are applied to investors coming from outside the country and heading to Istanbul to practice real estate investment in it in order to maintain the health and legal integrity of this area by imposing medical examinations on all Foreign investors, especially after the satisfactory needs in the past years. The Turkish government also contributes to the development and strengthening of infrastructure in the region and the development of its service centers represented by health, educational, cultural and recreational centers in this region.



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