If you are one of those looking for luxury and upscale areas in Istanbul, you must read these a.

Luxury places to buy apartments and real estate in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

If you are one of those looking for luxury and upscale areas in Istanbul, you must read these a.

When you set a city in mind and decide to buy a property or an apartment in it, one of the most difficult things that you will face at that time is the correct selection of the area that suits you, especially if you do not have experience in the cities and regions of that country, let alone if you are on Turkish land, especially in The city of Istanbul in particular, it is certain that the choice will be more difficult in this case, as the city of Istanbul is a wide and large place, and there are many options in it, some of them are upscale, some are medium, and some are modest, but if you are looking for luxurious and upscale areas in Istanbul, you must read with us these lines to explore which one is more appropriate.

What are the best high-end places in Istanbul to buy real estate and apartments in:

1- Bahcesehir area:

First of all, the real estate project in that area is neither large, extended nor small. It is also called the City of Gardens due to the large number of green spaces that occupy its thrones and its various trees. It is also known as the amazing city in relation to its distinguished strategic location in which it is located. For a long time, it was not qualified. To live in it, but recently and from a short period of time it was opened and considered as a residential area that is officially recognized by the Council of Ministers in the country, and it was not satisfied with this limit only, but it was announced that more than one real estate series would be built in the area, and it is, as it is circulated, promising projects in the real estate market Turkish.

What are the features of apartments and real estate in Bahcesehir:

Firstly, the real estate in this area is very luxurious and equipped with the highest modern technologies in addition to the amenities and security that you will enjoy, and this area contains all the public service facilities you need such as health and social centers, in addition to containing shops and offices of various types, The most important element that distinguishes it is the real estate jump that it is witnessing and the great demand for it by investors from different parts of the world, and as for real estate prices in that region, they are high and a continuous rise that you will witness in the coming days, which may reach fifty percent, perhaps, especially in the part near the lake site, And when you walk on its green patches and enjoy its unique beauty and tranquility, this will increase your desire to buy a propertyAnd therefore, its price will increase automatically, as this atmosphere is considered preferred by many, and the price of a cubic meter has recently reached five thousand Turkish liras, after it was approximately one thousand and five hundred Turkish liras only.

2- Buyuk-Kamjaj region:

Firstly, its presence in the city of Istanbul alone gives it that unique privacy by its presence on the continents of Asia and Europe, which separates them from the Bosphorus Strait, which alone can make a serious revolution in the field of real estate in Turkey , in addition to the views it enjoys and the wonderful atmosphere that it possesses, and finally its presence since time immemorial that makes it a city It is historical with all its edifices and civilization, and this area is considered sufficient in terms of health, as it contains a good number of hospitals and medical units that are sufficient for a population that does not exceed four hundred thousand people, and it also contains a very beautiful and elegant park that is visited by all who live in the city Istanbul and not only the residents of Buyuk Kjemja.

3- Basaksehir area:

When we talk about the Basaksehir area in the city of Istanbul directly, we will mention Europe with it as it is located in the European part of that city . And the external structure of the real estate in that region has a unique urban architecture, and we must mention that it is located close to the new Istanbul Airport, and this gives it an increase in its prices, in addition to the presence of high-luxury residential complexes with all the specifications in it, and of course this type of real estate is the owner of the presence The largest is in Basaksehir, and moreover, it contains very luxurious and sophisticated shopping centers such as the Mall of this, along with hospitals, health centers, and recreational places such as restaurants, cafes, and children's play cities.

4- Bakri Koi:

The most important thing that makes the Bakirkoy area in Istanbul characterized by the element of luxury and sophistication is its charming view of the Turkish waters . With the quietness that envelops and surrounds it, in addition to its organized and wide streets, all this is in addition to the huge commercial centers that spread in it, in addition to the many green patches distributed in it and the dense gardens that contain everything that makes it elegant and beautiful, and in addition to that, there are many important universities. Sitting in Bakirkoy along with other educational centers, it is an integrated area on all sides containing all the elements of a comfortable life.

In conclusion, we talked about the most important luxury areas in Istanbul, Turkey, and through the few examples that we presented, it turns out that these places are a haven suitable for everyone looking for apartments and real estate to buy, as they meet your needs and cover you with an atmosphere of absolute comfort and luxury.



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