Learn about the most prominent features that distinguish real estate investment in Istanbul from the rest of Turkey, and get a.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul

Date:Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Learn about the most prominent features that distinguish real estate investment in Istanbul from the rest of Turkey, and get a.

Real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the best types of investments in this period because of the advantages that the investor enjoys and returns to him with material profit, but in order for this investment to be successful and to avoid running into risks, you must follow some information about the real estate market in the city, and within our article we will present You have the most accurate details on this topic.. We hope you enjoy reading. 

The most prominent features of real estate investment in Istanbul:

Recently, the real estate market in Istanbul has witnessed a great turnout from local and foreign investors due to the many advantages enjoyed by real estate in the city, including:

First - exciting destinations:

You always find real estate in Istanbul enjoying stunning views of the sea directly, including those with an internal view, i.e. the city center, and also there overlooking large green spaces, and in fact these destinations had a prominent role in attracting a large number of foreign investors, especially tourists who are looking for suitable properties for recreation.

Second - many services related to real estate:

The city of Istanbul is well served, and you find in it all kinds of service facilities near luxury real estate, which attracts a large percentage of the elite class of society and those who hold high positions. Therefore, this type of real estate had to be given great attention by the Turkish state to provide them with all the means of comfort from During the opening of a number of schools, higher universities, government and private hospitals, malls, restaurants and many others.

Third - Istanbul real estate enjoys entertainment services:

We see that all these properties have international specifications and diversified entertainment services according to their category, meaning that you find villas distinguished by their large areas, and residential complexes are famous for containing saunas, Turkish baths, gardens, and parking lots, and what combines these two types are security systems such as surveillance cameras that operate day and night and fences High-rise surrounding them from all directions, and the presence of security guards to prevent the entry of outsiders.

Fourth - the best options for collecting a fortune:

Due to the urban development witnessed by the city of Istanbul and the government's interest in providing it with urban transformation projects, it has now become the first choice for those who want to reap huge profits in Istanbul, as the prices of its real estate are still increasing, which benefits you as a real estate investor, as the abundant profit is associated with the high price of the property, meaning that The higher the real estate prices in Istanbul, the greater the profits, whether you sell it after a year or two from the date of its acquisition, or you offer it for rent.

Fifth: It gives you an opportunity to obtain citizenship:

There is no doubt that you will find a property in Istanbul with a price of four hundred thousand US dollars or more, which is the price required to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is one of the attractions for real estate investment in Istanbul.

Sixth: Specifications that many investors are looking for:

There is no doubt that the specifications and modern technologies enjoyed by real estate in Istanbul have had a noticeable impact on attracting investors, as many of them are designed to be sound and heat insulated and earthquake resistant, as well as their exterior and interior design are equally wonderful, not to mention the decorations, lighting and the like of these things that differ from real estate to another according to its type.

Real estate investment in Istanbul is a promising opportunity:

Many wonder about the reason for the interest in this way in Istanbul, especially on the part of real estate investors, due to its importance and prosperity in all fields, in addition to several other factors that make real estate investment in it successful, such as:

First - it contains the latest real estate projects:

The number of luxury real estate projects in Istanbul is increasing more than it is, whether by the government or by construction companies that pay great attention to the city and compete with each other to construct the best projects ever.

Second - The Turkish government's interest in the city:

Istanbul has received the attention of the Turkish state, and this is evident in the fact that it has established many services in the city that meet the needs of investors, such as investment lands and the availability of all types of public transportation such as metro lines. It provides a safe environment for the success of real estate investment in Istanbul.
Among the manifestations of government support for the city of Istanbul is that the state has established the most important infrastructure projects in the whole world, such as the Basaksehir Medical City, which is the largest health project in the history of the Turkish Republic due to its large area of ​​​​21 million thousand square meters, and the Istanbul Water Canal, which will change the pattern of Transportation in Turkey, through which the pressure on the Bosphorus Canal will be reduced, as well as the new Istanbul Airport, which is one of the largest airports in Europe and the best of them all, as it provides travelers with many distinctive services.

Third - its location on the world map:

Istanbul is located on the continents of Asia and Europe, which made it unique in a special place unlike the rest of the cities in the world, as it is the only city that is centered on two continents, so we find that it formed a distinctive mixture between eastern and western civilizations and something from the Arab civilizations that encouraged Arabs to invest in real estate in Istanbul.

Fourth - The future of the real estate sector in Istanbul:

All indicators and statistics confirm that the future of real estate investment in Istanbul will only be bright, as the urban growth, development and prosperity that it is witnessing at the present time attract thousands or even millions of real estate investors from all over the world. 

Fifth - the ancient civilization:

The city of Istanbul has always been distinguished by its great historical position as a result of the many civilizations that emerged and occupied its land, whether Greek or Ottoman, or the like, and the evidence for their existence is the valuable antiquities and artifacts that spread in the city. This matter had a prominent role in making the city the first thing a tourist might think of visiting at the present time. It ranks first in the best cities for tourism in Turkey, and therefore Istanbul real estate will receive the attention of tourists, specifically those that are close to their favorite places, such as the beaches, for example.

Sixth: A well-served environment:

All kinds of public service facilities are available in the city, including large and small shopping centers, in addition to the famous malls, not to mention the possibility of purchasing goods and products from your home through an application on the mobile phone, what is known as distance marketing. As for the medical aspect, there are good health services in the hospitals in the city of Istanbul. And dispensaries, and the state is still recreational in nature, as it is crowded with gardens, restaurants, luxurious cafes, and other services that may appear to you as simple, but effective, which positively affected real estate prices in the city and made real estate investment in Istanbul one of the best areas.

