When you are one of the owners of money in Turkey and you have invested that money in real estate projects, whether it is.

Everything related to the rental insurance amount in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

When you are one of the owners of money in Turkey and you have invested that money in real estate projects, whether it is.

When you are one of the owners of money in Turkey and you have invested that money in real estate projects, whether they are commercial or residential, you must rent these properties to take advantage of the financial return that will accrue to you, but will the owner of the property give the keys to his property to the tenants without a guarantee or a document of reservation He owns the property from misuse or the like. Of course, there must be a guarantee, which is the real estate insurance. According to this insurance, the owner of the property takes a sum of money from his tenant and puts it in his possession during his stay within the property . to which I am appended, and we will work to clarify all insurance details and rules.

When is it obligatory for the owner of the property in Turkey not to return the insurance amount to its owner?

The owner of the property in Turkey has the right to take the insurance amount in the event that the tenant caused serious damage to the property and did not repair it, but in the event that the property was damaged or malfunctioned and the tenant was not the cause of it, then it is not permissible in this case to revoke anything from the insurance amount because this The problem will occur with or without the tenant.

What is the guarantee for the tenant to return the security deposit?

The real estate tenant never needs to rely on the conscience of the real estate owner in Turkey in   order to return the insurance to him, as he can guarantee his right from the beginning by organizing papers and documents in which all these matters are recorded, and in the event that there are damages to the real estate in Turkey , the original real estate owner cannot take from The amount is nothing before an official judgment is issued against the tenant, and just as the insurance is in the interest of the owner of the property to guarantee his right, he can also be on the side of the tenant. The tenant of the property in Turkey can guarantee his right by registering all the characteristics and contents that exist in the property within it. What is incomplete, you do not have to redo it completely, it is none of your business.

- What is the financial value of the insurance amount for Turkey 's rented real estate?

This matter is discussed and explained within the Turkish constitution, and this insurance is of known value and is specific and cannot be tampered with at all. It is the price of renting a property in Turkey   for a period of three months. This is an important point that the tenant must be aware of. It is absolutely forbidden for the insurance amount to exceed three rents. months and allowed to be less than that.

- What is the method of paying the security deposit for rented properties in Turkey?

Many means will not fail to find a suitable way to pay the insurance amount, for we have a method of payment through checks, for example, or bonds, but there is advice that must be taken into account, which is not to pay the insurance amount in cash to the owner of the property, but rather it can be placed as a deposit in a bank as a trust, as The insurance amount must be written in the rental contract in order for it to be a witness with the tenant against the owner of the property in case his intentions are bad.

What are the duties of real estate tenants in Turkey that prevent the loss of the security deposit?

In the beginning, the tenant must abide by all the expenses that he must pay, such as water, electricity, and gas bills, and in the event that he fails to pay them, the original owner of the property has the right to terminate the contract and evict the tenant from it, and the tenant must also hand over the property  as he received it from its owner at the beginning, meaning that he has to Not to cause any damage to the details of the property , in addition to his duty to pay the rent payments to the owner of the property regularly and without delay, and finally, the tenant may not make any radical changes to the original property without permission from the original owner, if the tenant of the property In Turkey, by any of the acts that we mentioned above, the owner of the property has the right to obtain the insurance amount that was paid when signing the lease contract, and this is legal and there is absolutely no accountability for it.

What are the duties of the owner of the original Turkish property towards his tenant?

The owner of the property also has rights over the tenant, and he also has duties that he must perform. For example, he has to pay all previous bills and dues due from him. It is not the tenant’s business to pay something that he did not use, and in this case, that is, if the tenant does not pay the payments. Consequences of the property The owner of the original property is not entitled to take anything from the amount of the insurance, just as it is the duty of the owner of the property to repair any of its foundations that have been damaged, so it is not the duty of the tenant to bear its consequences and does not lose in this case anything from the amount of his insurance. In the event that the tenant is late in paying the rent, the landlord is not entitled to impose any financial fines on the tenant or take anything from the insurance amount.

If you want to rent a property in Turkey , you must be reassured and have a calm heart, because all your rights will be preserved far from the hands of the aggressors. Even the insurance amount that you will pay will not be delivered to the owner of the property personally, but will be deposited in the bank, in the event that the owner proves that damage has occurred. The property and you were the cause of it, then he takes his right through the bank, in addition to the price of the insurance amount and there is no difficulty in managing his affairs.


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