There must be a convincing reason for people of Jordanian nationality to want strongly to fill.

The reason why Jordanians buy real estate in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

There must be a convincing reason for people of Jordanian nationality to want strongly to fill.

In the current era that we have reached its climax today, we can say that real estate in Turkey has become the goal of all investors around the world, and the reason for this strong rush is the many successes achieved by real estate in Turkey recently, and if we search for the identity of investors for real estate in Turkey , we will find that the Arab identity is prominent In it and in abundance as well, and investors who hold Arab citizenship are no exception to that, and therefore their presence is large in Turkey and for various reasons such as study or work, perhaps for permanent stability in it, we will discuss in the following words the parties to talk about Jordanian investors in it and the reason for their ownership of real estate in Turkey specifically without rest of other countries.

What is the main reason why Jordanians own real estate in Turkey ?

There must be a convincing reason for people of Jordanian nationality to strongly desire to own real estate in Turkey . One of their most important goals is either for the sake of work or for the sake of study, as these are two main reasons that make Jordanians willing to own real estate in Turkey, so their choice will often be towards commercial and residential real estate as well. They also acquire these properties in order to spend their holidays and summer vacations as well.

What are the reasons that make Jordanians choose Turkey to own real estate over other countries?

Those who hold Jordanian nationality prefer real estate ownership in Turkey specifically, rather than other countries around the world, because traveling to the Turkish state is easy and convenient, so there are no obstacles that prevent this from happening, as do other countries such as European or American countries, and this is also due to the desire of Jordanians to obtain citizenship Turkey in the future after obtaining real estate residency , and we must mention the excellent diplomatic relations that make Turkey and Jordan agree, as they are friends in all respects.

- What is the material benefit that will accrue to Jordanian investors in owning real estate in Turkey :

If you are a Jordanian investor, the financial return that will accrue to you will be excellent, as you will rent the apartments that you own on Turkish lands, and if you rent them during the influx of tourists into the country, they will generate terrible money for you because the tourism season is usually commercial, and property owners exploit it to get a great benefit from it. Tourism in Turkey is summer and in moderate seasons as well. As for the rest of the year that does not belong to tourism, the return is somewhat acceptable. In general, Turkey is a comfortable place to live because it contains a picturesque nature that is not matched by nature on the face of the universe. Its beaches, in addition to the apartments in Turkey , which are equipped with the best international specifications and the best style, make it a destination for every person who thinks about the ways of a comfortable and enjoyable life.

What are the papers required of Jordanians to bring them in order to be able to own real estate in Turkey :

It is certain that there are specific papers and documents that are required of Jordanians when they sign a real estate purchase contract in Turkey . These papers are two personal photos of the real estate owner in Turkey, and the   passport must be authenticated and stamped by the notary public office after it has been translated into Turkish in advance. The owner of the matter must not forget to extract a tax number in addition to paying all the amounts for the title deed, and all the papers and documents that we mentioned above must be formally executed by the person concerned, so it is not permissible to send an agent on his behalf.

How did the Turkish government contribute to simplifying real estate ownership for Jordanians:

The Turkish government must have had a big hand in these facilities that Jordanians obtained to buy real estate in Turkey , for example, it made them tax-exempt, and it also provided them with many offers subject to installments, in addition to the possibility of granting them residencies and then Turkish citizenship in the event that their purchased property was worth two hundred and fifty dollars American and above.

What are the real estate specifications that Jordanians are looking for in Turkey:

First of all, most Jordanian people who are going to buy a property in Turkey , if it is residential, prefer that there is a university or school near it in order to facilitate movement and transportation for children. The second factor that makes the property a suitable option for them is the internal details of the property in terms of the number of rooms that it has. It contains and the area of ​​the total property, and if the property is equipped with beautiful decorations that suit their taste, the property must contain high-quality sanitary equipment that lasts for a long time, and one of the most important topics in which those who are about to buy real estate in Turkey are concernedIt is to ensure that the property is free of moisture that makes the property consumable, so the direction of the apartment must be entered by the sun that absorbs the cold. Of course, the location that the property occupies in the city is very important. Even you can hardly find a property in the city center that is empty of residents, because if the property in Turkey is in the city center, this means that it is close to all the services that the resident needs in his daily life, such as shopping centers and the like.

Jordanians are part of the Arabs who love to live and settle in Turkey, so that they have obtained the number seven among all Arabs, due to the advantages that these real estate offers them in their favor.



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