Seventh: The sects of society in Istanbul:

The different religions and multiple cultures in the city made it a meeting place for the world, because its residents are of different nationalities, whether Arab or foreign, but we note that Arabs are the most of them due to the common traditions and customs.

Real estate prices in Istanbul... cheap or high?

The real estate prices in Istanbul are higher than any similar real estate located in another Turkish city, because it is advanced and has strong competition on the economic and real estate levels. Do not be surprised if one day you hear that it has been on the throne of the real estate sector, as it has all the factors that qualify it for that. We mentioned it above.
If you conduct a simple search for real estate prices in a city, it is obvious that you will get different prices, and the same is true in Istanbul, the price of an apartment differs from the one in its vicinity, but in general we can say that the prices of apartments in it are nothing compared to the price of another apartment in a European country that owns the same Specifications, which made the demand for it constantly increase by investors, foreigners and entrepreneurs, and their desire to invest in real estate in Istanbul.


Ways to save money when buying Istanbul real estate:

As we know that real estate prices in Istanbul differ according to the area in which the property is located, so you should search well for the best area for real estate investment in Istanbul and also suit your budget, in order not to fall into debt and incur exorbitant amounts of money. We will give you some advice within our next paragraph, and I will start first (mortgage real estate), which is that the buyer borrows a loan from a Turkish bank and then pays to this bank in installments that are pre-determined by the bank, and it is also worth mentioning (personal financing), which is that the person buys a property in Turkba through his own capital in one go In addition to that ( buying real estate in Turkey by installments), this method is often for real estate under construction by companies, and the buyer pays a down payment and completes the price of the property according to installments, payments, and dates to be agreed upon by both parties. 


Good ideas for real estate investment in Istanbul:

You have to find unique ideas for choosing your property, especially if you want to invest in real estate in Istanbul. In our next paragraph, we will give you some unique ideas:

First: Apartments for sale directly from the owner:

This idea is great for anyone who wants to save his money, so that he does not pay the broker any amount, he communicates directly with the owner of the property and discusses with him about the price that suits both parties and also agrees with him on all procedures and other details, but is it possible that we will face problems while doing this?
Of course, every subject has pros and cons, as you may face difficulty in understanding with him due to the difference in cultures between countries, or you may be exposed to fraud by people impersonating the property owner and deceiving the buyer, and in addition to that, you will carry out the legal procedures on your own, and as a result of these problems that may To be exposed to it you must be nimble and clever while executing this method. 

Second: Real estate investment in Istanbul on the Bosphorus:

Despite its need for high capital, it is considered one of the best ideas, especially those that are centered on the European side, and to implement this idea, your financial budget must be not small, and in general, real estate with sea views and those that are located near the sea, lakes, or the Bosphorus Strait and the Gulf are all Areas with very high prices, so the wealthy, businessmen and celebrities reside there. 

Third: Buy your property through a real estate company:

In order for the buyer to avoid the risks and some of the problems that he is exposed to during the purchase process, he resorts to a licensed and trusted real estate company in addition to its two options that it enjoys within the Turkish real estate market, so it can help its customers and provide them with important advice, as recently real estate companies have multiplied, but not all of them are the same. High efficiency that the investor can rely on, as the real estate investment market in Istanbul is very wide and thriving, which made it difficult to find a reliable real estate company, but the matter is not impossible, so how can we find a reliable real estate company?
You must first take care of the real estate company's website because it is an indicator of the company's level of efficiency, then it is necessary to know if anyone has an opinion or any negative experience with it, in addition to that the company must also deal professionally and answer all questions posed to it with all Frankly, without any deception, and we also have to highlight that professional companies must have real estate agents who speak the foreign language fluently in the tourist cities, and during your journey searching for the company, you should not focus on the price only, but focus on what the real estate consultant will offer you. . 
In fact, it is preferable that you communicate with more than one real estate company and evaluate the services provided by each company, and then choose the most suitable for you, as it must be experienced in order to be able to determine the best areas and projects that suit your budget. We almost forget that you have to make sure that the company is on the Internet. And browse its website to find out some information about it, because some companies with a not-so-good level often have their website disorganized and do not contain much information about the company and the recommendations of their customers regarding dealing with this company, and it is also important to ensure that the company has enough From projects that may be compatible with your needs, beware of dealing with those companies that do not have a professional team, as they certainly will not be able to provide the services you need. 


The best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul:

Among the most suitable areas for real estate investment in Istanbul are:

First - Uskudar Region:

The Uskudar region is considered to be of a luxurious and elegant architectural character, as there are many important real estate and investment projects in it, and the real estate market in it is very diverse, which provides those wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul, and it specifically has many options from which the investor chooses what is compatible with his budget and goal of purchase, and during Our talk about the Uskudar region, we must point out its distinctive climate and its charming view of the sea, and it is also surrounded by many important areas of great vitality, and on the tourist level it included the most important and largest mosque in Istanbul in particular and in Turkey in general and it is called the Çamlıca Mosque, so we see tourists They flock to it in large numbers.

Second - Esenyurt area:

Esenyurt is considered one of the most suitable areas for real estate investment, because it contains many modern residential and commercial complexes, in addition to its proximity to the active real estate district of Basaksehir, and its vital location adjacent to the E5 highway, which connects it to the city center and other areas. 
Thus, we have highlighted the most important items and talked about the most important areas for real estate investment in Istanbul, which is inevitably crowned with success and profitable financial returns. 



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