The eyes of everyone, including investors and ordinary people, Arabs, foreigners and Turks, turned to owning a property in Turkey.

Steps and procedures for buying a property in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The eyes of everyone, including investors and ordinary people, Arabs, foreigners and Turks, turned to owning a property in Turkey.

The real estate sector in Turkey has been able to achieve great and distinguished successes and provided a lot for the advancement of the Turkish economy and advancing the progress and development in the country, and thus the eyes of all investors and ordinary people, Arabs, foreigners and Turks, were drawn to owning a property in Turkey and buying a house in Turkey , of course, this process involves many procedures and steps that must be taken, and in this article we have collected the most important steps that facilitate the process of buying a house in Turkey , so follow us...


The first and most important step that you must follow is to choose one of the real estate companies known for their authenticity and integrity to deal with them, which provide you with many services from the moment you arrive in Turkey until buying the property and registering it in your name, and it will not be a waste of time, but on the contrary, as these companies provide You have a lot of time and effort by offering many options of apartments and real estate that suit your desire, and then enable you to obtain real estate advice from experts and specialists in the field of real estate in Turkey . There are also a number of lawyers who follow all legal procedures and are keen to maintain Your rights and the guarantee that you will not be exposed to embezzlement or deception.


  • Conducting on-the-ground tours of the real estate site:

Be very keen to visit the construction site and make sure for yourself of the type and quality of the materials used, as well as to ensure the availability of all the specifications that were agreed upon between the owner and the buyer, and thus guarantee your rights, and there are many real estate companies that are interested in this stage and provide field tours Periodically to real estate .

  • Extracting the tax number of the property:

One of the important things without which the process of buying a property is not valid is the extraction of the tax number from the Real Estate Department , and this number is given to every person who does not hold Turkish citizenship in order to facilitate all government procedures for him and without which he cannot own real estate in Turkey or apply for a Turkish citizenship.


  • Open bank account :

As it is necessary to open a bank account in a Turkish bank, in order for the funds to be transferred to it from the country of origin of the buyer, as it is required that the purchase process be carried out through banks exclusively.


  • Signing the purchase contract:

After doing all the previous steps, the most important step comes, which is the signing of the purchase contract between the buyer and the real estate company. This contract is drawn up in two languages, Turkish and the mother tongue of the buyer, and then a deposit of 5 to 10 percent of the value of the property is paid to the real estate company. In exchange for the reservation of the property pending the issuance of the title deed, i.e. the Tapu.


  • A copy of the buyer's passport, translated and certified by the notary.
  • Two new personal photos.
  • A copy of the building permit for the project.
  • A copy of the original title deed of the property before transferring it to the buyer.


  • Payment of real estate tax:

The seller and the buyer must pay the tax incurred on the property , and its value is 4% of the value of the property that was purchased, and it is paid equally, i.e. 2% by the seller and 2% by the buyer, and this tax is paid only once and not annually, and of course there is Some of the costs required to pay the tax are:

  • Translate the buyer's passport.
  • Fee for obtaining a new title deed.
  • Fees for submitting an application to transfer ownership to the new owner.
  • Municipality fees that are paid annually and amount to 0.0003% of the value of the property.


  • Real estate counters:

Later, the water meter and electricity meter must be registered in the name of the new owner.

Real estate insurance against disasters and earthquakes is also paid.


  1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport: An investor who puts his money into buying real estate in Turkey has the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship , provided that he buys a property worth $250,000 or its equivalent in value, and then refrains from selling it for a period of three years. Full years, and this, of course, is a golden opportunity due to the facilities and advantages offered by this nationality in terms of the possibility of entering many countries without a visa, as well as in commercial transactions with the European Union.
  2. Cheap real estate prices in Turkey : Despite the development in Turkey, real estate prices are still low compared to other neighboring European countries, and you can get the cheapest apartments in Turkey , which enjoy advantages and services that are not found in any other country, even in A big and important city like Istanbul can afford a reasonable amount of money to buy a dream apartment, isn't that wonderful?
  3. Cheap living in Turkey: Not only real estate in Turkey is characterized by cheap prices, but all aspects of life such as transportation, products and services that you can secure for a small amount of money, and this is what attracts many people to settle in Turkey.


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