The Maslak area, located within the city of Istanbul in Turkey, is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods of that city and

Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul in the Maslak area

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Maslak area, located within the city of Istanbul in Turkey, is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods of that city and

Whoever decides to acquire real estate in Turkey will have to conduct a research tour at the beginning. His tour will start from the cities first, then he will determine the city that suits him and suits his aspirations in the first place. After choosing the city, he will have a task in choosing the area within the city, and if you are in Istanbul specifically, you will have A very difficult task in defining the area because it is wide and its neighborhoods are many, but today we will not talk about the neighborhoods of Istanbul in general, but rather we will highlight a specific part of this city, which is the Maslak area.

General flashes about the Maslak area in Istanbul:

To begin with, the Maslak area, which is located within the city of Istanbul in Turkey, is considered one of the most famous and most prestigious neighborhoods in that city. Most of those who live in this neighborhood are considered wealthy because the price of real estate in that area is very high, so you feel that it is reserved for ministers, princes, sultans, and we said sultans because it is not recent, but It is as old as the Ottoman Empire, and it was and still exists today. If you are visiting the Turkish state, there is evidence for those words. You will see in that region many palaces, museums, and monuments that indicate the previous presence of the Ottomans in it.

Where is Maslak located specifically in Istanbul:

Maslak is located in the European part of the Turkish city of Istanbul. This area overlooks the dense green forests. It is also located alongside the Bosphorus Strait, and in only a few minutes you can be in the Asian part of Istanbul from it. When we talk about its location, we feel that it is close. From all important areas as if it were the city center.

What are the features of the Maslak area in Istanbul :

The Maslak area in Istanbul includes beautiful and lively things as well, starting from the huge and famous shopping centers as well. For example, we have the famous mall, Istanbul Valley, and another mall called Kanyon, which are very huge and are intended for all residents in that area and nearby areas as well. Maslak also contains health centers There are many hospitals as well, and this area is not devoid of the presence of schools and universities within it, as it has the most important university of all, which is Istanbul Technical University, and this university is considered one of the oldest universities in Turkey as a whole. In which.

What is the general structure of real estate prices in Maslak:

The prices in the Maslak area in Istanbul vary greatly according to the real estate in Istanbul . For example, if this property is located within the residential complexes, then the price per square meter will be at a minimum of eight thousand two hundred Turkish liras, and at its highest limit, one square meter will be approximately twenty-two thousand Turkish liras. If this property is located outside the residential complexes, the price per square meter will be at its lowest level about seven thousand and five hundred Turkish liras, while at its highest level it will be about fifteen thousand Turkish liras.

- Where is the importance of real estate in Maslak area in Istanbul:

Real estate in the Maslak area of ​​​​Istanbul has great importance. First, it is a very protected area and fortified against earthquakes and natural disasters that may occur. All the earthquakes and other natural factors that I was exposed to. Also, the Maslak area is, as we mentioned earlier, full of all kinds of transportation that a person may need, and in that area you can find luxury and comfort wherever you go and however you move, for example there are restaurants, cafes, parks and amusement parks for children and a lot Among other things, we must mention that the Maslak area contains international standards for construction, as it goes within the global plan for good and ideal construction and forms of real estate .It takes many geometric forms designed by specialized engineers, and the case of Maslak area is like all other areas because through real estate ownership in it, you will be able to obtain real estate residency first and Turkish citizenship secondly, and finally the most important thing that makes Maslak area so distinguished is its sophistication and wonderful modern construction.

What are the most important tourist attractions that Maslak is famous for in Istanbul:

The area of ​​​​Kamsilk and its importance must include many tourist attractions such as Maslak Castle, which is currently considered a commercial center for shopping, also it contains the Belgrade forests and a museum called Ilgiz, and finally it includes the Mehmed Al-Fatih Bridge located on the Bosphorus Strait.

What are the future expectations regarding real estate in the Maslak area in Istanbul:

It is noticeable in the current period that the Maslak area attracts many owners of money to it with all that it owns in its flanks, but with regard to real estate prices in it, it is a continuous increase with the successive years, so it is a commercial investment project that will have significance in a short period.

The Maslak area in Istanbul is currently considered the leader in the field of real estate with all this diversity that it contains, but because of the high prices in it, it has made itself a confined place only for the wealthy and businessmen, thus isolating itself from the rest of the other groups in society.



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