If the real estate consultant did not have a fundamental role in the buying and selling process, he would not have existed

The role of the real estate consultant in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

If the real estate consultant did not have a fundamental role in the buying and selling process, he would not have existed


There is always advice given to those who are about to buy real estate in Turkey , which is not to act from their own thoughts without referring to specialized parties that have experience in this regard, so as not to be deceived or deceived . Incomplete knowledge, and therefore you have to refer to a real estate expert or a real estate consultant, as he is the one who will guide you to the right path and give you advice that will help you make the right decision. Regarding the risks that may befall you, in the coming lines we will get to know this consultant and see his duties and role in the field of real estate .

The role of the real estate consultant in Turkey :

If the real estate consultant did not have a fundamental role in the process of buying and selling real estate   , he would not have existed in the first place. For you, he is the fortified fortress that prevents you from the imminent danger and holds your hand so that you do not slip into the pit of destruction. His presence in the buying process will save you a lot of time because he has experience Al-Taweelah will provide you with the property you want in the easiest way without the difficulty of searching, because according to his long-term experience and his knowledge of the areas’ affairs well, he will know that your request is suitable for such and such area and that its specifications meet your aspirations, and in addition to all of these things, he will know the place that suits you according to the money you have, as it is. It is well known that each region has a certain price and fits a certain category, and the real estate consultant helps you to move forward with the legal papers for the property in Turkey quickly, in addition to negotiating the price in a courteous manner, so he brings you the property at its real price without adding anything to you.

How can the right real estate consultant be chosen when wanting to buy a property in Turkey ?

Of course, at the beginning, you will not have knowledge of any of the real estate consultants in the country, so you only have to go to websites on the Internet and search for a real estate expert, and when you find an expert responsible for the area in which you are looking for real estate in Turkey , you must and most often To send you news and details about this area and its real estate, and after that I must take an appointment from him for a personal interview in which he will hold a dialogue about the areas and real estate prices in them and which one is better in terms of quality and specifications and so on from other matters. It means that he is a suitable consultant serving the real estate project.

What qualities should a real estate consultant have?

In the beginning, the real estate consultant must be familiar with all the details of his work, and he must also have a high ability to analyze the reality and the future regarding real estate and apartments in Turkey and present these studies to customers in a true and true way, even if they do not serve his interests, so he must reassure customers and work for Just serve them.

Why should the investor turn to a real estate expert ?

The investor must refer to a real estate consultant before buying the property , first because he is a researcher in this field who can offer you the property that suits your circumstances, secondly, the real estate consultant has extensive knowledge that extends to all areas and he has previously studied it on all social, economic and cultural levels, in addition to He will provide you with legal support, and he will show you the defects of the property before its advantages, and he will explain things to you well before you choose.

What are the services provided by the real estate consultant?

The first element that the real estate consultant does in Turkey is to study the economic feasibility in terms of materiality and calculate its cost to be measured with the budget set by the buyer, and he must develop a clear work strategy that defines explicit steps for him to follow, and the real estate consultant must be Great knowledge and extensive knowledge of the government's movements in the area in which the customer wants to buy and bring the latest news of real estate development in it, in addition to that you must know the extent of the flexibility of the existing market and whether it presents your request to you from it, moreover, the duty of the real estate consultant is to present to you the risks of your investment choice Before he presents you with his virtues, you must be within the correct frame of the picture.

The role of the real estate consultant in determining the price of the property in Turkey :

At this stage, when you have made your choice on the appropriate property that you will buy, a very important stage will come, which is the stage of agreeing on the price of the property , and you have to argue and debate for a long time in this conversation in order to reach what you want, but if you are dealing with a real estate company or a real estate consultant, they will shorten this And she does it on your behalf, and brings you the right price along with the right property without giving up on either of them, and she brings you what you want because her relations with construction companies are very strong, so no request is returned to him.

There must be a hand extending to you to help you move forward with your real estate investment that you are about to make, and this help is a real estate expert or a real estate consultant who summarizes all the steps of the real estate purchase process for you in a short time. Lots of other payments if you want to buy it on your own without consulting.



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