Istanbul airport ? Have you known about it before, that it is the largest airport in the world?  And is there an airport in Istanbul

The largest airport in the world is Istanbul Airport, and its impact on apartment prices in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul airport ? Have you known about it before, that it is the largest airport in the world? And is there an airport in Istanbul

Turkish real estate was characterized by positive features, which helped it reach the highest levels of sophistication and global competition... where the historical stations, the active tourist movement, and the various antiquities, museums and resorts scattered in various Turkish states and cities... 
and what about Istanbul Airport ? Have you known about it before, that it is the largest airport in the world? .. And does Istanbul Airport have an impact on real estate in Turkey , and on apartment prices in Turkey ... Explore the answer in the following words! ... 

• The importance of the new Istanbul airport.
The modern Istanbul Airport is considered the largest airport in the world, and its strategic location, area and great potential controls air traffic between the three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe), on the commercial and tourism level.., and the establishment of this airport represents a turning point for the Turkish economy in Turkey , And his highness to the most important economies in the world .. In addition, he contributed to increasing the various job opportunities in Turkey .. And many other important achievements at the local and international levels.
• The impact of Istanbul Airport on real estate investment, and apartment prices in Turkey .. The Turkish real estate
sector was not, In isolation from the effects of the establishment of the new airport in Istanbul, where investors are racing to buy real estate near the new airport due to the importance acquired by these areas, the most important of which are (Arnavutkoy) (Basaksehir) (Buyukcekmece) (Esenyurt) and others .. , Where real estate prices have increased, and the value of rents as well.. 
It is expected that investors will be more interested in such areas.. due to the natural specifications.. and government support, and finally the construction of the new Istanbul airport, which raised the value of these properties in particular. and raised it to higher and higher levels.

•     Features of real estate in Turkey , "close to the new Istanbul airport."
Where the real estate near the new Istanbul Airport is distinguished by its strategic location, beautiful sea views, and the presence of a very strong transportation network..and most importantly, the extreme real estate diversity in it, and the very active investment movement...and these areas are teeming with all activities. A prosperous life.. On top of these combined factors comes government support for real estate investments in various real estate in Turkey , and one of the most important mentions in this regard is the law granting Turkish citizenship to real estate investors by buying a property in Turkey .. and reducing taxes, and a lot Among the other facilities .. which increased the attraction of large investors, and the praise of the largest investment projects.

The new Istanbul Airport has had a very significant impact on the increase in the abundance of investment activities close to it in a significant and strong way... It has also led to making the Turkish economy one of the ten best economies on the global level... And it has secured many job opportunities... It is Istanbul Airport Which is a real revolution! .

The idea of ​​real estate investment, or buying a property in Turkey , in one of the places near the new Istanbul airport .. is considered in its condition ... a huge investment project, and successful by guaranteeing permanent real estate and investment activity .. Do not hesitate to raise a large capital to start an investment project in Turkey is near Istanbul's new airport..and real estate companies , in turn, provide offers and real estate options that are renewed daily. You can keep informed of them...and keep abreast of the latest news and prices of different real one of the places nearby, or overlooking Istanbul Airport. the new ! .




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