Investing in the Turkish state is one of the easiest types of investments in the world at all.

Why invest in Turkey:

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Investing in the Turkish state is one of the easiest types of investments in the world at all.

When you decide, as an owner of money, to put your money in a project, you must first choose the project that suits you and matches your aspirations. It is the place that motivates businessmen to come to it, but the question that revolves here and there is that why is Turkey specifically and not from the rest of the other countries around the world, but today we will work to find answers to all inquiries about this subject and we will present the most important advantages of investment in Turkey in addition to talking about some of its aspects other.

- What are the most important motives for investment in Turkey :

1- Stability and the ability to amend investment laws in Turkey :

Investing in the Turkish state is considered one of the easiest types of investments in the world at all, as the Turkish government is the first contribution to these facilities provided. Only to establish a company and establish a business, in addition to the fact that Turkey is one of the dangerous competitive environments in the field of investments and the investment culture in Turkey is also very developed and wide, and we must mention that investment in Turkey in general is based on the principle of equality between investors staying on its soil, so there is no difference Between one nationality and another, the gifts offered to them are the same, and the restrictions imposed on them are the same.

2- The remarkable development in the infrastructure in Turkey:

This is a clear element in Turkey, especially with its high and advanced technologies, whether in communications or transportation, and one of the most important developments in its infrastructure in the field of transportation, such as rail transport from Turkey to Europe, and for maritime transport in it, apart from being developed, it is of low value It is not expensive, and when you export goods or materials from Turkey to another country, the means of transportation will be simple and paved in the most moderate ways.

3- The Turkish center is a huge and successful legislator:

What proves that the Turkish community is a successful project for sure, for example, if the investor wants to work in the field of airports, you will meet annually about one hundred and seventy million passengers through these airports, and all this will be in the interest of the investor in the first place, and every year about thirty-six million visitors visit the Turkish land, and this is one of the factors Which raises and improves the economic level in the country, and every year that passes, there is a clear increase in subscribers to the cellular communication network until today it has reached nearly seventy-two million subscribers in addition to forty million subscribers to the fast internet. These numbers that we mentioned above are very huge, and once mentioned, the investor is reassured Certainly a successful investment.

4- Low tax value:

What makes investors around the world prefer Turkey in particular, and not from the rest of the countries in the world, is that the taxes there are reduced in favor of the investor. For example, in industrial areas or technical development areas, the investor will get a very reduced rate of tax payment, and there are some companies that have been permanently exempted from taxes, and we can To consider that these facilities in tax cuts are only encouraging and stimulating from those in charge of the Turkish state to investors around the world, and if we ask about the amount that was reduced, we will find approximately ten percent or a little more than it was previously.

5- A means of transport to the continent of Europe:

We can consider that the Turkish state is the thread that connects the European continent to the Middle East, through which energy sources are transferred to other continents. Turkey generally borders on what touches seventy percent of the world's energy resource reserves, and here lies its importance for Europe, as Turkey is considered the most important port for the European continent.

6- High Economy:

It is known to all people that the Turkish economy has achieved very high numbers and even surpassed many countries and is about to be in the forefront, and in recent years it has multiplied a lot from what it was previously until it reached today an amount of touching eight hundred US dollars annually, and this is an imaginary number that encourages The investor must be part of this successful and prosperous economic plan, and the Turkish economy is stable and stable in the immediate period, but in the future it is promising to fly high.

7- Population census:

The huge population in any country is an important factor for the success of the investment project. Today, we are on the cusp of eighty million people, and this is a large number and encourages the investor to take the step of investing in Turkey . Also, the Turkish state is considered one of the young countries if we compare it with European countries. More than half of the people are Turkish He has not reached the age of thirty yet, and this class is considered the catalyst for the economy and the first catalyst for bringing in investors and attracting them from all parts of the earth to that green area.

Investment in Turkey is a lot, diverse, and has no limits. Its fields vary and differ, and for this reason it is a huge center of attraction for investors around the world. However, this option that fell under the eyes of investors must have a reason or perhaps reasons. A lot of what we did not have the time to mention and put it in our words, but in the comprehensive view of the issue, we can say that all the factors available in Turkey contributed to attracting investors and attracting them to it.


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