The real estate sector in Turkey achieves huge profits and returns, which encouraged the attention of foreign investors.

Pre-sale services for real estate in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The real estate sector in Turkey achieves huge profits and returns, which encouraged the attention of foreign investors.

The real estate sector in Turkey achieves huge profits and returns, which encouraged the attention of foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey because of the facilities and incentives provided by the Turkish government to investors and real estate owners in Turkey .
Turkey is currently heading towards an economic boom that makes the eyes of the whole world turn to it as a result of the comprehensive development plan that the Turkish government has already started working on and implementing some of it, and it is scheduled to be completed by 2023.
One of the economic projects that is expected to change the future of real estate investment in Turkey is the new Istanbul airport. , as well as the new Istanbul Canal or the Century Project, and there is also the third Istanbul Bridge, all of which are projects that will increase land prices there and thus real estate prices .
When you enter Turkish territory with the intention of investing or buying a property , you must go directly to one of the reliable real estate companies, as it is your only place through which you will launch to realize your promising projects on Turkish territory .

What are the pre-sale services provided by the real estate company on the ground?
It provides you with the housing that suits you in the event that you come from outside Turkey and do not own a residence, then you will start your journey with studies, research and surveys about the Turkish real estate that you desire.
Pre-sale services provided by real estate companies abound, and they differ according to the company itself, including:

Specialized translators provided by the company to communicate with you, in case you do not speak the Turkish language.
Respected real estate companies provide a lawyer who is an expert in Turkish real estate laws . His task lies in clarifying everything you want about these laws, such as the laws of selling real estate , buying real estate in Turkey,   ownership, obtaining Turkish citizenship, residency , investment , and so on.

The company offers you real estate and construction consultancy, to put you in the picture of everything related to the real estate market and its reasons, through qualified engineers and experts.
The real estate company takes care of displaying all its real estate in accordance with your request, whether for residence, tourism or investment , while explaining all the details related to these real estate and helping you to choose what suits you. 
It provides you with correct and reliable information about Turkish real estate and its location, in case you decide to buy it. 
It gives you exploratory tours of the region and real estate in Turkey   , through the use of a specialized external team.
Communication with merchants and real estate owners in TurkeyIt is also the company’s mission, and of course when negotiating the pre-sale price, the company will be responsible for communication between you and the merchant.
All these services are provided to you by the real estate company , not to mention receiving you and your family and those with you.

The pre-sale services and everything in them are available for an unlimited period, and the company will continue to provide its services until it finds the Turkish property you want, and after that it will start a new phase and your company will be ready to continue as well.

Pre-sale electronic services, as Turkish real estate companies
provide you with a communication service through their websites. There is nothing easier than this service  , as once you enter the real estate company's website, you will see what you want when you fill out the required questionnaire, or they will provide you with a specialized employee to receive you and Transfer you to the department that will help you. You will be able to browse the latest real estate offers provided by the company, and obtain legal real estate advice as well. And all this is done through a simple interactive interface , which makes it easier for you to enter the Turkish real estate market and collect the largest amount of information , which saves you from many hardships , troubles and travel costs to Turkey .


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