It is absolutely not allowed to buy a property in Turkey without bringing to this property a real estate appraisal paper.

The importance of evaluating real estate in Turkey:

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

It is absolutely not allowed to buy a property in Turkey without bringing to this property a real estate appraisal paper.


It is absolutely not allowed to buy a property in Turkey without bringing a real estate appraisal paper for this property . Now a questioner will ask what is that real estate appraisal? The answer will be very simple. It is a paper in which all the details of the property that will be bought and all its indicative signs are written. It also mentions the price of the property and how much it is worth. Some even call this paper the real estate valuation paper. Of course, this evaluation is written by specialized companies. In this field, it takes a period of time that may reach a week, and this paper has a certain validity period that expires within three months from the date of its issuance.

What is the importance of the real estate appraisal document in Turkey ?


It is certain that the necessity of having this paper is not a problematic act, but rather it has a benefit and even an urgent importance as well. First, to increase safety in real estate investments, especially for foreigners, since they do not understand anything about the country’s affairs, and so as not to fall victim to those who drain money and who look forward to the presence of a person with no experience in order to rob him of his money. And when we reach the present day and find that the demand for real estate investment projects is increasing significantly, especially by foreigners, this means that Turkey is a safe and suitable place for such a project, which has reaped huge numbers of investors.

Development and progress:

There is also another element that reflects the importance of real estate appraisal , which is in order to work on the development and advancement of the real estate system in Turkey, from a long time ago and to the present day. These guarantees that were provided for real estate investors, we notice an intense attraction to owning real estate in Turkey , and as we have seen, one of the best guarantees provided to them is that real estate evaluation.

Obligation to pay taxes:

It is known that in the real estate appraisal document the price of the property in Turkey is mentioned in detail, and this document and everything in it is recorded in the state records . Their failure is impossible.

Immunizing the investor from deception and plunder:

Through the real estate appraisal paper , it means that the foreigner has become immune from the hands of deceivers who may give you real estate that is not worth the amount paid for and at exorbitant prices.

Real estate appraisal is authorized to obtain Turkish citizenship :

As we mentioned in previous conversations that real estate ownership gives you the right to obtain Turkish citizenship , so the real estate appraisal paper was the evidence if they met the financial condition specified for obtaining Turkish citizenship , in addition to that it provides you with the real price of your real estate without forgery.

Adjust real estate prices in Turkey :

Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons for the existence of the real estate appraisal paper that prevents price increases and manipulation as they please, and this matter brings us back to the beginning of the path that says the great real estate revolution that is taking place within the Turkish area, and through the ability shown by the Turkish government to control prices, we have that revolution. that began to compete with the world.

What does the real estate appraisal paper in Turkey contain :

A lot of information will be recorded in the real estate appraisal sheet , such as the address of the property and some details about it, in addition to talking about the transportation near the property. Information about the title deed will also be recorded in that property, and information about some laws related to this property. It will also mention its approximate price and the price of similar properties as well. In addition, it will mention all the interior specifications of the property, such as the decorations, the floor, the view of the property, and the design as a whole, and the negative aspects of the property will be mentioned along with its advantages, and this is all to put the investor in the right way, and nothing else.

What are the factors affecting the value of real estate in Turkey :

Starting with the things that affect the evaluation of real estate in Turkey , the natural factors that can occur such as earthquakes and disasters, which is a dangerous element that can lead to real estate depreciation, and the issuance of new decisions and regulations that can shake the real estate market and shake its pillars, in addition to the economic and political changes that It is possible that a change in the real estate market may occur in the country, as all of these factors have a hand in playing with the value of real estate. Moreover, if there is strong competition in the real estate market , it can manipulate the real estate value and change prices. The location of the real estate is also an important factor, as each region has its own price. Finally, the benefit that will flourish from the property in the future determines its price in the present time, without a doubt, and the discussion will not allow us to mention all the factors, but they are many and multiple. Every element present in this environment can have a hand in value.real estate

In this comprehensive overview of the course of real estate evaluation in Turkey and the value of real estate , it becomes clear to us that every part, even if it is small, is an element that must be taken care of and taken into account because it will affect the real estate market in any way, and real estate evaluation in general is an urgent necessity that must be implemented and cannot be ignored. It guarantees the right of the investor from loss and clarifies to him everything that is ambiguous about him. It also protects the country from economic collapse as it maintains the policy of balance at all levels.


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