The condition of apartments in Turkey is the same as apartments in all countries around the world, and through research and investigation in.

Turkey's independent apartments and apartments in huge complexes, which one to choose?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The condition of apartments in Turkey is the same as apartments in all countries around the world, and through research and investigation in.

The condition of the apartments in Turkey is the same as the apartments in all countries around the world, and through research and investigation on this subject, it becomes clear to us many different types of apartments in Turkey , including the traditional type located all over the earth, which is independent and isolated from everything else, and there is another type that is considered modern, which is the complexes Huge residential buildings around the world in which there are many services provided to its residents, as it depends on the method of work on the convenience of its owners, and in our next research we will review the most important differences between the two types and we will enter into the depths of them, searching for the components of each of them, and we will see if there is a discrepancy in the price of the property or not.

First , Turkey 's independent apartments of various and different types:

Turkey penthouse apartments :

We have the first type of independent apartments in Turkey called penthouses. This option of apartments in Turkey that a person can buy is a very luxurious option that is similar in design to villas , as it is isolated from other apartments in Turkey , although it is located with it in the same residential complex . But they are built on the upper floors and have an external elevator for them alone, if they are located on the upper floors, but sometimes you can find them in the basement and they also have their own garage, so we conclude that this type of apartments in Turkey is suitable for many people in terms of Quality, tranquility, distinctive design, and isolation that gives absolute privacy, and Turkey apartmentsPenthouses are built exclusively in high-end areas, so with all these features they are suitable for many, and their price is within the realm of objectivity. It is true that they are not very cheap, but at the same time they are not expensive and difficult to acquire.

- Turkey triplex apartments:

It is another type of apartments in Turkey that you can find in Turkey called triplexes, which are similar in design to duplexes, but differ from them in that they are three floors on top of each other, while duplexes in Turkey are only two floors, these three floors are linked together by an internal ladder, and they can accommodate all Family members, if it is large, and if it is not large, then the owner of the apartment can rent a floor of it and benefit from the rent returns, or allocate an entire floor for his work if he needs that, as it is a wonderful example and suitable for those who desire calm and tranquility.

- Duplex Turkey apartments:

This type of apartment in Turkey is called duplex apartments , and these apartments consist of two floors connected to each other by means of an internal staircase or staircase, i.e. inside the house, and each floor is a complete apartment separate from the other, on each floor there are utilities and a sitting room, so one floor can dispense About going down to the other floor, and if you want, you can make the lower floor for living, the upper floor for bedrooms and the like.

Residential complexes in Turkey and the advantages of living in them :

Despite all the features that the independent apartments contain , we can never deny the extent of comfort and luxury that the residential complexes contain or that belong to them. For example, we have green gardens surrounding the complex, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, and sports clubs . In addition to the element of luxury and comfort, it makes people lack the element of boredom in their lives.

Also, these residential complexes in Turkey have a distinctive interior and exterior design, so you see high-quality engineering design and a sophisticated modern structure, where high-quality building materials and from the inside you can see the wonderful decorations and wonderful views of the outer space, or perhaps the view of the apartments in Turkey is on the interior. The complex and its internal atmosphere, and if we want to go deeper into the details of the residential complexes, we will see that the responsibilities of the residents in them are much less than the responsibilities of those who live in the independent apartments in Turkey , of course, while maintaining the same level of luxury and sophistication in both, but in the residential complexes, the services provided in it are not You depend on yourself, but on cleaners, security guards, and the military. As for the separate apartments in Turkey, your services will be issued by yourself only.

In addition to the fact that residential complexes are within an environment or an upscale area in Turkish lands that are close to all public services such as transportation, shopping centers, medical centers and many others as well, and apartments in Turkey within residential complexes are safer than separate apartments and real estate in Turkey with the presence of security guards and alarms and surveillance cameras.

Features of separate apartments in Turkey :

Because of its large area, it can contain large families who cannot afford a small house and whose financial condition is less than they can buy villas in Turkey , and in some of this type of apartments you can fence them and build a small garden in them that suits your financial conditions, so your house becomes beautiful, perfect and somewhat luxurious. And its price is acceptable if we compare it to the prices of other apartments .

Finally, it becomes clear to us that no matter how many or different types of apartments are in Turkey , whether they are independent apartments or apartments in a residential complex , they are Turkish apartments that have all the elements that people need in order to survive, but there must be one type that is superior to the other in some details. And if we conduct a survey about the best-selling type of apartments in Turkey , it will become clear to us that the demand for apartments in residential complexes is greater and more because of the services they provide that facilitate people’s ways of life, provide them with amenities, shorten their time and make them a unique luxury.



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