The most important element found in residential complexes is the wide spaces in general, and adherence to.

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Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The most important element found in residential complexes is the wide spaces in general, and adherence to.

The Turkish city of Istanbul is considered the first in all aspects of life and at the level of Turkey first and at the level of the world as well, and one of the most distinguishing things about Istanbul from other Turkish cities is the presence of many types of real estate in it, but all of them are characterized by high quality specifications according to international standards for construction, and one of the most real estate that Currently in demand in the city of Istanbul are Istanbul apartments in   residential complexes that have many characteristics that distinguish them from comfort, luxury and tranquility, all of this in addition to the absolute privacy factor, and through the following words we will come to mention the most important components and details of residential complexes in Istanbul .

What are the things that make residential complexes in Istanbul distinctive:

1- Safety in Istanbul apartments :

The most important element found in residential complexes  is the wide spaces in general, and adherence to safety standards for residents. There is no one who reduces the quantities of building materials during the construction process. The lives of residents of high-storey buildings are safe and there is no fear of them falling with their buildings. Safety standards are not only with building materials, there are other things. Such as the presence of a fire extinguisher in every house, in the event of a fire in the apartment , its occupant can remedy the matter without damage, and the door of the house in the apartment in Turkey is very solid, its locks are multiple, that is, more than one lock for the door, and of course every door has a magic telescope, and this is present in most of the exterior doors of the house even In economically modest countries, and some homeowners replace this endoscope with a surveillance camera, as desired, this is the case

2- Modern interior technologies in Turkey apartments and Istanbul apartments :

The residential complexes in Turkey contain a high-quality home plumbing system, i.e. the water sewage system. When you buy an apartment within the residential complexes in Turkey, you are 100 percent sure that it will not be broken at all because during the construction process the conditions were completely identical to what was stipulated in the Turkish specifications for the construction of the building, so it cannot The engineer assigned to supervise the construction should never violate the established specifications, because in this case he will almost lose his job

The electrical base in the residential complexes in Turkey is very solid and can withstand any great pressure in use by the residents of the house , because if it is not of high quality, then with time it will lead to fires that will kill the house and its owners.

Now and recently, any building that is constructed contains ventilation outlets that are very good, even if the area of ​​​​the house in Turkey is not very large, but it contains a wonderful ventilation outlet. Most apartments in Turkey overlook green gardens that delight the beholder, and the sun enters the house and illuminates it with its bright golden color.

Also in modern residential complexes in Turkey, the apartment is constructed and designed in Turkey according to the desire and taste of the buyer, and what is requested is applied according to international standards for construction and cladding.

These residential complexes in Turkey are distinguished by the wonderful quality factor. For example, the paint used in painting the walls is of a luxurious type. It can withstand weather factors such as heat and cold. The most important factor, of course, is the humidity factor, if it is present in a property in Turkey. 

Apartments in Turkey within the residential complexes contain strong and durable windows that withstand external factors a lot and are not easily damaged. They are made of metal and the facade of the house is made of thick glass. As for the internal doors, they are also usable in the long term without being easily damaged.

3- Absolute luxury in Istanbul apartments :

The residential complexes in the city of Istanbul contain a lot of entertainment services that you will enjoy without taking a single step outside, with the presence of indoor gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds, and places for children to play. In some complexes , you can find cafes, restaurants, and shops as a simple shopping center to meet all your needs. Under your request at the time you want, and when you decide to own an apartment within a residential complex, you have to look for it in one of the following places, as it is either built directly on the coastal places where nature has its wonderful bright colors, just like the colors of the spectrum, or you can find it inside large green patches It is filled with lots of buildings and complexes.

Types of real estate within the residential complexes in Istanbul:

Residential complexes in Istanbul contain many different types of real estate , so you can first find apartments that are frequently required by people, and you can also find duplex apartments consisting of two floors connected to each other, and there are independent villas that are isolated from their surroundings within the residential complex and are It consists of more than one floor, in addition to the presence of penthouse apartments , which are very luxurious and their price is very high compared to other types.

What are the types of protection that residential complexes provide to their residents :

To begin with, the residential complexes in Istanbul often work according to the smart system, which is a method that has recently become completely dependent on it, or it can be protected by electronic technologies such as alarms and many others, and in addition to all modern technical means, it also depends on traditional means as well. Like the security guard represented by the people who are around her throughout the day and night.

-Do residential complexes in Istanbul have disadvantages:

These complexes must have some drawbacks in addition to the advantages such as they are very expensive compared to other properties outside these complexes and they are far from the city center as they are often on the outskirts of the city.

The idea of ​​having residential complexes in Istanbul is very common and preferred by the vast majority of people because of the many advantages and positives that it hides inside.



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